April  2016

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President's Message

NEAFCS IMPACT 2016 Spotlights Extension FCS Efforts

JCEP Award for Creative Excellence

JOE Report

Bylaws Proposals and Resolutions Due May 1

Annual Session More Montana Treasures

Meet the Board – Treasurer

Parliamentary Pointers - Skillful Presiding

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NEAFCS 2016 Annual Session Sept 12-15
Big Sky, MT

NEAFCS 2017 Annual Session Oct 15-19
Omaha, NE

NEAFCS 2018 Annual Session Sept 24-27
San Antonio, TX

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President's Message
Debby Mathews (AL), NEAFCS President

Debby Mathews

Dear NEAFCS members:

It’s hard to think about April and not think about tax prep, records, forms and numbers. Numbers are indicators that we use to determine strength and status in many realms. For NEAFCS, our numbers are looking good and indicate we are a strong association. They show we are involved in discovering, connecting and engaging.

Here are some examples:

  • 35 state affiliates submitted 212 impact data reports
  • 42 members registered for PILD
  • 30 state affiliates sent officers to the JCEP Leadership Conference
  • 525 awards applications were submitted in a total of 26 categories
  • 135 Concurrent Session/Showcase Proposals were submitted
  • An average of 625 members read eNEAFCS monthly

There is more to share, but I will wait until Annual Session and share that in my State of NEAFCS Address. Until then, here is the latest engaged gear hidden icon search update. Remember that in the icon there are three small gears engaged and working together inside one larger gear. Similarly, within NEAFCS many committees work together and engage with one another to help NEAFCS engage our gears.  Joyce Sherrer, Jayne McBurney, and Kylie Ludwig were the first three to find it last month. Ready, set, search, and email me at [email protected]



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NEAFCS IMPACT 2016 Spotlights Extension FCS Efforts!
Glenda Hyde (OR), Vice President for Public Affairs

Glenda HydeI’m thrilled to announce that the NEAFCS IMPACT 2016 statements were completed in Capitol Hill appointments. Extension Administrators and Educators set these appointments from all program areas with their respective Senators and Representatives this month. The meetings, where education about Extension programs was provided to members of Congress, were the culminating activity of the Public Issues Leadership Development (PILD) Conference. NEAFCS is the only affiliate that generates impact statements with program highlights from across the country. These impact statements shine a spotlight on our efforts and demonstrate the value of Extension FCS programming.

The quality of our impact statements this year continues to be high and represents 212 data submissions from 35 different states. The new Share your Story template helped submitters hone their messages. Our subject area editors had some good quality text to use. We were able to use data submitted from each state in each subject area. Thank you, submitters, for your efforts!

NEAFCS IMPACT 2016 statements in nine subject areas, posted on April 14 on the NEAFCS web page under the Public Affairs tab, are available for members to download and share with legislators and stakeholders in their state, region, or local service area. Members should be sure to coordinate any distribution to elected officials with their supervisor.

A big thank you to our subject area editors for selecting and organizing content and recommending quotes to me. Here is our fantastic team: Childhood Obesity Prevention: Karen Ensle (NJ); Community Health and Wellness: Michelle Allen (TX), Mandi Seaton (TX) and Sally Garrett (TX); Diabetes Prevention and Management: Becky Smith (WV); Food and Nutrition: Julie Garden-Robinson (ND); Food Safety: Shauna Henley (MD); Financial Management: Jennifer Stefancik, (IN); Healthy Homes and the Environment: Sonya McDaniel (OK); Improving Children’s Lives: Mary Liz Wright, (IL); Protecting our Resources – Family Life: Linda Combs (KY) and Sheila Fawbush (KY).

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JCEP Award for Creative Excellence
Debby Mathews (AL), President

This new award has been created by JCEP to recognize Extension professionals that are innovative and creative. If you have a novel approach to existing or emerging issues that gets results, and others want to copy, then this award is meant for you! 

NEAFCS members can apply by going to www.JCEP.org and completing the online application.  The NEAFCS award deadline is May 1. The winner will be chosen by our national board and announced at our Annual Session at Big Sky, Montana. 

Each JCEP Association's winner will receive a $250 stipend and will compete with the other JCEP association winners for a $1,000 stipend to be presented at the 2017 JCEP Leadership Conference in Orlando, FL. We can't wait to see who the winner is!

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JOE Board Report
Luann Boyer (CO), NEAFCS Journal of Extension Representative

Luann BoyerThe Extension Journal (EJI) Board recently met at Mississippi State University and started developing a new 5-Year Strategic Plan for both the Journal of Extension and the National Job Bank.

The transition of the new JOE Editor, Debbie Allen, is going very well with the February JOE issue going online according to schedule.  In the editor’s role of mentoring Extension professionals for writing peer-reviewed journal articles, Debbie has updated several of the FAQs on the JOE.org website, and is working on new resources.   Debbie will also be developing a webinar for Extension professionals.

Cody Stone, Montana Extension Assistant Director, and I are developing a JOE session for the 2016 session.  Cody also serves on the JOE Board, has already been “put to work” by the Montana Affiliate, and is excited to be hosting NEAFCS.  This session will cover several different aspects of EJI – both the Journal of Extension and the National Job Bank.

The Marketing Committee has developed several new 1-page info sheets, which can be used with affiliate meetings.  There is also a new bookmark featuring both the Journal and the Job Bank, which will be provided to the states later this year.   A new display for national meetings is being developed and we’ll bring to Montana if it’s ready.

Finally is my persistent request for JOE Reviewers.  There is still a need for Reviewers who have a broad understanding of Family and Consumer Sciences so they are able to review a range of FCS submissions.  Go to www.joe.org and click on About JOE and then Guidelines for Reviewers.

