Welcome Event

Join us at Chocolate World on Monday, September 30th from 7 PM - 9 PM.  Registration includes dinner, dessert, tour ride, shopping, participation in one of the activities offered and much more. Your special ticket will be in your registration packet that includes the time of your event and further details.

The event will feature concessions that include hot entrees, deli options, pizza, desserts and more!  Click here to view the full menu.

Activities include: Create Your Own Candy Bar, 4D Chocolate Movie, Chocolate Tasting Experience 


  1. Check your bus loading time on your ticket
  2. Check your activity time on your ticket
  3. Bring ALL of your tickets with you
  4. If you miss your assigned activity time, we will NOT be able to offer an alternative. 

You will find your Welcome Event tickets in your registration packet. They are paper clipped together. Most attendees will have 3 tickets in their packet. If you are participating in the Create your Own Candy Bar Experience, you will have 4. IMPORTANT – Your Create Your Own Candy Bar Ticket CANNOT be exchanged with other attendees as this has been personalized for your experience. 

You will turn in your Welcome Event ticket at your scheduled activity. If you are part of the Create Your Own Candy Bar Experience, you will bring both tickets with you to be admitted to your activity. 

If you selected that you did NOT want to participate in an activity, the NEAFCS staff have provided you with a general ticket that includes admission to the 4D Movie. Details are provided on your ticket.

Each attendee also has a food and dessert voucher to use at the concessions bar. You may eat at anytime during the evening. In addition, the Gift Shop and Tour Ride will be open to all attendees during the Welcome Event. 


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