2020 NEAFCS Virtual Silent Auction

Learn all about the 2020 Silent Auction here.

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New This Year:

  • Items will be shipped to the winner after the event is over by the donor of the item.
  • Bidders who are not attending the 2020 NEAFCS Virtual Annual Session may still bid on items by registering with the site once the Silent Auction is open.
  • The Silent Auction will open for bids a week prior to the start of the live event. The Silent Auction will open on Tuesday, September 8th at 10:00 AM Mountain Time. You may peruse the gallery of items available prior to the opening of the Silent Auction and even mark items as "favorites" for ease of tracking and bidding.
  • No alcohol is allowed at this year's Silent Auction due to shipping restrictions.  

Why is it important to take part in the Silent Auction for NEAFCS?

Donating items, sharing details about the event online, and bidding all bring attention to the need for participation in the Silent Auction. All proceeds from the Silent Auction directly benefit NEAFCS members in the form of the Awards Program each year. The Awards Fund provides funds for the cost of the program, awards, certificates, scholarships, and more. Your participation in the Silent Auction helps secure the future of the Awards Program and the recognition of outstanding programming by your peers.

See Donor and Bidder Information Below:

For Donors:

Here are some tips and things to consider if you are donating an item.

  • Please use the official Donation Form.
  • We need a picture of your donated item.
  • The donor will ship directly to the auction winner.
  • You may choose to include the value of shipping in the overall donation value.
  • Please submit all donation paperwork and photographs by August 31, 2020.
  • Submit the Donation Form & a photograph of the item(s) to Will Ferguson via email: [email protected]

Suggested Items:

  • Food items that represent your state, for example
    • Muffin mixes
    • Hot sauce
    • Jellies or Jams of fruits that are found in your state (e.g. Prickly Pear for Arizona)
  • Gift Cards
  • Gift Baskets
  • Hand-made gifts
    • Cutting boards
    • Quilts
    • Wood carvings
  • Jewelry
  • Take a look through some of the items donated last year!


  • Consider using USPS Flat Rate Boxes where you pay for the box and as long as the item fits in the box it can be shipped.
  • If you choose to donate food products in glass jars, pack it with plenty of cushion.

For Bidders:

Here are some tips and things to consider if you are bidding on any item(s) in this year's Silent Auction.

  • If you are registered for the 2020 NEAFCS Virtual Annual Session you will receive an email from the online platform we are using to set up a profile for yourself. Please make sure that you log in with this information before bidding.
  • If you are not planning to attend the 2020 NEAFCS Virtual Annual Session you may still bid! Just create a profile with the online platform to start bidding. More information on how to do this is found in the FAQ document.
  • You may make bids directly on the website or via text message (data fees may apply).
  • You will be notified after the Silent Auction closes on September 16, 2020 about any item(s) that you have won. You will enter your credit card information at that point to complete your purchase.

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