2010 Annual Session Showcase of Excellence

*Schedule subject to change

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
11 A.M. - 1 P.M. (Author Present)
1 P.M. - 3 P.M. (Author Presence Optional)

Thursday, September 23, 2010
8 A.M. - 10 A.M. (Author Present)
10 A.M. - 12 P.M. (Author Presence Optional)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
11:00 A.M. — 3:00 P.M.

Retirement Ready? Preparing Adults for a Satisfying Retirement

Presenter(s): Marilyn Bischoff, Lyle Hansen, Luke Erickson, Beverly Healy, Marsha Lockard (ID)
Table # 1
Adults age 45+ are likely to spend 20 or more years in retirement. You'll learn about non-financial and financial resources for teaching adults how to plan for a satisfying retirement.

As Bills Pile Up, So Do the Pounds. How Could We Help?

Presenter(s): Linda Block, Nobuko Hongu, Daniel McDonald, Cathy Martinez, Sharon Hoelscher Day, Vanessa Farrell, Juanita O'Campo Waits (AZ)
Table # 2
As the economy worsens people worry more about money and less about health. This program integrates financial management and healthy lifestyles into a walking program.

Bridging Funding Gaps with an Endowment Fund

Presenter(s): Lois Clark (OH)
Table # 3
An Endowment Fund can help bridge the gap between existing and needed funding. Learn how a county Endowment Funds has been used to launch new educational programs and research projects.

Changing the School Environment: Linking the Classroom to the Cafeteria to Enhance Nutrition Education

Presenter(s): Luanne Hughes, Alexandra Grenci, LeeAnne Savoca (NJ)
Table # 4
Learn how classroom nutrition education, cafeteria-based activities and food sampling were combined and generated school wide excitement in BEE Healthy: Eat Smart and Exercise initiative, which impacted the overall school environment.

Healthy Lifestyle with Physical Activity Program for Older Adults

Presenter(s): Joanne Kinsey (GA)
Table # 5
Research data on program that focuses on: Color Your Plate with Healthy Foods program plus a series of physical exercises to motivate older adults.

Live on Less and Like It

Presenter(s): Margie Memmott (UT)
Table # 6
In tough economic times, these ideas will help people of all ages utilize the resources around them to cut costs, make ends meet, and live within their means.

Interactive Television Increases Diabetes Program Enrollments

Presenter(s): Diane Mincher, Dale Steen, Dianne Lamb (VT)
Table # 7
Limited resources require new approaches to deliver education. Learn how to implement a four-session education program for adults living with diabetes, family, and caregivers through interactive television.

4-H Wellness for Life Afterschool Program

Presenter(s): Mary Lou Mueller (UT)
Table # 8
Help curb childhood obesity using the 4-H Wellness for Life Afterschool Program. Youth have fun learning to improve nutrition and increase physical activity. Research findings indicate positive results.

Just Be It Program Increases Fifth Graders' Fruit and Vegetable Intake, Physical Activity and Nutrition Knowledge

Presenter(s): Paula Roybal Sanchez, Desaree Jimenez, Jacqueline Baca, Katleen Garcia, Diana DelCampo, Robert DelCampo (NM)
Table # 9
Just Be It reduces childhood obesity risk factors using field trips, classroom instruction and parent outreach. Evaluations showed fifth graders increased fruit and vegetable intake, physical activity and nutrition knowledge.

Food Preservation Education: Traditional, Trendy and Thrifty

Presenter(s): Kathleen Savoie (ME)
Table # 10
UMaine Cooperative Extension responds to the public's demand for food preservation education as a means to extend their access to local foods beyond our abbreviated northern growing season.

Literacy and Educational Pathways for Latino Child Care Providers

Presenter(s): Lauri Sherfey, Alissa Schneider (WA)
Table # 11
The Pathways Project improves the literacy and educational advancement of Latino childcare providers while increasing their skills to deliver quality early learning environments for the children in their care.

Army Financial Readiness

Presenter(s): Crystal Terhune, Karen Aspinwall, Nancy Lewis, Jinhee Kim (MD)
Table # 12
Teaching a full-day financial management course for first-term soldiers at Walter Reed proves to have unique challenges and special rewards.

Smoking Cessation Pilot Project (2010 National Winner: Marketing Package Award)

Presenter(s): Stephanie Derifield (KY)
Table # 13
Focus groups were organized to discuss opinions and viewpoints of current and former smokers. Various marketing and outreach educational tools were created to address the health issues related to smoking.

Living Green . . . A Matter of Choice (2010 National Winner: Environmental Education Award)

Presenter(s): Brooke Jenkins, Peggy Powell, Linda Adler (KY)
Table # 14
Living Green . . . A Matter of Choice was taught to 2,730 individuals. As a result, 97% learned basic environmental concepts and 1,700 environmentally conscience people reduced consumption of plastic bags.

The Healthy Lifestyle Camp (2009 National Winner: Healthy Lifestyles Education Grant)

Presenter(s): LaDonna Dunlop (OK)
Table # 15
The Healthy Lifestyle Camp is designed to teach basic skills and knowledge in nutrition, basic cooking techniques and physical fitness through hands on activities and food preparation to youth.

My Florida Home Homebuyer Education Program (2010 National Winner: Extension Housing Outreach Award)

Presenter(s): Judith Corbus (FL)
Table # 16
A six-hour program to educate prospective first-time home buyers on the home buying process, home care and maintenance techniques, and in assessing their financial readiness to purchase a house.

Putting Knowledge to Work (2009 National Winner: Extension Educator of the Year)

Presenter(s): Judith Matlick (WV)
Table # 17
WVEAFCS/NEAFCS impacted my Extension career and helped me accomplish the Extension goal to help the citizens of Jefferson County and West Virginia Put Knowledge to Work.

