For next time you are in Utah!

We are sorry we could not bring the membership to Utah this year, however, we hope you will consider visiting this gorgeous state sooner rather than later.

Below you will find links to two DIY Tours.  The Do It Yourself Tours were planned by Callie Ward with USU Extension.  For more details and ideas email [email protected]

Below you will find information on "staycations" while visiting Utah in the Summer or Fall. 

Online travel guides like are great for planning your tip to Utah. You could do something different every week – one week you might focus on national or state parks; another, bodies of water for fishing or playing; another could be visiting historical sites and museums; and don’t forget all the great hiking and biking trails around.

If you do feel like getting outside or seeing nearby sites, consider the following suggestions:

  • State Parks - Did you know Utah is home to 43 state parks and recreation areas? These include everything from historic Puebloan ruins and petroglyphs to wetlands, wildlife, and of course, our famous red rock. For info, visit
  • Camping - There are over 240 free campsites throughout Utah. It may require some homework to find sites that fit your needs, but try an Internet search on “free campsites in Utah,” and go from there. If you want something with a few more accommodations, there are thousands of sites to choose from, but some charge relatively high fees because of their location near national parks, lakes or other tourist attractions. You can search for these locations at
  • Entertainment - Unfortunately, some of the “must see” entertainment options around the state have been cancelled this year. That doesn’t mean there aren’t options, but it may require some “sleuthing” or research. Search community calendars for free concerts, drive-in movie nights or patriotic celebrations.
  • Outdoor Recreation - It goes without saying that Utah is a very picturesque state with a variety of mountains, deserts, canyons, rivers and lakes. Check out options for everything from off-roading to horseback riding and lots more at