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Interested in submitting a project proposal to receive a grant awarded from the NEAFCS Endowment?  Click here for more information. Proposals are accepted annually through May 15th. 

Be NEAFCS Strong Endowment Fund Campaign Underway 

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All we need to achieve our goal is for 1,000 members to donate $90 each!

NEAFCS turns 90 in 2024. Help keep it strong, vibrant and positioned to provide ongoing benefits that will enable members to continue doing their critically important work in their communities and states. Our two-year Be NEAFCS Strong Endowment Campaign will culminate at our 90th Annual Session in Tucson, Arizona, in September 2024.

Our Endowment Fund has a principal balance in excess of $300,000 that is to be kept permanently in the fund. The income earned on this fund can be used to advance the mission of the association, such as awards, scholarships, and other projects and services recommended by the majority of the Endowment Committee and approved by the majority of the Board.

There are several ways you can contribute to our $90,000 goal. You can make a one-time contribution, you can make two annual contributions at this year’s Annual Session in Providence and next year’s, or you can make monthly or quarterly contributions over the course of the next two years.

When it comes to constructing something long-lasting – such as a building – you need to utilize materials that are durable and resistant – like hardwoods, bricks and stone, the materials pioneers used in settling our land. The same can be said about an endowment fund. In order to keep it durable, you need to keep infusing it with additional sources of funding.

In keeping with our building analogy and with a nod to our country’s construction heritage, we’ve identified the following giving categories:

  • Wood – up to $99
  • Brick -- $100-499
  • Stone -- $500-999
  • Marble -- $1,000–4,999
  • Granite – Over $5,000

This campaign is all about keeping NEAFCS’s Endowment Fund financially positioned so it can keep fueling the profession -- its mission, its goals and, ultimately, its members. Help NEAFCS achieve its maximum strength so it can respond to the ongoing needs of you!  All we need to achieve our goal is for 1,000 members to donate $90 each! This is do-able! Help us strengthen our Endowment’s foundation and keep NEAFCS viable, resilient and STRONG for decades to come.

Help insure a strong future for NEAFCS and Extension Family and Consumer Sciences programming and donate today. Contact one of the Endowment Committee Members to learn how to include NEAFCS in your will or estate plans.

Thank you to our Endowment Donors!
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