In-Depth Sessions

Tuesday, September 13, 2022
1:30 PM - 5:30 PM

The following in-depth session will be offered during Annual Session. In order to participate in these sessions, pre-registration is required.  

In-Depth Session Title Program Area Program Description
Addressing Food Insecurity (0ffsite)
Food and Nutrition Explore the power of this organization's mission to feed neighbors, teach self-sufficiency, grow healthy foods, and cultivate innovative approaches to end hunger.
Agritourism's Role in Feeding Communities (Offsite)
Food & Nutrition, Community & Economic Development
Tour of nursery and its history from tobacco to landscape and U-pick operations offering local food and value-added products.  Tour a food pantry that partners with a nursery to reduce food waste and feed the community.
Community Partnership Successes (Offsite) Community & Economic Development A Place at the Table is a non-profit cafe where everyone is welcome.  They serve the community of Raleigh, NC by providing great meals at an affordable price for those who may not be able to pay the standard market price.  Patrons pay what they can as well as volunteer their time at the cafe in exchange for a healthy meal. There are also patrons in the community that will provide meals through the Cafe's meal token program by purchasing a meal token to be donated to another community member. This in-depth session will allow participants to see how A Place at the Table is bringing communities together as well as address the complex issue around our food system with healthy meals that are filling and affordable for all people regardless of economic status.
Dining with Diabetes Curriculum Training (Onsite)
Health: Emotional, Mental, Physical and Substance Use Join us for a full training on the DWD Curriculum! Attendees will receive the full curriculum, training on the full curriculum, updates, and additions, food demonstration, and recipe sampling.
Locally Sweet: Understanding Local in a Global Food Market (Offsite) Food Safety, Food & Nutrition, Trending Topics Tour of sweet potato packing and processing facility with focus on local and global markets and food safety standards.
Med Instead of Meds (Offsite) Food & Nutrition, Health Med Instead of Meds is a six-session culinary nutrition curriculum series designed for delivery by Family & Consumer Sciences Extension Agents. Session presenters will share the science behind the Mediterranean eating pattern and provide an overview of the Med Instead of Meds curriculum. Outcome data and statewide program impact will also be shared along with implementation strategies. This session will take place in the Dinah E. Gore Teaching and Research Kitchens at NC State and will include a recipe demo, taste test, and a short physical activity break.
Plant Science Research & Innovation (Offsite) Food & Nutrition, Trending Topics The NC State University Plant Sciences Building represents the latest thinking in design and construction to meet the complex needs of team-based plant science.  This unique facility features evolving technology in an evolving space providing maximum potential for collaboration, interdisciplinary activities and innovation.  Scientists and staff seamlessly integrate research and talent with the College of Engineering, the College of Textiles, and the Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center to serve as a global hub for plant science discovery and innovation and to deliver tangible impacts across the state and around the world to feed, clothe, heal and fuel a growing population.  Tour state-of-the-art test plots, laboratories, think tanks, greenhouses, water features, plazas, porches, and terraces....come explore 185,000 square feet of genius!
Preventing Obesity by Design: Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Strategy for Childcare (Offsite) Chronic Disease Prevention, Childcare/Child Development Explore cost-effective, naturalized outdoor learning environments and strategies for built-environment interventions that improve children's health and development outcomes.
Shopping For New Ideas (Offsite) Chronic Disease Prevention, Food & Nutrition, Professional Development Tour the Poe Health Education Center and learn how this organization is reaching families to provide nutrition education.  Put on your "participant" hat as you experience a pop-up grocery store tour and learn new strategies to improve nutrition education in your own community.
The Green Chair Project (Onsite)
Sustainable Living, Health, Community & Economic Development Have you ever wondered about the carbon footprint of home furnishings?  Is your community facing greater homelessness and increasing numbers of families in crisis? Do you know how sleep affects overall health?  What do all of these topics have in common?  Meet “Green Chair”!  The Green Chair Project reuses furnishings donated by the community to help neighbors facing the challenges of homelessness, crisis and disaster.  But it doesn’t end there.  Hear the “green chair” story from the organization’s founder and discover how lives change when families and individuals are nurtured and sustained in well-equipped homes.  Learn how their core values of empowerment and choice, green living, nimbleness, dignity, stewardship, collaboration, and compassion create environments that promote positive health outcomes for families.