2009 Annual Session Concurrent Sessions

Thursday, September 17, 2009
9:45 A.M. — 10:45 A.M.

Freezin' Easy Menu Planning

Presenter(s): Darlene Christensen (UT)
East Meeting Room A (1st Level, BJCC)
Preparing food ahead of time and freezing it saves time, energy and money. Frozen cooked foods also add variety to a menu and provide nutritious choices for busy days. Workshop participants will receive a program called Freezin' Easy Meal Planning. The hands-on program has been presented to over 150 participants.

Thaat ke gaat keel Cooking School (2009 Mary W. Wells Memorial Diversity Award)

Presenter(s): Theresa Allan (TN)
East Meeting Room B (1st Level, BJCC)
Thaat ke gaat keel is the cooking school Theresa Allan developed for the Sudanese mothers and children. Over 1500 Sudanese have been granted political asylum in Sumner County, Tennessee.

Fairs, Fun and Food Safety!

Presenter(s): Amy Peterson, Susan Hansen (NE)
East Meeting Room C (1st Level, BJCC)
Understanding which foods are safe to exhibit requires a knowledge of food safety as it applies to food, nutrition and food preservation entries. Educators participating in the Fairs, Fun and Food Safety workshop will learn how to train their 4-H Foods Judges and Extension staff these unique food safety issues.

Getting Ahead By Letting Go

Presenter(s): Carol Miller, Carol Chandler, Lois Clark
East Meeting Room E (3rd Level, BJCC)
Everyone is under pressure to do more with less. Extension educators feel frustrated about new programming, cost recovery, and accountability efforts, yet unsupported about being able to let go of some things they are currently doing. Participants will learn a prioritization process to self-appraise, critically evaluate, and refine their efforts.

Ten Strategies for Better Time Management

Presenter(s): Sue Chapman, Peggy Bledsoe, Joan Mason (GA)
East Meeting Room F (3rd Level, BJCC)
This interactive session focuses on 10 strategies for more effective time management, resulting in higher productivity, less stress and more energy for accomplishing necessary tasks. Participants will learn tips for their own personal development and receive a lesson plan and resources for teaching others.

Financial Tips for Tough Times

Presenter(s): Barbara O'Neill (NJ)
East Meeting Room N (3rd Level, BJCC)
The year 2008 was a "perfect tornado" of negative events that impacted the financial security of American households. This workshop will present highlights from an educational program developed to help consumers put recent financial crises into perspective and take positive action to stabilize their finances in a tough economic environment.

Super Star Chef Cooking School Assists Students in Successful Preparations in the Kitchen

Presenter(s): Sally Mineer, Debra Cotterill (KY)
East Meeting Room D (3rd Level, BJCC)
This hands-on session series covers safety in the kitchen, nutritional facts, cooking techniques, and dietary information to assist the student in making food choices for a healthy lifestyle. Each adaptable lesson can be used alone or in sequence as a cooking school.

Practical Negotiation Skills to Address Conflict

Presenter(s): Joan LeFebvre, Mary Novak (WI)
East Meeting Room J (3rd Level, BJCC)
Negotiating through conflict situations is something we do all the time at work, home, and in community organizations. This session will deepen awareness of negotiation skills needed to help achieve agreements with other parties that satisfy multiple interests. Attendees will learn the basic tools needed to negotiate a conflict situation.

Social Media in Extension

Presenter(s): Anne Mims Adrian
East Meeting Room K (3rd Level, BJCC)
While keeping up with new technologies and new information can be overwhelming, staying informed of new content, opportunities, and technologies is more important than ever. This session will cover how online social media tools can be used to enhance personal learning, working with others, and clients' education and engagement.

