Details Are Important When Submitting Awards Applications

Dianne Gertson (TX), Awards Training Sub-committee

Once you have decided to submit an award, the first step is reading the award application guidelines closely – both the general award guidelines and award specific guidelines.   Choose binders or folders that show your application clearly and will fit in flat rate type boxes.  Label all materials and package your award packet securely.  Your award packet and a signed copy of the online application should be sent to your Affiliate awards chairperson.

The online application should be the cover of your application package.  It should be easily viewed without opening the cover of your binder or folder.  If a binder is used, it should be a view binder.   If a folder is being used, the online application should be seen through the cover. 

Choose binders or folders that will fit in a U.S. Postal Service flat rate box.  This expedites mailing award packages to judges for review. All materials for an award should fit in 1 binder.  Choose folders with prongs or swing clips that will securely hold all materials.  Sliding bar report covers do not work well for awards with supplemental pages or piecesMake sure all materials are secured inside the binder or folder.  This is especially true for CDs or DVDs or any small size items.  A secure place, such as a page protector with the top taped shut may keep these items from getting lost or misplaced.  Label each item included in your award package with your name, Affiliate (state) and award category.  Read the guidelines on the number of supporting pieces that may be included with your award.  A support piece is not equivalent to one page.  A support piece may be multiple pages, for example a brochure or pamphlet that has been developed.

Remember to consult the online Awards Manual and follow the general guidelines, found on page 3, as well as the specific guidelines for your award category.  Send your completed awards packet with the signed copy of the online award application and all supporting pieces labeled to your Affiliate Vice President for Awards and Recognition by your Affiliate deadline.

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