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Please note: If you are interested in helping review the Journal of NEAFCS, please click here.

We have been fortunate that several NEAFCS members have volunteered to serve as External Reviewers for promotion and tenure, as well as publication reviews. External peer reviewers must be qualified to evaluate promotion and tenure candidates and must be at or above the rank to which the candidates aspire (e.g., a Senior Agent / Associate Professor Candidates can be evaluated only by Senior Agents / Associate Professors or above). External peer reviewers are often tenured within their university systems, not just within Extension. In addition, volunteers have been needed to review drafts of new Extension publications.

This document includes contact information for peer external reviewers:

External Reviewers  (updated August 2017)

If you would be interested in serving as an External Reviewer, please fill out this quick online form.

Roxie Dinstel, Extension FCS Educator
University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension
PO Box 758155
1000 University Drive
Fairbanks, AK 99775-8155
Email: [email protected]

Questions? Contact Roxie at (907) 474-2426 or via email.


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