Financial Education Generates Assets (2009 Dean Don Felker Financial Management Award)

Presenter(s): Ann House, Teresa Hunsaker, Carolyn Washburn, Jana Darrington, Dean Miner, Ronda Olsen, Marilyn Albertson, Darlene Christensen, Ann Parkinson, Susan Haws, Margaret Hopkin, Margie Memmott, Kathleen Riggs, Michael Johnson, Christine Jensen, Joanne Roueche, Ellen Serfustini, Adrie Roberts, Ann Henderson, Clint Albrecht, Anita Raddatz, SuzAnne Jorgensen, Lou Mueller, Jenna Innis (UT)
East Meeting Room L (3rd Level, BJCC)
While the matched savings is the centerpiece of an Individual Development Account (IDA), the program has another critical component. This component is the eight hours mandatory money management training.

2009 Diversity Certificate Presentation

Presenter(s): Karen Dickrell, Judy Kovach
East Meeting Room G (3rd Level, BJCC)
Family Living Educator Jenny Wehmeier facilitated Raising Healthy Eaters, a learner-centered program focusing on parenting, child eating behaviors, and nutrition. Special recruitment efforts were made to the Wisconsin School for the Deaf, a residential school for deaf and hard of hearing students. Wehmeier will share her experience with the deaf community, TTY technology, and teaching with an interpreter.

Thursday, September 17, 2009
11:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

Nutrition and Diversity Training Program for Choice Food Pantry Volunteers

Presenter(s): Daniel Remley (OH)
East Meeting Room A (1st Level, BJCC)
In a choice pantry, the volunteer spends most of his/her time interacting with clients, guiding clients through the pantry, and talking to clients about healthy choices. In order to enhance these skills, a volunteer training on diversity and nutrition was developed and implemented in eight choice food pantries.

Henderson County Tennessee Shapes Up (2009 Community Partnership Award)

Presenter(s): Betty Neilson (TN)
East Meeting Room B (1st Level, BJCC)
Through collaborative efforts in a rural Tennessee county, a community partnership was formed to promote a healthy weight program focusing on achieving and maintaining a healthier weight and lifestyle.

Preserving Nature's Bounty: Food Safety Education for Home Food Preservation

Presenter(s): Christopher Sneed, Janie Burney (TN)
East Meeting Room C (1st Level, BJCC)
Best practices for marketing, implementing, and evaluating multi-session food preservation program will be discussed. Special focus will be given to use of hands-on learning and its importance for adult learners. Participants will receive samples of marketing materials and course deliverables including mass media announcement, content outline, and evaluation outcomes.

RU Green - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Presenter(s): Sandra Aamlid, Lavonne Meyer (SD)
East Meeting Room E (3rd Level, BJCC)
This train-the-trainer session will feature directions and patterns for three basic sewing projects that illustrate the 3 R's of reduce, reuse and recycle, plus three educational recycling activities suitable for use with youth or adults.

Child Abuse Reporting: An Opportunity to Prevent Maltreatment

Presenter(s): Pam Peterson (WI)
East Meeting Room F (3rd Level, BJCC)
Making a report of child abuse isn't "tattling." As professionals working with families at risk for child maltreatment learn what you may be required to report, the indicators of abuse or neglect, how you can provide information to CPS, and the role you play in preventing child maltreatment from occurring.

Peninsula Saves - Building Wealth, Not Debt

Presenter(s): Johanna Hahn, Doris Baskfield-Heath (VA)
East Meeting Room N (3rd Level, BJCC)
50,000 Peninsula Savers Strong - the foremost objective of the Peninsula Saves campaign. Extension Educators started a working group comprised of financial educators, financial institutions and agencies to promote savings as a goal. Participants will learn how to create a Saves campaign to market, strengthen programs, and motivate communities.

Real Money, Real World

Presenter(s): Jessica Rockey, Cynthia Shuster (OH)
East Meeting Room D (3rd Level, BJCC)
Real Money, Real World is an OSU Extension financial literacy program targeting middle- and high-school youth. The curriculum consists of 6 weekly lessons used in the classroom, including a real life simulation component and evaluation.

