In-Depth Sessions

Tuesday, October 17

In-depth sessions add a nice twist to your traditional professional development opportunities. Some will take place on site at the Hilton Omaha, while others will be off-site with transportation provided.  Since these sessions are a part of your professional development, they are reserved for registered attendees. In other words, you must be registered for the conference to purchase an in-depth ticket.  Spouse/guest tickets are not allowed unless that person is registered for the conference, as well.  Each session has a minimum guarantee and a maximum allowed. If your session does not meet its minimum by September 1, it may be cancelled. If so, we will notify you with alternate options. If you are paying by check (rather than pay by credit card online), your spot in the in-depth sessions will NOT be guaranteed until payment is received. All In-Depth Sessions will be ticketed events, and you must have a ticket for a specific activity to be admitted.

Please note that these sessions will be held in the afternoon on Tuesday, October 17.  Off-site sessions will not return to the Hilton Omaha until some time between 5:30 PM and 6:00 PM. Therefore, Affiliate Presidents who plan to attend the Tuesday night Leadership Event, should prepare to directly board the 5:45 shuttle for Magnolia Hotel. Ticket sales for in-depth sessions are final and non-refundable.

Buses will depart CenturyLink Convention Center at 12:30 PM and return by 6:00 PM.



Track: Child Development/Human Development
Price:  $45

Investing In Ages 0 - 5
Educare is an innovative partnership between the public and private sectors to create a more efficient and effective early learning program for at-risk infants, preschoolers and families. Tour a school designed around a model that prepares vulnerable, young children for life-long education. The program, specially designed to increase student achievement and kindergarten readiness, sends a bold message about the value of investing in the first five years. Learn how Educare drives change among policymakers, business leaders and early childhood providers when they see what quality early learning looks like. Take home ideas about an early childhood education model that’s sweeping the country.



Track: Child Development/Human Development/4-H Youth Development
Price: $45

Successful Youth at Risk Program 
Every day, abused and neglected children and broken and struggling families seek help from Boys Town.  Boys Town gives families and children a second chance at success through a continuum of care that provides tightly integrated research-proven services.  The national headquarters, located in Omaha, is the home of 400 boys and girls who receive care and guidance for a wide range of behavioral, emotional and academic issues.  In this community of hope, boys and girls change their lives and prepare to go out into the world as confident people of good character.  While touring Boys Town, you will learn proven parenting skills used with at-risk youth. 


Track: Human Development/Parenting/Community Development
Price: $60

Creative Ways to Work with Millennials
Capturing the attention of the tech-savvy, work-hard, play-hard Millennials and keeping it long enough to entice them to your FCS program  can be an enigma even for the best Boomer and GenX educators. Archrival, located in Lincoln's Historic Haymarket District, is a "creative agency with an expertise in youth culture." Come and learn what experts at Archrival know about Millennials and GenZ consumers. Experience the creative culture of their workplace and afterwards enjoy a bit of real homemade ice cream from Ivanna Cones.



Track: Housing/Financial Management/Health/Community Development/Human Development
Price: $25

What We Know and Don’t Know About Climate Change
Climate change is a significant threat to the health of the American people and the environment. The 2014 U.S. National Climate Assessment found that rising temperatures, the resulting increases in the frequency or intensity of some extreme weather events, rising sea levels, more acidic and warmer oceans, and melting snow and ice are already disrupting people’s lives and damaging the U.S. economy.  A panel will discuss the impacts these changes have on many areas of FCS within homes, communities and globally.  Learn ways to reduce the impacts within families, communities and the environment through education and disaster preparedness. 


Track: 4-H/Youth Development/Textiles/ Community Development
Price: $65

Quilts:  Past, Present, and Future
There is nothing warmer than being wrapped in the coziness of a quilt.  Envision that toasty feeling as you enjoy learning about the artistry, study, care, and preservation of quilts at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum.  IQSCM houses the largest publicly held quilt collection in the world with exhibits from 45 countries, dating from the 18th century to the present.  While traveling to the Lied Concept building in Lincoln you won’t be bored with Nebraska Extension Emeriti sharing heartwarming experiences related to Quilts of Valor while honoring U.S. military and veterans.  You will also learn about the American Barn Quilt movement and the growing Nebraska Barn Quilt effort through 4-H and volunteer efforts. Once in Lincoln, you will participate in docent led tours of four custom-crafted quilt galleries.  IQSCM professionals will guide you in a special “behind the scenes” look at state-of-the-art research and storage space, and dynamic educational displays related to quilt design, care, storage and preservation. Boring, sleepy ride back to Omaha?  No – enjoy tastes of UNL Dairy store while Extension Emeriti enlighten you about the internationally renowned 4-H Quilt Quest project.  Energized millennial Extension faculty will share their enthusiasm about the new Nebraska 4-H STEAM clothing curriculum and how 4-H youth are involved in the Omaha Fashion Week.

