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December  2015

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President's Message

JCEP Leadership Conference 2016 

Get ready to apply for an NEAFCS award!

Ring in the New Year -- Join a National Committee!

NEAFCS IMPACT 2016 – Tell your Story!

NEAFCS Welcomes First Timers to the 2015 Annual Session in Style!

2015 Annual Session Highlights

Mark Your Calendars for 2016 Annual Session

Meet the Board – President Elect

Parliamentary Pointers for Effective Meetings

Important Dates

Affiliate Presidents Webinar • Dec 15

Making A Winning Proposal Webinar • Dec 17

JCEP Leadership Conference Feb 10-11

Public Issues Leadership Conference April 10-13

NEAFCS 2016 Annual Session • Sept 12-15
Big Sky, MT

NEAFCS 2017 Annual Session • Oct 15-19
Omaha, NE

NEAFCS 2018 Annual Session • Sept 24-27
San Antonio, TX

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National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Science

140 Island Way, Ste 316
Clearwater Beach, FL 33767

(561) 477-8100
[email protected]



President's Message
Debby Mathews (AL), NEAFCS President

Debby MathewsLast month’s response to the introduction of the engaged gears icon was rapid! Within five minutes of the newsletter posting, the first email came in with the location of the hidden icon. Kudos to Karen De Zarn for being so alert. Several others also responded quickly, but Karen was the first.

As you search for the engaged gear icon each month please think about NEAFCS and how it takes many small groups/committees working together to keep NEAFCS functioning effectively. There are fifteen plan of work sub-committees alone! This represents at least one hundred members highly engaged in production of specific programs and projects.

All this work requires leadership, and constant leadership training helps the entire process go well. One great training opportunity is through JCEP’s Leadership Conference. This conference will be in Las Vegas February 10 and 11, 2016 at The Tropicana. JCEP has a block of rooms reserved with a special room rate of $119.  Registration for the conference is $300 and it includes breakfasts, lunches and beverage breaks. This conference is for anyone in Extension! See jcep.org for details. Of course, we will have association time with our two senior Regional Directors working with me to lead training and problem solving sessions. Too, we will have a fun night out together!

Another training opportunity is the Affiliate Presidents webinar Tuesday, December 15 at 2:00PM Eastern Time. We board members are eager to engage with these VIPs then!

Please continue to read eNEAFCS and engage in the work of NEAFCS as we help each other develop both professionally and personally as Extension Family and Consumer Science professionals.



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JCEP Leadership Conference 2016
Joey Peutz (ID), Western Region Director

Joey PeutzMake plans now to participate in the JCEP Leadership conference to be held February 10 & 11, 2016 at the Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. The conference theme is Leadership Across Generations.

Who should attend this conference?

  • Professionals seeking top quality professional development opportunity and leadership development training. 
  • State and National leaders of any of the seven JCEP (Joint Council of Extension Professionals) member associations.
  • Professionals who are active at the state level and may be ready for a national committee or board leadership.
  • Professionals with a leadership role on the job such as a county director, district or regional director or other administrative position. 

There will be great oral presentations, round table discussions and Ignite sessions designed to enhance the leadership skills and abilities of Extension professionals. There are exciting opportunities during the 2016 conference to learn about leading the intergenerational organization. They will be offering new Ignite sessions where Extension professionals will be briefly sharing innovative ideas and notable leadership books. Go to www.jcep.org for more information.

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Get Ready to Apply for a NEAFCS Award!
Dianne Gertson (TX), Vice President for Awards & Recognition

Dianne GertsonThe NEAFCS on-line awards system opened December 1, 2015.

Showcase your excellent programs and get the recognition you deserve! We are moving forward with an online system for the awards process. Follow instructions closely this year. You will upload your award application and files. No hard copies will be accepted. Award applications are to be UPLOADED March 15, 2016 for regional and national judging. Each state affiliate has their own deadline to get state judging completed to send the top contenders on for regional and national consideration by the March 15 deadline. Check with your state affiliate Awards VP, or chair, to find out when your state deadline will be.

Visit the Awards section of the NEAFCS website to find out more about NEAFCS awards and instructions on how to complete the application and upload your files. The Awards-at-a-Glance section offers brief descriptions of awards. The Awards Manual has specific and detailed instructions.  Examples of national award-winning entries, as well as articles on Award Winning Applications FAQs and Award Winning Tips are also available.

[email protected]
Office: 281-342-3034

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Ring in the New Year -- Join a National Committee!
Theresa Mayhew (NY), President-Elect

Theresa MayhewOne of the benefits and opportunities you have as a NEAFCS member is to be part of a national committee. It’s a great way to learn more about the workings of your professional organization, to sharpen or develop leadership skills, and to meet colleagues from all across the country. Fortunately, there are all kinds of national committees – standing, special and ad hoc – to those more organizational in nature. Awards and recognition, member resources, professional development and public affairs sub-committees enable each vice president to more fully carry out their duties and accomplish organizational goals.

