Pre-Conference Workshop

Nancy BockBetter, Safe and Sustainable  Living with New Product Innovations for the Home

Presented by Nancy Bock, Senior Vice President, Education, American Cleaning Institute

This promises to be a different type of session!  We will be asking NEAFCS members to help shape this session over the summer months by sharing questions about product safety, new products, sustainability or others that you have difficulty answering. (Send your questions to [email protected]  ACI will work with industry experts to answer your questions during the session. 


Conference Schedule

Check out the latest conference schedule.  Some items may be subject to change.  Click here to download a Detailed Session Schedule.


General Session Presenter

Health Care At A Tipping Point: The Affordable Care Act and Implications for Extension Educators

Mark D. Birdwhistell

Vice President for Administration and External Affairs Office of the Executive Vice President for Health Affairs University of Kentucky HealthCare

Through the lens of the Affordable Care Act, this presentation outlines how states across the U.S. are navigating disruption in our health care delivery system, how the reaction to ACA breaks depending on the adoption of Medicaid expansion, how rural health care may be affected, and what extension educators might consider when working with consumers in both Medicaid expansion and non-expansion states. This presentation will draw from the experience of an academic medical center located within a land-grant public university.


Pre-Conference Workshop


Elizabeth AndressCurrent Science and Practice in Home Food Preservation

Elizabeth L. Andress, Ph.D., Professor, Foods and Nutrition and Extension Food Safety Specialist

This session will provide a brief review of the history of home food preservation research and practice in the U.S.  It will demonstrate scientific principles underlying the various home food preservation methods, and it will explore the current status of research and recommended methods by the USDA and land grant university system.



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