Off-site Track: Community Development/Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship Nebraska Style

Enjoy a memorable, fun-filled afternoon visiting two vibrant rural businesses to see how entertainment and education intersect for a better understanding of conservation, agri-tourism and entrepreneurship.  Begin the sensory experience in Vala’s Pumpkin Patch Pie Barn as daughter Kelsey, Cordon Bleu Culinary School graduate, serves you freshly baked pie.  As you savor the aroma and flavor of harvest, the Vala's farm will share the thirty-two-year history of the 400-acre farm which began with a family dream to a business that has grown to700 annual employees. Explore the rolling hill property (wear comfortable shoes & dress for the weather), enjoy the fall festival, quaint shops in farm buildings and discover 24 other food venues.   Mid-afternoon, take a short ride to a beautiful lodge setting to enjoy the views and experience of 426 Cellar Winery.  As you relax and taste five different award winning wines (and keep your souvenir glass),  the vintners will share stages of development of the vineyard and winery that houses state-of-the-art equipment.  In addition to learning entrepreneurship strategies, you will better understand the annual process of caring for crop, beginning the fermentation process, bottling wine and merchandising efforts.  



Track: Community Development/Entrepreneurship
Price: $50

What Are Makerspaces?
Makerspaces are places where people gather to create, share, network and make things. These are unique collaborative spaces that encourage inventing, tinkering and exploring.  In the process adults discover their entrepreneurial spirit and youth build vital career skills around critical thinking, planning, communication, and problem solving. Visit Nebraska's Premier Makerspace –Innovation Studio. Learn from the experts why the makerspace concept is sweeping America and how these add value to communities with entrepreneurially thinking people. While traveling to and from Innovation Campus learn how to test your own ideas using a proven technique developed by one of Nebraska's  young and successful entrepreneurs. Discover your entrepreneurial strengths by using Gallup's EP10 on your bus ride home.

Off-site Track: Nutrition/Food Safety/Entrepreneurship
Price: $45

’Farm to Table’ for Business
Chef Clayton Chapman at The Grey Plume is passionate about showcasing locally grown produce in his upscale Omaha restaurant and doing it in an environmentally sustainable way.  Explore all the Grey Plume has to offer in its restaurant, retail operation and through its cooking classes and hear from this award-winning entrepreneur in the first Green Restaurant Association Four-Star ‘Sustainabuild’ restaurant in the Country.  A visit to "No More Empty Pots" will showcase the work of another non-profit whose vision is to support communities in becoming self-sufficient and food secure through collaboration and adhering to the core values of education, stewardship and sustainability.  See the food hub that has a shared-use commercial kitchen rentable by the hour, a production kitchen with job readiness training, a business incubator, a cafe, a kids kitchen for nutrition education programs, and a rooftop garden. Taste and beverage included.



Track: Nutrition/Food Safety/Entrepreneurship
Price: $50

Food Innovation & Entrepreneurship Nebraska Style
Experience UNL's Food Innovation Center which aids entrepreneurs from across the country in the development and marketing of food-related products.  See the wet/dry lab research spaces, food grade/non-food grade pilot plant space and a state of the art distance education classroom and office.   A presentation about meat properties that influence eating quality will help you understand the driving forces behind muscle profiling research which ultimately led to the flat iron steak. Simple in-class exercises that can be used to teach concepts of meat selection and cookery will be demonstrated.  Web sites and supporting materials will also be provided to help participants take these lessons back to the classroom.


Track: Nutrition/Food Safety/Technology
Price: $45

Urban Ag in the Community
Start your afternoon at Nebraska Extension's state of the art teaching kitchen and studio in Omaha. Gain insight from educators on how they partner with community groups to deliver food and nutrition education.  Then, visit one of the top 10 culinary arts institutes in the United States where students are trained to work with locally grown and organic products. Learn how culinary students develop a passion to cook and serve others using a range of basic skills to artistic mastery for employment and enrichment.  This session will include taste testing.  Leave with new ideas to enhance your food and nutrition programming.


Track: Financial Management/Technology

Protect Your Pocketbook and Identity
How does a bank like First National Bank of Omaha, or any bank, protect its customers in an increasingly technological and changing world?  Come learn about current and future technology being used for protection of bank accounts, credit and debit cards. Participants will be able to experience a behind-the-scenes look of First National’s Technology center and listen to a banking expert talk about trending fraud schemes, how to protect yourself against fraud, and the safety of mobile banking, chips cards, etc. In addition, learn how to educate youth and adults about safe financial practices through the NEFE High School Financial Planning Program.  Using real life situations built on debt, financial pitfalls and life changing events, the program can be used with diverse clientele who need financial guidance. 


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