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Excellence in 4-H Afterschool Programming

Living Well Award

Healthy Lifestyles Education Grant

Diversity Subcommittee Certificate Award

NEAFCS Greenwood Fellowship

NEAFCS Grace Frysinger Fellowship

Distinguished Service Award — Central Region

Distinguished Service Award — Southern Region

Distinguished Service Award — Eastern Region

Distinguished Service Award — Western Region

Continued Excellence Award — Central Region

Continued Excellence Award — Southern Region

Continued Excellence Award — Eastern Region

Continued Excellence Award — Western Region

Extension Educator of the Year

Florence Hall Award

New Professional Award

Para-Professional Award

Dean Don Felker Financial Management Award

Mary W. Wells Memorial Diversity Award

Program Excellence Through Research Award

Environmental Education Award

Early Childhood Child Care Training Award

Food Safety Award

Extension Housing Outreach Award

Community Partnership Award

Marketing Package Award

Communications Awards — Newsletters

Communications Awards — Radio

Communications Awards — Television

Communications Awards — Written News

Communications Awards — Overhead Transparencies

Communications Awards — Educational Technology

Communications Awards — Educational Curriculum Package

Communications Awards — Educational Publications

Communications Awards — Internet Education Technology

Nutrition Media Grant

Clean Homes Healthy Families Award


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