Standing committees (such as by-laws, finance and investments – to name a few) are usually by appointment only. Special committees (such as nominating) are established by the Executive Board while ad hoc committees -- established to undertake specific tasks outside the scope of existing committees -- are appointed by the President. Involvement in awards & recognition, member resources, professional development and public affairs committees is wide open to all members. Many times the work of these committees is done via email or conference call. Some committee work culminates at Annual Session. Other committees conduct business throughout the year or in a shorter span of time. It all depends on what their action plans entail and your level of interest and involvement.

While many committees met during last month’s Annual Session at the Greenbrier there’s still time to get involved. Learn more by going to www.neafcs.org and accessing the drop down menu under “About NEAFCS.” Click on NEAFCS Committee Descriptions and learn how you can join a committee by filling out the appropriate form. New members are always welcome and committee work is a great way for new members to get their feet wet, so to speak. It’s also a great way to start off the New Year. Getting involved at the national level can magnify the benefits of membership at the state level by leaps and bounds. Don’t delay – sign up today!

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NEAFCS Impact 2016 - Tell Your Story!
Glenda Hyde (OR), Vice President for Public Affairs

Glenda HydeThe holiday season is a special time for fun, food-filled events with family and friends. At work, it’s the season for goal setting and reporting. Sometimes, it’s hard to manage it all, but because it’s important, we make it work. Sharing what you have done this past year benefits your Extension Service, community and you because it can then be shared with important stakeholders. We want to highlight significant work from your state at next April’s Public Affairs Leadership Development (PILD) Conference. You can see 2015’s Impact Statements under the NEAFCS website’s Public Affairs tab to give you a flavor of what I’m referencing.

As you wrap up your annual report, make time this month or early next to share a project that has impacted your community with your affiliate Public Affairs VP or Chairman or State President. Your national professional organization wants to share your state’s best FCS “stories” with federal legislators. Projects and programs that work well to gain a national audience at the PILD Capitol Hill legislative visits are ones that:  have a coordinated effort for a large participation in the whole state over a year; a local project that has had success over many years; or one that shows an innovative response for an immediate need – such as a natural disaster -- in your community or region.

If you won’t have final data until next year, use program data from last year. The 2016 Impact Statements will be posted on the Public Affairs tab and can be used in visits with your state and local legislators after April of each year. Having your state program and projects highlighted in a national publication will be very impressive to your local legislators, advisory boards, and media, too.

What does your state Public Affairs leader need from you? The project or program name, the number of people involved, a photo (if available, and with permission to publish it), a quote from a participant or community partner about the project’s benefit and 40 words describing the need and benefit. See the impact statement data template you can access on the website to guide you. Once you’ve collected this information, you have the basics to create your own impact statement to share with your local community.

Tis the season to Tell our Stories! If you use the template or create your own fact sheet for local use, send it to me, too! Reviewers from your National Public Affairs sub-committees will synthesize what’s submitted from affiliates into a cohesive document that promotes the value of the FCS work that you’re doing across the country. Any questions, contact me at [email protected].

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NEAFCS Welcomes First Timers to the 2015 Annual Session in Style!
Margie Memmott (UT), Vice President for Member Resources

Margie MemmottFirst Timers to the 2015 NEAFCS Annual Session were welcomed in ‘STYLE’ to the Greenbrier Resort and West Virginia during a special orientation to kickoff the week of events. A special ‘tea’ along with delectable refreshments was served to 65 attendees who participated in the First Timers program on Monday, November 2nd.

The program started off with a warm welcome to the new comers, followed by a ‘get to know you’ icebreaker activity. A presentation of the history of the ‘high tea’ was given, then a brief history of NEAFCS was shared, along with the objectives of the association and how it can help new members reach their professional goals.

Words of wisdom about the many benefits of being involved in NEAFCS as professionals were then shared with the first timers by life members who dressed the part for the occasion in their best dress, complete with gloves, shawls and hats.

Attendees received an orientation to the Annual Session program guide, so they could take full advantage of all the professional development opportunities available throughout the week and throughout the upcoming year.

First time attendees then received their own copy of the NEAFCS Creed as well as an NEAFCS silver/gold lapel pin as a special ‘Welcome’ to the association.

A special thanks goes to Angela Hairston, Luann Boyer, Johanna Hahn, Cindy Davies, Dan McDonald, and all members of the Member Resources: Membership, Leadership, Mentoring and Life Member Sub-Committee who planned and carried out the orientation.

Appreciation is also given to Linda Schmidt, Sue Miles, Sally Howard, Linda Waybright, and all life members who presented and played a part in the program for the first timers.

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2015 Annual Session Highlights
Julie Cascio (AK), Secretary

Julie CascioWest Virginia hosted a wonderful Annual Session at the Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs. The venue was a great setting for professional development and NEAFCS business. More than 650 attended annual session. Two pre-conference workshops, 54 concurrent sessions, and eight in-depth sessions were offered.

Bylaw amendments for Article II Membership were approved. Student member participation is being encouraged by allowing students to submit proposals to present, submit articles for publication in the Journal of NEAFCS and/or present a webinar. Other bylaw amendments simply improved language consistency. The revised bylaws have been posted on NEAFCS.org.

The silent auction raised $5,000 to support award recognition and scholarships.

