Find a Roommate for the 2018 Annual Session

The following individuals are looking for a roommate. If you are interested in sharing a room, please contact them directly by clicking on their email below. 

Ladies Seeking Roommates

Patricia L Powley - [email protected]
Susan Howington - [email protected] (Has room. Needs roommate Monday-Tuesday)
Sarah Ransom - [email protected] (Has room for Sept, 24-28. Non smoking roommate needed)
Janey Cline - [email protected] (Looking for a roommate that has a room reserved 9/23-9/28)
Carol Schlitt - [email protected] (Has room for Sept. 24-27. Looking for a roommate)
Keisha Fletcher - [email protected] (Looking for roommate with room Sept. 24-28)
Karan Heffelfinger-[email protected] (Has room for Sept. 23-29. Looking for roommate) 
Chris Venema - [email protected] (Has room Sept. 22-28. Looking for roommate)
Peggy Ehlers - [email protected] (Has room Sept. 24-27. Looking for roommate - non-smoking)

Gentlemen Seeking Roommates

Dan McDonald - [email protected]

Click here to submit your information to be added to this page for a roommate match. Make sure to include your name, email or contact information that you would like to be reached at, arrival and departure dates, and any specific requirements/requests from your roommate.