Teaching and Learning: More than Lectures, Flip Charts and PowerPoints

Presenter(s): Christine Kniep, Karen Dickrel (WI)
East Meeting Room J (3rd Level, BJCC)
Extension Educators need to be flexible, skilled educators to facilitate the learning process. This workshop reviews best practice strategies for Extension teaching and learning. Through hands on experiences, participants explore a variety of techniques and methodologies to enhance their skill set.

Successfully Marketing Extension Programs Using Online Technologies

Presenter(s): Joanne Kinsey (NJ)
East Meeting Room K (3rd Level, BJCC)
Wondering how you can take advantage of user-friendly technologies to market your program? This session will teach you skills that will launch you into the world of high tech social marketing! Find out how you can use Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube as effective program marketing tools.

"Sammy the Saver" Sweeps Maryland (2009 Dean Don Felker Financial Management Award)

Presenter(s): Megan O'Neil-Haight (MD)
East Meeting Room L (3rd Level, BJCC)
This effort reached thousands of school children and parents and hundreds of teachers with messages of learning to save early and talking in the home and classroom about managing money.

Smart Strategies for "Going Green"

Presenter(s): Sue Chapman, Pamela Turner, Sharon M.S. Gibson, Joan Koonce
East Meeting Room G (3rd Level, BJCC)
There are many ways to live a greener and richer life! This session will identify personal actions at home, at work and in the community for improving the environment and saving money. Participants will also learn about green investing as a means to improving their financial future.

Friday, September 18, 2009
9:15 A.M. - 10:15 A.M.

Eating for Your Eyes: A Lesson Designed to Promote Eye Health

Presenter(s): Julie Garden-Robinson (ND)
East Meeting Room A (1st Level, BJCC)
Eating for Your Eyes is a train-the-trainer educational program with the goal of increasing participants' awareness/knowledge of the role of nutrition and fitness as it relates to eye health. Participants have increased their knowledge and indicated their intention to make behavior changes and to share the information with others.

Using a Faith-Based Initiative to Provide Cancer Prevention Education in a Hispanic Community

Presenter(s): Sherri Cirignano, Steve Godin, Sarah Price, James Stephenson, Donna Rue, Carol Jiorle, Maria Chervenak, Flor Sanchez (NJ)
East Meeting Room A (BJCC Level 1, East Meeting B)
Providing cancer outreach to minority populations can increase awareness about nutrition, physical activity and weight management in relation to cancer prevention. The outcomes of a collaborative effort which resulted in the development of a community based cancer prevention program in a conference format for a Hispanic community will be presented.

Safe Handling of Fruits and Vegetables: Considerations for Educators

Presenter(s): Suzanne Driessen (MN)
East Meeting Room C (1st Level, BJCC)
In response to increased food-borne illness outbreaks associated with produce and results from consumer surveys, educational materials were developed for food service and for consumers. Safe food handling practices and recommendations are highlighted to reduce risks associated with produce when handling and preparing or demonstrating fruit and vegetables for participants.

"Get the Lead Out!" - Lead Poisoning Prevention in Young Children

Presenter(s): Jacqueline Amor-Zitzelberger (PA)
East Meeting Room E (3rd Level, BJCC)
Penn State Extension, in collaboration with PA Department of Health, has launched "Get the Lead Out!" lead poisoning and prevention project, educating parents and the community about the hazards of lead-based paint and dust in older homes. Lead wipe kits will be distributed to 10,000 eligible families in the state.

Strong Families Eat Together - The West Virginia Mealtime Project

Presenter(s): Jane Riffe, Elaine Bowen, Sue Flanagan, Miriam Leatherman, Patty Morrison, Allison Nichols (WV)
East Meeting Room F (3rd Level, BJCC)
Researchers have found that family mealtime has the potential to show improvement in indicators of health, relationships, self-esteem, and school performance, as well as decrease the likelihood that youth, especially girls, will participate in risky behaviors. This educational project includes a lesson, two interactive tools designed to stimulate frequent mealtimes and conversation, and an evaluation protocol.

