Disability and Accessibility Information

The facilities at Big Sky are ADA accessible.  There will be some movement between buildings required for events.  The buildings are close by around a courtyard area.

Some members may need to rent a manual wheelchair or electric scooter.  Members will need to make their own arrangements to rent equipment in advance. The following company has been suggested by the resort as a resource in Bozeman. Equipment is not available onsite at Big Sky.

Price Right
910 N. 7th Avenue
Bozeman, MT
Phone:  (406) 587-0608


Are You a Showcase of Excellence Presenter?

If you will be presenting a Showcase of Excellence at the upcoming Annual Session, here are the display specifications.

Boards:  4' (h) x 6' (w) cork boards - please bring pins or thumbtacks
Table:  You’ll also have a 6’ foot table in front of the standing poster board for handouts and other materials.


Shipping Materials to the Conference?

The resort asks that your boxes do not arrive more than 5 days prior to the start of your conference. Please keep in mind that the resort does not receive mail or shipments over the weekend. A storage fee may be applied to boxes arriving more than 5 days prior to arrival. 

If it’s being shipped for the conference:
Ship to:

Cindy Rosen
NEAFCS Sept 12-15, 2016
c/o Big Sky Resort
Kura Liedburg, Director of Conference Services
50 Big Sky Resort Rd
Big Sky, MT 59716

If it’s being shipped for an individual (ex, poster materials, session handouts):
Ship to:

YOUR NAME, Guest (Your dates of stay)
c/o Big Sky Resort
50 Big Sky Resort Rd
Big Sky, MT 59716



Please click here to view the Annual Session Agenda.


State Affiliate Sales Table

Click here to download the State Sales Table application form.

State sales tables are available for the purpose of states raising funds for special projects or to fund raise for a future Annual Session. These tables are not meant for states to contract with a commercial business who receives a portion of the profits. States should receive 100% of the profits.

  • For the purposes of space planning, and in fairness to all exhibitors at the NEAFCS Annual Session & Exhibits, the uniform definition of one (1) State Sales Table is clearly defined to include:
      • one single, standard 6-foot long table, with
      • tablecloth and skirting, and
      • two (2) chairs
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