In-depth Sessions

In-depth sessions add a nice twist to your traditional professional development opportunities. Some will take place on site at the Greenbrier, while others will be off-site with transportation provided, with one exception which is a walking tour.  Since these sessions are a part of your professional development, they are reserved for registered attendees (i.e., full conference, daily, etc.). Each in-depth session has a minimum guarantee and a maximum allowed. If your session does not meet its minimum by Sept 15, it may be cancelled. If so, we will notify you with alternate options. If you are paying by check (rather than pay by credit card online), your spot in the in-depth sessions will NOT be guaranteed until payment is received. All In-Depth Sessions will be ticketed events, and you must have a ticket for a specific activity to be admitted.

Cancelled Abracadabra
- $20 (Min. 38/Max. 75)

Track: Nutrition
Location: Greenbrier

Discover how the local School of Osteopathic medicine is helping children live healthier lives thorough a  PBS show featuring magic, ventriloquism, and original songs. Share the school mission to change the future of the region.

Cancelled Early Childhood Development and the Child’s Environment 
Track: Child Development
Location: Off-site, transportation provided

Participants will tour the innovative learning environment of the Greenbrier Episcopal School in Lewisburg with visits to the pre-k and primary classrooms, community outreach projects and hands-on learning stations.  After lunch and a return to the Greenbrier, Pediatrician Dr. Jamie Jeffrey will discuss the obesity epidemic in 2-5 year olds and address indoor and outdoor play environments with tools for immediate implementation.

Fruits of Labor - $55 (Min. 30/Max. 50)
Track: Human Development/Nutrition

Location: Off-site, transportation provided

This gives farm to table a whole new meaning,discover how Fruits of Labor is striving to create an economic impact on a distressed region by living off of the land and at the same time providing a  spiritual journey for others. Learn how one woman turned something as simple as growing a tomatoes to giving others a second chance at life. Experience the difference ways to not only refresh your body, but also your soul.

Cancelled Helping Youth Succeed in Science and Technology - $15 (Min. 27/Max. 40)
Track: Community Development

Location: Greenbrier

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education is a way for youth to have access to knowledge, experiments, and demonstrations that they would not experience otherwise. Learn how you can incorporate STEM education in your community.

Historic Hinton Downtown Revitalization and Community Growth - $30 (Min. 30/Max. 40) Sold Out!
Track: Community Development

Location: Off-site, transportation provided

Let's go back in time and discover the historic town of Hinton, WV. Our first stop will be downtown Hinton where you will learn about the economic development comeback movement created by local leaders. You will also  visit local shops, the famous Ritz theatre, and the historic railroad depots. After lunch, we'll visit the newly renovated John Henry park and museum. You will come back to the future knowing how important economic development and revitalization is for a community.

North House Museum and Downtown Lewisburg Walking Tour - $50 (Min. 38/Max. 50)
Track: Community Development
Location: Off-site, Walking

Enjoy  a walk through historic downtown Lewisburg  and discover the towns  rich history, founders, and architecture. A few of the many historic stops will be the North House Museum and  a local community arts center, Carnegie Hall. The tour will also include time to enjoy antiques and speciality shops. After this history filled day, enjoy tea at one of Lewisburg's hot spots The Irish Pub known for spirited music and storytelling. 

Spirits of Southern West Virginia - $50 (40 Min./40 Max.)  Sold Out!
Track: Economic Development

Location: Off-site, transportation provided

Take a  journey on county roads to discover a local distillery, winery, and brewery that incorporate the rich mountain heritage into their drinks. Learn about the process of creating spirits the old fashion way and enjoy tastings of the diverse brands developed  in our Mountain State. Local businesses will share how they are boosting the  economy through connections with local foods and companies.

Stories of History from Fiber, Music, and Dance  - $15 (Min 38/Max 75)
Track: Textiles

Location: Greenbrier

Experience Appalachian culture through textiles, music and dance. Enjoy local quilters life stories about their beautiful creations and discover how one community turned their county roads into a quilter's dream scape. Enjoy listening to the rich Scotch Irish music and discover the diverse instruments used to share the ballads of the Appalachian region. Finally, be prepared to move and learn a new step by experiencing folk and square dance steps that can be used to teach today's youth about diversity and physical activity.

Tamarack - $30 (Min. 30/Max. 55)
Track: Financial Management

Location: Off-site, transportation provided

Tamarack is a true testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of West Virginia's artisans.  Created as an economic development project, Tamarack has become the hallmark for local artisans who want to showcase and sell their work.  You'll have the opportunity to visit the many galleries and shops that capture the true essence of West Virginia. 

The Weight of the Nation - $15 (Min. 25/Max. 75)
Track: Health

Location: The Greenbrier

Discover ways you can use real solutions to help your communities fight the obesity epidemic. Learn from experts what you can contribute to make substantial changes at the family, community, school and policy levels.

Venison 101 - $30 (Min. 30/Max. 40)
Track: Nutrition

Location: Off-site, transportation provided

Take a journey into the Wild and learn how to prepare venison from field to table. A variety of topics are covered, from safe handling to meat preparation and consumption. Attendees will have the opportunity learn how to conduct their own venison workshop at home.


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