Posted 10/14/2019

University of Guam

Assistant Professor/Extension Agent III to Associate Professor/Extension Agent IV (Extension Family Life and Youth Development)

This position is a 12-month tenure-track Extension faculty position in Family Life and Youth Development within the University of Guam Cooperative Extension & Outreach. The successful candidate’s primary role is designated as “Extension and Community Outreach”. In this role the faculty member will review past CE&O programs and accomplishments to conduct needs assessments to identify issues and factors affecting a broad spectrum of Family and Youth topics for the island and region. The successful candidate will use the findings and data to plan, develop, implement and evaluate Extension education programs in Family and Youth for Guam and the Western Pacific. These programs are conducted under 5-year federally approved Plans of Work (POW). As a tenure track Extension faculty member, the successful candidate must also be willing to support the teaching and research efforts of CNAS Agriculture and Life Sciences (ALS) Division.

Additional Extension roles include working with and coordinating extension programs addressing Family and Youth issues that are in accordance with the Guam Extension Plan of Work and collaborating with existing programs like 4-H, Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP), Children’s Healthy Living (CHL) Program, SNAP-Education, Preventive Health Project, and others. As a tenure track faculty, the successful candidate must meet the tenure requirements and develop a portfolio of accomplishments that reflect a minimum of 50% within the primary endeavor (Extension and Community Outreach), a minimum of 25% Creative Scholarly Activities or Research, and 15% University and Community Service during the first five years of the tenure track appointment. In addition, all tenure track faculty in the Agriculture and Life Sciences Division are required to teach, at least, 3 contact hours per academic year in the Agriculture and Lifes Sciences Resident Instruction Program. A report of accomplishments and a Plan of Work is required to submit annually by each ALS faculty and reviewed by the Dean/Director of the College for approval.

The successful candidate will work under the Agriculture and Life Sciences Division as a member of the Cooperative Extension & Outreach team, and a representative of the University of Guam, to provide leadership support for Family and Youth issues and programs working across the various areas of Extension Plan of Work.

The successful candidate is expected to:

  • Establish and maintain positive relationships among diverse groups and stakeholders to assess community needs and concerns around family life and youth issues.
  • Develop and implement science-based extension projects and programs to address the critical needs in family life and youth development, using various multi-media approaches.
  • Collaborate with other Extension faculty and staff, local community programs, and federal agencies to plan, coordinate, execute, and evaluate programs related to local and regional family and youth initiatives.
  • Collaborate with community-based organizations for extension program delivery driven by needs assessment findings and research.
  • Participate in University and College committees as well as community service and research endeavors.
  • Develop extension and research publications related to family and youth, such as professional refereed and nonrefereed articles, brochures, news articles and/or fact sheets.
  • Strongly encouraged to secure extramural grant funding that supports stakeholder and University needs.
  • Generate creative scholarly research literature and materials in support of Extension & Outreach programs and to broaden global knowledge.
  • Maintain close partnerships with local regulatory agencies.
  • Support the Resident Instruction’s Agriculture & Life Sciences program learning outcomes and overall track objectives including, but not limited to, teaching and/or developing courses and curriculum assessment.

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