Money Matter$ - An Online Video Program

Presenter(s): Elaine Courtney, Jennifer Heady, Michael Gutter, Pete Vergot (FL)
East Meeting Room N (3rd Level, BJCC)
Focus Groups of teens and parents of teenagers were conducted to determine preferences for financial topics and educational techniques. Twenty 2-5 minute videos were developed and distributed through internet community television channels, and popular teen websites. Program development techniques and innovative outreach via the web will be shared

4-H and FCS: Cooking with Care

Presenter(s): Denise Everson, Lauren Healey (GA)
East Meeting Room D (3rd Level, BJCC)
Cooking with Care is a youth led after-school 4-H club that meets monthly to prepare nutritious, made from scratch meals for needy families. Youth learn safe food handling practices and cooking techniques, while making friends and serving others. Over 30 families have been served more than150 recipes prepared by youth.

Building Capacity for Evaluating Outcomes

Presenter(s): Karen Dickrell, Christine Kniep, Nancy Brooks, Ellen Taylor-Powell (WI)
East Meeting Room J (3rd Level, BJCC)
Extension educators are frequently called upon to provide education and technical assistance to community-based organizations that are required to evaluate program outcomes. This workshop shares resources from an Extension curriculum designed to help county based colleagues work with local organizations on outcomes evaluation.

Using Extension FCS Strategies from the Past as Springboards to the Future

Presenter(s): Jan Scholl (PA)
East Meeting Room K (3rd Level, BJCC)
Extension home demonstration agents of the 1900s-1950s were amazingly creative considering the limited technologies available to them. Knowledge of their program strategies can benefit us today, especially addressing disaster situations where families must cope with limited electricity and other resources. Learn and improve upon the outcomes of the past!

Feeding 5000 at the Fair (2009 Soap and Detergent Association Clean Homes Award)

Presenter(s): Joy Borgman (FL)
East Meeting Room L (3rd Level, BJCC)
This entry is a snapshot of food safety, operations, and leadership training needed for adult and youth volunteers who provide food for 5000 at a ten day county fair.

HUD Training Overview

Presenter(s): Dr. Joe Laquatra (NY)
East Meeting Room G (3rd Level, BJCC)
This session will describe the two-day training that accompanies the Healthy Homes for Healthy KidsCampaign of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. This training has been developed for housing professionals, health department personnel, public health nurses, and others interested in developing and implementing healthy homes programs in their communities. The focus is on training peer educators to teach limited resource households in no-cost/low-cost methods for reducing asthma triggers and lead poisoning hazards in homes.

Friday, September 18, 2009
10:30 A.M. - 11:30 A.M.

Healthy Meals at Meetings

Presenter(s): Cindy Oliveri, Kirk Bloir, Pat Brinkman, Shari Gallup, Doris Herringshaw, Marie Economos (OH)
East Meeting Room A (1st Level, BJCC)
Healthy Meals at Meetings is a program designed to help Extension personnel address the concerns of obesity and lack of excise by focusing on healthy alternatives for planning food at meetings. The curriculum which includes fact sheets, PowerPoint and PodCast will be shared during this session.

Germs, Germs Everywhere (2009 Soap and Detergent Association Clean Homes Award)

Presenter(s): Gale Mills (OK)
East Meeting Room B (1st Level, BJCC)
363 elementary students in Bartlesville, Oklahoma learn the importance of hand hygiene, referenced from SDA, on a closed circuit television from an FCS educator during Healthy Choices week.

Interactive Food Safety Exhibits for Consumer Venues (2009 Food Safety Award)

Presenter(s): Sandra McCurdy, Carol Hampton, Shelly Johnson, Joey Peutz, Laura Sant, Grace Wittman (ID)
East Meeting Room C (1st Level, BJCC)
Ready-to-go, interactive exhibits were developed to provide reliable, research-based consumer food safety information at health and county fairs, libraries, community centers, and other venues. Participants indicated intent to follow advice.

