2019 NEAFCS Presenter Information & Guidelines

Concurrent Session Presenters:

Concurrent Session Setup and Audio Visual Support
Presenters will be provided with the following audio visual support:
  • Projector, screen and laptop (details on laptop specifications will be provided so all presentations can be formatted correctly before arriving onsite)
  • One podium with microphone
  • Table for materials

Showcase of Excellence Presenters:

If you will be presenting a Showcase of Excellence at the upcoming Annual Session, below are the display specifications and other important information. 

Boards: 4' (h) x 8' (w) cork boards - please bring pins and/or thumbtacks
Table: You'll also have a 6' table in front of the standing poster board for handouts and other materials

Use thin/lightweight poster paper or cardboard since heavy materials may be difficult to attach to the display board. Audio/Visual support, internet access and electrical outlets are not provided or available. 

Presenters are responsible for the setup and breakdown of their poster displays.  Poster's will be displayed OUTSIDE of the Exhibit Hall, so we recommend you do not leave your poster case or any other valuables overnight. 

Posters are located in the foyer outside the Exhibit Hall and open for viewing on Wednesday, October 2nd and Thursday, October 3rd. 

Showcase of Excellence Timeline:

Wednesday, October 2nd 

7:00 AM – 11:00 AM Poster Setup

1:00 PM – 5:30 PM Showcase of Excellence Presentation Display Open

Thursday, October 3rd

8:00 AM – 10:00 AM Showcase of Excellence Presentation Display Open

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Poster Breakdown

Ignite/World Cafe Session Presentations:

Tuesday, October 1st from 2:15 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Presenters should arrive no later than 2 p.m. to prepare their World Café “round table” and to check their flash drive. We encourage you to have one team member at the table at all times.

PART 1 - Ignite Sessions
From 2:15 - 4:00 p.m., all presenter(s) will provide a 10 minute Ignite Session.  (http://www.ignitetalks.io/ ).  This is not a time for question and answers and there is time for transition between teams.  Please bring your ignite presentation on a flash drive and pre-set it for the 10 minute time limit (it should move automatically without a clicker to advance). NEAFCS will provide a projector, screen, laptop, podium and microphone in each room. After your Ignite Session, presenters should return to their World Café’ round” tables. Please test your flash drive between 1:30 – 2:00 in the room you'll present in and arrive 10 minutes before your Ignite presentation.

PART 2 - World Cafes 
From 4:00 - 4:30 p.m., presenters will staff a table.  During this time, individuals will be encouraged to stop by and visit for a short amount of time (5 minutes or so) to chat about your project. This should be an interactive time.  If you have a hands-on portion of your program, please bring props. Please bring a handout, no larger than 8.5 X 11 with your contact information and the highlights of your session for individuals to take.  A bell or horn will sound every 5 minutes to encourage individuals to move on to the next table.  NEAFCS will provide one (1) table with chairs for this portion of the presentation. The World Café transitions will only occur during the last half hour of the Ignite/World Cafe presentation time. (see schedule below)

PART 3 - Poster Presentations Only
If your acceptance letter says “POSTER”, please also bring a poster that will be displayed throughout the NEAFCS Annual Session for the times listed above in the Showcase of Excellence Guidelines. Posters do not need to be staffed during the conference, but must have contact information for at least one presenter in case an individual has questions. (**) On Schedule Below Denotes POSTER presentation. 

Schedule for Ignite Sessions 

ROOM 1 Schedule

IGNITE 1  What Extension Educators and Their Clients Need to Know About Income Taxes (**)
IGNITE 2  Living Well Blogging Well (**)
IGNITE 3  Faith, Community, and Financial Empowerment: Faith Organization Volunteer Training (**)
IGNITE 4  Training Guest Speakers for Home Buyer Education Workshops (**)
IGNITE 5  Discover the Power of Text Messages in Wellness Programming (**)
IGNITE 6  Addressing the Financial Burden Impacting Cancer Patients (**)
IGNITE 7  College Students - Making Choices with a Financial Impact! (**)

ROOM 2 Schedule

IGNITE 1 Fostering Lifelong Learning: Leadership Community of Practice (**)
IGNITE 2   Best Practices for Using Evidence-Based Information for Family and Consumer Sciences Programming
IGNITE 3   Building and Maintaining Partnerships for Community and Statewide Programming
IGNITE 4   Teaching Critical Life Skills Through a Week Long Adulting Camp
IGNITE 5 Connecting Citizenship and Valor

ROOM 3 Schedule

IGNITE 1  Teaching Cooking Under Pressure: Hands-On Workshops
IGNITE 2  Impact of Colorful Trays on School Food Waste: A Case Study (**)
IGNITE 3  Breakfast After the Bell: Does the program exceed student need? (**)
IGNITE 4  Keeping a Healthy Diet (**)
IGNITE 5  Cooking Local Foods Made Simple: Agent Training to Increase Capacity for Foods and Nutrition Programming (**)
IGNITE 6  Field to Fork: Reaching Audiences with Nutrition and Food Safety Information in Novel Ways (**)
IGNITE 7  Out of the Box Uses for Vegetables: Reframing the Old to Draw Interest and Improve Health (**)
IGNITE 8  AWARD Presentation - Walk Across Texas Youth (**)

ROOM 4 Schedule

IGNITE 1 Using Experiential Learning to Teach Food Safety (**)
IGNITE 2 Use of Ripple Effect Mapping to Show Impacts of High Obesity Prevention Program (**)
IGNITE 3 Addressing the Opioid Epidemic: A Call to Action for Cooperative Extension (**)
IGNITE 4 A Needs Assessment to Create a Baseline of How Often Extension Master Gardener Volunteers
Are Asked Food Preservation Questions During Public Events (**)
IGNITE 5 Gaining Food Sense By Building Healthy, Resilient Communities through Sustainable Partnerships (**)
IGNITE 6 Using the Mindful Attention Awareness Scale to Evaluate an Extension Program (**)


ROOM 5 Schedule

IGNITE 1   Apprenticeship for Child Development Specialist (**)
IGNITE 2  Dining with Diabetes and Walk with a Doc Partnership (**)
IGNITE 3  AWARD Presentation - An Ecological Approach to (EAT) Family Style Dining: A Child Care
Training Program to Improve Children's Healthier Food Choices (**)
IGNITE 4 AWARD Presentation - Educator of the Year (**)
IGNITE 5 AWARD Presentation - Get Experience in Mindfulness (**)
IGNITE 6 AWARD Presentation - What's Cooking Marketing Campaign (**)
IGNITE 7 AWARD Presentation - Greenwood Frysinger TBA (**)

ROOM 6 Schedule

IGNITE 1     Food-tastic Youth Programs to Build Healthy Relationships with Food (**) 
IGNITE 2    ALLIES: Agents Linking Leadership Inspiring Extension Solutions (**)
IGNITE 3   AWARD Presentation - Enhanced Food Safety Program Impact Using a Regional Approach to Program Evaluation (**)
IGNITE 4   AWARD Presentation - Career Exploration and Workforce Development in Rural Texas (**)
IGNITE 5  AWARD Presentation - Home is Where Your Heart Is (**)
IGNITE 6  AWARD Presentation - Fun with Fresh Food Rainbow Nutrition Program for Families (**)

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