2021 First Timer Annual Session Scholarship Recipient Reflections

Lori Johnson, Florida

I joined the UF/IFAS Extension family in Lake County as the Family & Consumer Science Agent in March of 2020, a time when the way we operated was very different from the norm. Joining NEAFCS this year has provided an opportunity for learning and growth in my role. I am very appreciative to be a recipient of the First Timer Annual Session Scholarship. The sessions presented provided ideas, strategies and learnings on a diverse area of topics. This was very beneficial as I assess current programs and look to expand and build on others to meet the needs of the county. Attending this conference also provided the opportunity to present for the first time at a national conference. I had hoped that I could do this in person and have the opportunity to network with others around the country, but I look forward to future conferences where this can be possible. Without receiving the scholarship, attending this conference would not have been possible this year. I am grateful for the opportunity, even at a distance to learn and grow, thank you! 

Kellie Lemly

I enjoyed my first NEAFCS conference and was excited to receive the First Timer Annual Session Scholarship. Even with the conference being virtual the networking and collaboration across the nation was evident during the conference. The conference gave me opportunities to connect and gain professional development that can assist building programming in the community I work. I look forward to attending next year!

Kristin Miller, Missouri

While I am not necessarily a new member to NEAFCS, the 2021 Annual Session would have been the first conference I would have been able to attend in person. I was so excited for the networking opportunities, and as a member of the 1st NEAFCS Leadership Experience as a mentee, I was really looking forward to meeting my cohort in person. When the format was switched to virtual, I will admit I was disappointed, but I was still able to connect with my fellow mentees in various sessions and I really appreciate the ability to watch other sessions I missed out on while attending another. I love learning about how other states operate, and the tremendous work being done across the country through Extension. I cannot wait for Raleigh, NC next year and have my fingers crossed we will be able to be in person!

Chrissy Pulman, Pennsylvania

The 2021 NEAFCS Annual Session provided me with a wealth of knowledge and opportunities as a first-time attendee.  The event was well organized and offered a variety of options to explore.  I was thrilled to be able to participate in sessions to improve my physical, social, emotional, and intellectual well-being.  I was most pleased to participate in the networking sessions, which provided me with an opportunity to meet and learn from others on topics that are of interest to me.  I enjoyed hearing stories and getting ideas from extension educators in other states that run similar programming.  Since participating, I have gained a collection of resources and contacts that will guide me with my work.  I am very thankful for having the opportunity and look forward to the in-person session next year.   

Roseanne E. Scammahorn, Ohio

As a new Educator for Ohio State University Extension, I was excited to attend my first conference in Michigan this year. During my first year, I heard a lot about NEAFCS but did not know much about it or how it would ultimately impact my professional development. The 2021 conference opened my eyes to all the ways I can benefit from being a member of the NEAFCS state and national family. I was introduced to the various committees, their function, and how I can support the organization. This year, although a first-time attendee, I was selected to present, joined the Awards & Recognition: Award Sponsorship and Support & Member Resources Committee as the 2022 Apprentice, joined the Journal Editorial Subcommittee, and was asked to be the NEAFCS Ohio - Parliamentarian for 2022.  Through the conference, I learned about innovative programming, connected with Educators from across the nation to create new collaborations, and was provided the opportunity to find my path within the NEAFCS family. I really appreciated the opportunity to attend the conference and look forward to using these resources and attending many more conferences to come! 

Kari Ure, Utah

Thank you for the opportunity to attend the 2021 NEAFCS Conference with the First Timer Scholarship.  I was very impressed by the networking connections.  I missed being in person to network but could feel the relationships nationwide of others that have been formed through the years.  I look forward to building further out of state connections.  I joined a committee and I look forward to contributing.  I appreciate learning from others and seeing their success in programming.  I look forward to continuing to learn from others through NEAFCS and seeing you all in Raleigh in 2022.