Delivering Lead Safe Work Practice Training through Statewide Extension Network

Presenter(s): Bobbie Shaffett, Ralph Scott (MS), Patrick MacRoy - Executive Director, Alliance for Healthy Homes
East Meeting Room E (3rd Level, BJCC)
New EPA rules require all contactors who work in pre-1978 homes to complete an eight-hour training course and utilize lead-safe work practices. A unique partnership between a national non-profit organization and a state Extension service has been formed to market and deliver accredited training statewide, ensuring wide access and increasing compliance with lead-safety requirements.

Building Blocks for Childcare Trainings

Presenter(s): Susan Howington, Helen Carter, Cindee Sweda (GA)
East Meeting Room F (3rd Level, BJCC)
Need ideas for childcare trainings to ensure high quality care is provided by caregivers to young children? This session will show you several creative activity based curricula. The lessons enhance childcare providers' job skills through hands on activities, speakers, and role playing. Suggestions for five-hour training will be offered.

Tips to Taper Home Energy Costs

Presenter(s): Lou Mueller (UT)
East Meeting Room N (BJCC Level 3)
Get the latest tips on home energy savings for consumers. Learn how to stop vampire electronics from sucking valuable power, how r-value can lower energy consumption, and how a well-dressed water heater will save money. Follow these simple strategies and more to maximize your energy dollars.

Ready, S.E.T., Go! with 4-H

Presenter(s): Mary Brewer (GA)
East Meeting Room D (3rd Level, BJCC)
Given the push for 4-H programming to embrace Science, Engineering & Technology from the National 4-H Council, Columbus 4-H switched gears and ramped up activities for youth across our area. Club members have designed and built rockets, explored super polymers, designed habitats, and explored health and nutrition at length.

Emerging Leaders

Presenter(s): Andrea Scarrow, Debbie Purvis, Emily Watson, Denise Bell, Louise Hill (GA)
East Meeting Room J (3rd Level, BJCC)
People from diverse backgrounds and varying perspectives are developed through the Community Leadership Program as knowledgeable, skilled, committed and action-oriented leaders. Local facilitators are trained to implement the course with participants who have had limited exposure to leadership training. Emerging Leaders achieves community collaboration and develops grassroots leadership.

"Stealth Health" Approach: Integrating Global Positioning System (GPS) in Community Programs for Older Adults to Encourage Walking Outside

Presenter(s): Nobuko Hongu, Kristin Wisneski, Linda Block, Barron Orr (AZ)
East Meeting Room K (3rd Level, BJCC)
Despite the widespread acceptance of significant quality of life benefits derived from physical activity, only 20% of older adults (age 65 years and older) are engaging in leisure-time physical activity. We introduced a novel approach to encourage physical activity among older adults through GPS technology in community programs.

Show Me the Money (Living Well Mini-Grants and Awards)

Presenter(s): Janet Valente (GA), Debbie Bartman (IL)
East Meeting Room L (3rd Level, BJCC)
Are you searching for funds and materials to market your Extension Family and Consumer Sciences program? Consider applying for a Living Well Mini-Grant or Award. During this session you will learn how to apply for Living Well Mini-grants and Living Well Awards and highlighting successful winning proposals.

Global Affairs: "Send the Light" Border Sewing Project

Presenter(s): Joyce Huizinga, Joyce Huizinga (textile) Designs
East Meeting Room G (3rd Level, BJCC)
This business owner "remakes clothes", re-canes furniture, is a weaver, spinner, knitter, sewer and provides clothing construction instructions as a volunteer in Mexico, because "children without a uniform cannot attend school". Learn of the challenges and FCS expertise in working through an interpreter to teach construction skills. Adaptable to a county with a Spanish speaking population.