Newly elected NEAFCS officers are:

Theresa Mayhew (NY), President-Elect
Nancy Stehulak (OH), Treasurer
Glenda Hyde (OR), Vice President for Public Affiars
Dianne Gertson (TX), Vice President for Awards and Recognition
Karen Munden, Southern Region Director
Becky Travnichek, Central Region Director

Check the NEAFCS website to view the recorded 2015 Annual Session Recap that was held December 2 for more information on this event.

Mark Your Calendars for 2016 Annual Session
Tara Andrews and Sheila Friedrich (MO), 2016 Annual Session Co-liaisons

2016 Annual Session

Discover, Connect, and Engage in Big Sky Country, Montana! As hosts of the 2016 NEAFCS Annual Session, September 12-16, Montana State University Extension and Family and Consumer Science Extension Agents extend a warm Western WELCOME!

Discover the natural treasures of Montana: its people, its resources, its beauty.

Connect with old friends and new ideas.

Engage with invigorating conversations and design new strategies for helping families and communities succeed!

Plan extra days to experience an abundance of local treasures!

We’ve scheduled world renowned pre-conference and keynote speakers whose life experience and professional accomplishments will inspire, motivate, and move you to set new professional and personal goals.

If you want to Connect, follow our blog at www.NEAFCS2016Montana.blogspot.com to receive periodic updates, pictures, and links to some of the great opportunities in Montana.

The NEAFCS website will be the source of up to the minute information about Big Sky, Montana –September 12-16, 2016 NEAFCS Annual Session.

http://www.neafcs.org/2016-annual-session.  See you in Big Sky Country!

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Meet the Board – President-Elect
Theresa Mayhew (NY), President-Elect

Theresa MayhewIf I were into horse wagering, I would’ve scored a trifecta last month. I was elected your NEAFCS President-Elect, I celebrated my 25th year of employment at my Cooperative Extension Association, and I celebrated my birthday (you can guess what number)! I’m eagerly anticipating what this NEAFCS year will bring! I continue to enjoy my work in Columbia & Greene Counties where I do non-traditional FCS programming in home environment, family economics/resource management and economic vitality. In 2016, I’m embarking on developing an aging in place program initiative which hopefully will include working with several local health and human services partners. I’m also very involved with our county’s Fair Housing Board, Environmental Management Council, and Head Start Policy Council.

I was born in Scranton, PA but have lived in New York State for most of my life, growing up in the Southern Tier’s Endicott area – the birthplace of IBM -- before moving up to just outside Albany in 1982. My husband and I live just across the river from the state capital in Rensselaer where we are allowed to share a house with three rambunctious but adorable cats. Mark is a project manager for the NYS Energy Research & Development Authority and a hockey buff (he refs and plays with an over 45, non-checking league). He attended his first Annual Session last month and is already planning for the next three!

Now that we’re empty nesters, we’ve been busy transforming our backyard into an oasis complete with a fire pit and hot tub (not to be enjoyed at the same time, might I add!). Our son, Cooper, moved to southern CA just outside of LA a little over a year ago where he has acquired a year round tan, a deeper love of golf, and a job at an upscale jewelry store.  He’s still on the family payroll – albeit part-time – but it’s been interesting watching him come into his own. He’s a pretty savvy consumer – nice to know some of what I teach others has rubbed off on him!

It was terrific seeing so many of you at the Greenbrier. What a wonderful job the WV affiliate and their partners did in hosting us. Now we can set our sights on Big Sky, MT, where we will have ample opportunities to discover, connect and engage. I look forward to working on your behalf this coming year and beyond. In the meantime, happy holidays to you and yours!

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Parliamentary Pointers for Effective Meetings
Janice Strand (NM), Professional Registered Parliamentarian

Over the next ten months, Janice Strand, parliamentarian at the 2015 Annual Session, will share articles on effective use of Parliamentary procedure. This month she explains why organizations use parliamentary procedure:

1.  Helps an organization achieve its purpose.  Business conducted in meetings focuses on purposes stated in the bylaws.

2.   Provides equal treatment for all.  Each member has the right to speak; rules determine how many times and for how long one can speak.

3.  Expedites business and saves time.  Attendees are not allowed to introduce dilatory issues; the skilled presiding officer keeps the meeting moving.

4.  Maintains order.  Rules allow the skilled presiding officer to guide the meeting in an orderly manner.  Members, knowing parliamentary rules, help keep order.

5.  Protects the right of the majority to decide.  Business brought before the assembly with motions or resolutions is adopted by a majority or a two-thirds vote.

6.  Protects the right of the minority to be heard.  Debate can be conducted in a way that each side of an issue has equal time to be heard.  Minority reports are heard on some votes.

7.  Protects the rights of members.  Members have the right to make motions or introduce resolutions, to debate, and to vote.

8.  Protects the rights of absentees.  Minutes of the meeting inform absentees of the proceedings.  Previous notice is needed for introduction of some types of motions.

9.  Helps members understand the universal rules that are useful in any organization. Meetings of large numbers of members require more formality; meetings of small groups or committees may be conducted with less formality.

10.  Makes for meetings that members want to attend.  When there is order and business is accomplished within a reasonable time limit, members gladly attend and participate.

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