Award Sponsors

Purdue Extension Health and Human Sciences Educators

Financial Management Award in Memory of Dean Don Felker

Montana State University Extension Housing Program AND Housing Education and Research Association

Extension Housing Outreach Award

National Institute of Food and Agriculture

Master Family and Consumer Sciences Volunteer Award

NEAFCS Past Presidents

New Professional Award

NEAFCS Membership

Community Partnership Award
Early Childhood Child Care Training Award
Educator of the Year Award
Environmental Education Award
Excellence in Teamwork Award
Excellence in Multi State Collaboration Award
Family Health and Wellness Award
Florence Hall Award
Food Safety Award
Greenwood Frysinger Award
Human Development/Family Relationships Award

Innovations in Programming Award
Innovative Youth Development Program Award
Marketing Package Award
Mary W. Wells Memorial Diversity Award
Program Excellence Through Research Award
School Wellness Award
Social Media Education Award
SNAP-Ed/EFNEP Education Award
Communications Awards:
                Educational Curriculum Package
                Educational Publication
                Internet Education Technology
                Written Press Releases