Posted 11/4/2019

Utah State University

Professional Practice Extension Assistant Professor, Health & Wellness, USU Extension

Position Summary:
Utah State University Extension invites applications for a Professional Practice Extension Assistant Professor position in Utah County, UT. This position is a non-tenure track, fiscal year 12- month/year appointment. Extension faculty develop, provide, evaluate, and coordinate research-based educational programs for youth and adults.  Extension faculty also recruit, train and supervise volunteer leaders and serve as a liaison between local clientele, other resource agencies, and Utah State University administrators, faculty, and programs. This faculty member will have Utah county, regional, and University responsibilities. The initial focus of this position will be prevention of opioid misuse. The faculty will join four other HEART ( Health Extension: Advocacy, Research, and Teaching) faculty located in counties across the state. The HEART Initiative focuses on current public health issues in the 9 counties and throughout Utah (e.g., Opioids, mental health and wellness, suicide prevention, and other pressing public health crises). To learn more about current HEART efforts, please visit the HEART website located here:

Instructions to Applicants:
Along with the online application, please attach a resume/CV and cover letter. 

Full full details and to apply, please visit:

Professional Practice Extension Assistant Professor, Health & Wellness,

USU Extension


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