JCEP Traveling Team

Presenter(s): Mary Ann Lienhart-Cross, Stan Moore, Cassandra Corridon, Karen Hatch Gagne
Table # 18
The Joint Council of Extension Professionals invites you to join them for a Conversation with the Board. The Joint Council of Extension Professionals (JCEP) is a partnership of all of our professional Extension organizations. JCEP focuses on strengthening the efforts of the member organizations and does what each cannot do individually. JCEP was organized in December 1989 and continues today to solicit input from each of our sister organizations. Share your ideas, concerns and suggestions for the future of our Extension Profession and the role each of our professional associations can play in this collaborative effort.

Thursday, September 23, 2010
8:00 A.M. — 12:00 P.M.

Effective, Game-Based Educational Programming for Finances & Home Canning

Presenter(s): Darlene Christensen (UT)
Table # 1
Looking for a fun, effective way to reach your audience? Two game-formatted programs — Home Canning 101 and Money $ense — will be shared.

The Benefits and Challenges of Developing a Multi-County In-School Walking Program

Presenter(s): Sherri Cirignano, Alexandra Grenci (NJ)
Table # 2
Walking programs are a great way to promote physical activity in youth, but can be a challenge to implement. Learn strategic ways to assure success in your walking programs.

Putting the Science to Work: How to Teach Evidenced Based Nutrition Approaches for Chronic Disease Prevention

Presenter(s): Alexandra Grenci, Sherri Cirignano (NJ)
Table # 3
Diet is important in preventing and managing many chronic diseases. Providing evidence-based nutrition information is critical in Extension programming. Review current expert nutrition guidelines and dispel popular dietary myths.

Move It Miami County: A Fitness Challenge for County Employees

Presenter(s): Jamie Seger (OH)
Table # 4
Move It Miami County, developed in 2007, addresses a local need for healthy living programming. Stop by this poster session to see how the fitness challenge has become a success!

Get Active Brevard

Presenter(s): Elizabeth Shephard, Kristy VanSickle, Melissa Shoff, Maureen Tills, Michelle Mulak-Cheatham, Lori Nelson (FL)
Table # 5
Get Active, a family based community awareness event educating participants on resources and activities to improve health by focusing on nutritional choices, physical activity, and increasing family time.

Y.E.S. — Imagine the Possibilities!

Presenter(s): Joyce Shriner (OH)
Table # 6
Learn details about the Youth Educational Shoplifting (YES) Prevention curriculum. YES provides opportunities for: new programming partnerships; reaching older youth; working with underserved audiences and cost recovery.

4-H Textiles and Clothing All-Nighter

Presenter(s): Cynthia Shuster, Joyce Shriner (OH)
Table # 7
4-H Textiles and Clothing all-nighters are excellent formats for teaching basic sewing skills including the seven clues to the total look while increasing leadership skills of State Fashion Board members.

Healthy & Fit on the Go

Presenter(s): Kelly Kunkel, Jill May, Christine Barno, Elizabeth Johnson (MN)
Table # 8
Sparking action from knowledge is one of the most difficult education tasks. This project delivered healthy eating, decision-making and physical activity tips and techniques in kit form to car-traveling paraprofessionals.

Building Community Supports for All Families: One County's Journey

Presenter(s): Nancy Potter (NY)
Table # 9
Community development to support families requires multiple approaches: education with families, professional development with family workers, and collaborative efforts to address local issues. Learn about their vision and actions!

Be Healthy Now: F C — Engaging a Community in Health Improvement

Presenter(s): Cheryl Spires (OH)
Table # 10
Be Healthy Now: F C engages people who live, work and/or worship in our county to improve their lifelong health through a weight loss competition, wellness education, and group support.

Results and Impact of Enjoying a Balanced Diet on a Balanced Budget Extension Program

Presenter(s): Karen Ensle (NJ)
Table # 11
Enjoying a Balanced Diet on a Balanced Budget has assisted consumers in stretching their food dollars to include a more healthful diet reducing their food costs through improved planning.

Comparing Parental Attitudes and Perceptions and Implementing Changes in Different Schools

Presenter(s): Doris Herringshaw, Susan Zies, Marcia Jess (OH)
Table # 12
Discover how research results of elementary school parents in two districts led to modification of snacks, changes in food offerings, parent education and physical activity changes which impacted the community.

Lighting the Way for our Loved Ones: Financial Caregiving Guide for Adult Children of Aging Parents

Presenter(s): Patti Swanson (CA)
Table # 13
The Financial Caregiving Series for Adult Children of Aging Parents contains strategies for communicating about finances, organizing records, understanding and financing long-term care, estate planning, financial fraud and abuse.

Excellence in Extension Education (2010 National Winner: Extension Educator of the Year)

Presenter(s): Peggy Powell (KY)
Table # 14
Excellence in programming, professional development and leadership is best achieved thru collaborative partnerships utilizing creativity, diligent efforts and people centered approaches is the base philosophy of Peggy Powell's Extension career.

Don't Spread Lead & Lead Safe Work Practices (2010 National Winner: Extension Housing Outreach Award)

Presenter(s): Teresa Langston Lyle, Bobbie Shaffett, Tawnya Crockett (MS)
Table # 15
Local Area Extension Agents entered into partnerships with national organizations provide training on lead safety using a unique video-conferencing delivery methods. More than 500 homeowners and contractors have been trained.

Michigan Better Kid Care: Child Care Provide Professional Development (2010 National Winner: Early Childhood Childcare Training Award)

Presenter(s): Dawn Contreras, Kendra Moyses, Holly Tiret (MI)
Table # 16
MSU Extension is working to meet the need for comprehensive, statewide training for Michigan's childcare providers. Workshops were held for 15,000 providers resulting in increased behaviors related to high-quality childcare.