Friday, September 18, 2009
1:30 P.M. - 2:30 P.M.

Healthy Kids. Better Health. Better Future - a School Wellness Program

Presenter(s): Daryl Minch, Kathleen Morgan, Nurgul Fitzgerald (NJ)
East Meeting Room A (1st Level, BJCC)
Healthy Kids. Better Health. Better Future was a yearlong school project to encourage healthy eating, physical activity and healthy lifestyles in 4th and 5th grade students and their families. Presenters will discuss the project's components and results along with lessons learned about implementing future school programs.

Germs in a Jar

Presenter(s): Susan Hansen, Amy Peterson (NE)
East Meeting Room C (1st Level, BJCC)
Why would you want a jar full of germs? To show the importance of hand washing and food safety! Germs in a Jar will share fun and educational ways to teach food safety to youth and adults. See how dried beans, seeds, or pasta can become germs.

Teaching Families to Prepare for Disasters with EDEN Resources

Presenter(s): Carolyn Washburn, Lynette Black, Connee Wheeler, Sarah Kirby, Kim Cassel, Rita Ussatis, Becky Koch, Jay Wysocki (UT)
East Meeting Room E (3rd Level, BJCC)
Despite the numerous disasters that affect lives each year, only 30 % of American families are prepared for them. A new train-the-trainer program from the Extension Disaster Education Network provides the resources for educators to share with citizens as they prepare for and recover from hurricanes, earthquakes, power outages, floods, pandemic flu or other disasters.

Are You Ready? The College Transition (2009 Program Excellence Through Research Award)

Presenter(s): Lori Zierl, Dianne Weber, Annette Bjorkland, Joan Sprain, Kristen Bruder (WI)
East Meeting Room F (3rd Level, BJCC)
"The College Transition" program provides high school students and their parents/caregivers opportunities to learn how to recognize and manage the normal emotions and conflicts that result from this major transition, increase communication and problem-solving skills, and create plans to utilize when faced with specific issues, conflicts or crisis situations.

Action Plans for Making Dollars Count

Presenter(s): Rosemary Heins, Rebecca Hagen-Jokela (MN)
East Meeting Room N (3rd Level, BJCC)
Every dollar counts in today's economy. Action plans designed to help people make money decisions, build money management skills, manage income and bank accounts, understand credit and debt and other consumer issues are a part of a financial education program. Explore these and related evaluation tools with Spanish translations.

Promoting Positive Youth Development through Relationship Education

Presenter(s): Ted Futris, Christa Campbell, Andrea Scarrow, Marnie Dekle, Sandra McKinney, Deborah S. Jones, Michele S. Melton, Cindee Sweda (GA)
East Meeting Room D (3rd Level, BJCC)
Adolescents benefit from programs that help them understand and develop the skills needed to form healthy relationships. This presentation will describe youth-focused relationship education efforts and resources. A panel of UGA Extension educators will share their experiences and recommendations for teaching relationship education to 4-H and other youth.

Building on Leadership Skills and Team Functioning

Presenter(s): Doris Herringshaw (OH)
East Meeting Room J (3rd Level, BJCC)
Discover new research results related to the influence of leadership orientation on the functioning of Extension Family and Consumer Science teams. Find out what seven team functioning traits are important for positive Extension teams. Learn ways to evaluate team characteristics and to build leadership skills to strengthen team membership.

Walk Georgia. Move More. Live More.

Presenter(s): Jan Baggarly, Marie Bowie, Connie Crawley, Rhea Bentley, Peggy Bledsoe (GA)
East Meeting Room K (3rd Level, BJCC)
Addressing the growing obesity issue in the state, Cooperative Extension developed Walk Georgia. The web-based program's goal is to increase physical activity in a fun, community-oriented way. The free 8-week program encourages residents to get active and physically fit as they record their activity time on the web-site.