Any questions about Journal of Extension or National Job Bank, please contact me at 970-768-0322 or luann.bo[email protected]

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Bylaws Proposals and Resolutions Due
Julie Cascio (AK), Secretary

Julie CascioThe updated By-laws have been added to the website. Changes discussed and voted on in membership were discussed. Please take a few minutes and review your knowledge of NEAFCS by going over this. Then, if there are any proposed revisions, they must be submitted to the By-laws Committee by May 1.

Proposed resolutions should be submitted with documenting evidence of validity to the Executive Board by May 1. Members, committees or state/territory affiliates, may submit resolutions. [email protected]

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Annual Session More Montana Treasures
Kelly Moore (M0), NEAFCS Montana Affliliate

Dr. Waded Cruzado
President of Montana State University

CruzadoWe are honored and excited to present this outstanding Montana treasure, Opening Session Keynote Speaker Dr. Waded Cruzado!  Waded (Arabic, meaning “Peace “), is a Puerto Rican native who came to Montana State via The University of Puerto Rico (only land grant university in a Spanish speaking country), The University of Texas, Pontifical Catholic University, and New Mexico State University.  Dr. Cruzado is a passionate advocate for land grant universities; the home of Extension. She believes that “Education truly transforms lives and that for people in need, all Extension programs are needed”. Dr. Cruzado has created a legacy at MSU based on a genuine, heart felt interest in her colleagues, students, alumni, and supporters throughout the state.  We are proud to call her a great leader in Montana!  Dr. Cruzado will inspire you to strive for more Extension pride and excellence!

Karen McNenny
“Our everyday actions like putting away our shopping cart ultimately weaves the tapestry of our society. How we do some things, is how we do all things.”

McKennyKaren (keynote/general session) is the founder of “Made You Think Consulting” in Missoula, Montana.  Her work as a Professional speaker, group facilitator, trainer, and coachtakes her all over the world, so she is excited to be in her own backyard engaging conference attendees in some ofthe most dynamic, stimulating, and interactive conversation imaginable! http://neafcsmontana2016.blogspot.com/

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Meet the Board
Nancy Stehulak (OH), Treasurer

Nancy StehulakThis is Nancy Stehulak’s second board appointment, having served as the Central Regional Director 2013-2015.  Nancy is a County Extension Director and Educator in Henry County Ohio, providing educational programs with specialization in financial education and leadership development.  You might have met up with Nancy in a financial concurrent session at our annual meeting.

Nancy and her husband Carl (you might have met Carl at one of our national meetings….he would be the one with the golf clubs!) do like to travel.  Their children John, Greg and David are married and if you ask, Nancy will be happy to show you pictures of them, their beautiful spouses and most importantly, of their five grandchildren, Fritz, John Paul, Ella, Olive and Avery.

Why did she put her name up for a national officer?  It was really time to give back to the organization, as NEAFCS has allowed her to meet up with very dedicated people across the nation.  As well, these connections have led to greater programming as well as very interesting discussions about Extension and the changing role of Family and Consumer Sciences.  It appears the need today is great to encourage families to success…financially…emotionally…and healthfully.

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Parliamentary Pointers - Skillful Presiding
Janice Strand (NM), Professional Registered Parliamentarian

The presiding officer, usually the president of the organization, can skillfully set the tone for any meeting.  In presiding, this officer can lead the group through a productive session.

Call to order on time! –state “The July meeting of the _____ will come to order”.

Quorum – Determine if the quorum stated in the bylaws is present; does not have to be stated.

Approval of Agenda – “Are there corrections to the agenda?... If there are no further corrections, the agenda is adopted as printed/corrected.”

Adoption of Standing Rules – “You have a copy of the standing rules recommended by the executive committee.  If there is no objection, the rules will be adopted.  There being no objection, the rules are adopted for this meeting.”

Reading/ Approval of Minutes – “Are there corrections to the minutes?.... If there are no further corrections, the minutes are approved as printed/read.” (an assumed motion).

Reports of Officers – Call upon officers who do have reports.  Reports are not adopted.

The treasurer’s report is filed.... an annual audit report is adopted.  An officer report may recommend a motion; the motion is made by another person, not the officer.

Reports of Boards – The report is not adopted; a motion may be brought forth from a board or executive committee.  Because the board/committee is proposing the motion, no second is needed.

Reports of Standing and Special Committees – Committee reports are not adopted; again, a motion may be brought forth and no second is needed if the committee consists of more than one person.

Unfinished Business and General Orders – Items on the agenda for the previous meeting but not completed at that meeting or items postponed from the previous meeting.  The items are introduced using a motion.

New Business – “The next business in order is New Business.”  The presider recognizes members who are entitled to the floor....after they stand/raise their hand.  When motions are made, the presider states the motion and conducts discussion/debate (covered in a later column).

***The presider protects the group/assembly from obviously frivolous/dilatory motions and enforces the rules relating to debate.

***The presider expedites business by asking for motions and assuming motions
(covered in a later column).

Adjournment – Usually, no motion is needed. ”If there is no further business, the meeting is adjourned.”

Presiding Tips

1.  Knowledge is strength.  A presider who is familiar with correct usage of parliamentary procedure can skillfully guide a group through many issues in a short time.

2.  A skillful presider maintains control over the progress of the meeting...and expedites business by informing the membership of correct procedures....in a diplomatic way!

3.  A skillful presider keeps the membership informed by stating the specific issue/motion being considered and the necessary steps to complete the business at hand.

Information on agenda can be reviewed in Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised, 11th Edition,  (RONR) pp. 353-375.  

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