Developing Award Winning Applications: An Award Winning Session

Presenter(s): Darlene Christensen (UT), Marsha Lockard (ID)
East Meeting Room L (3rd Level, BJCC)
Have you wanted to apply for an award and didn't know where to start? Come and hear from the NEAFCS Awards Training Subcommittee on how to begin the awards process. The session will include an informative session on how to put an award-winning application together, how to market awards in your state and helpful suggestions from successful award-winners from across the nation.

Looking Back — Looking Forward: NEAFCS History

Presenter(s): 75th Anniversary Committee Members
East Meeting Room G (3rd Level, BJCC)
The 75th Anniversary Committee, past-presidents and new professionals will give participants a glimpse of what was and what is in the future for Family and Consumer Science Educators with a skit, stories, and much more.

Effective Informational Advocacy in Public Policy

Presenter(s): Linda Kay Benning, Associate Director, Extension and Outreach - Association of Public and Land Grant Universities
East Meeting Room O (3rd Level, BJCC)
While many Extension employees are prohibited from doing advocacy, doing informational advocacy is something that is encouraged. Learn some of the most effective ways to do this in your position. Why is it critical? What is the message? Who should do it?

Friday, September 18, 2009
2:45 P.M. - 3:45 P.M.

Activate Rahway and Get Moving — Get Healthy, NJ Forms a Strong Partnership (2009 Community Partnership Award)

Presenter(s): Karen Ensle (NJ)
East Meeting Room A (1st Level, BJCC)
Bringing together a local YMCA, Activate America project with Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Union County, Get Moving, Get Healthy, NJ campaign to encourage healthy eating, physical activity and healthy lifestyles.

Holiday Food Safety Success Kit

Presenter(s): Shelley Feist, Partnership for Food Safety Education
East Meeting Room C (1st Level, BJCC)
The Partnership invites NEAFCS to join in a coordinated national campaign to raise awareness of home food safety basics with consumers this Holiday season. New materials are available, and a new website will provide an easy-to-navigate destination for consumers to find everything they need for a safe, tasty, fun and easy Holiday celebration.

Healthy Meeting Tool Kit

Presenter(s): Louise Donato, Kimberley Carter, Gloria Wagner, Brenda Porter, Lauren Weatherford (WV)
East Meeting Room E (BJCC Level 3)
An asset to anyone who organizes meetings, trainings or conferences, the Healthy Meeting Tool Kit provides easy to use guidance and resources to help create healthful meeting environments. Presentation/discussion will provide key insights into the development of the tool and how to incorporate it into any event.

Teaching Financial Education Across Generations

Presenter(s): Becky Hagen Jokela, Rosemary Heins, Lori Hendrickson, Sara Croymans, Jan Gilman (MN)
East Meeting Room N (3rd Level, BJCC)
Assisting individuals to strengthen their financial literacy encourages the development of life-long money management skills. Working with mixed generations can provide rich opportunities and challenges. Compare multiple generations: Silents, Boomers, GenXers, and Millennials. Review financial teaching strategies and information to assist in reaching multi-generational audience needs and interests.

Teens Promote Healthy Habits to Peers

Presenter(s): Tammy Roberts (MO)
East Meeting Room D (BJCC Level 3)
High school students can be a tough audience when it comes to teaching nutrition and promoting healthy eating habits. In an experiment to see if teens would have better luck teaching each other, an Extension Specialist and Family and Consumer Sciences teacher teamed up to empower students in four classes to promote healthy habits to each other.

Building Support and Forging Relationships with Stakeholders and Elected Officials

Presenter(s): Cynthia Shuster, Joyce Shriner (OH)
East Meeting Room J (BJCC Level 3)
What is your role as an Extension professional - Educating, advocating, lobbying? How do you implement that role? Do you involve volunteers? How is our advocacy efforts perceived and received by elected decision makers? These and related questions will be addressed in this interactive, idea-sharing seminar.