Galaxy IV

Jane Conroy (NM), NEAFCS Representative to Galaxy IV

The “Galaxy” Conference provides a unique opportunity to work together on a joint conference while celebrating the diversity of the individual JCEP member associations.

Every five years the Joint Council of Extension Professionals sponsors and provides leadership for a Galaxy Conference for the entire Extension System. This conference invites participation from all JCEP member associations, ECOP and other partners critical to the Extension mission.

Submitting a Proposal to Present at the Galaxy IV Conference:

Proposals for presentations at the 2013 Galaxy IV Conference will be submitted via the abstract submission website.  The website can be found linked from the Galaxy IV website, your association website, or directly at

You will receive an automatic email confirmation your submission.  This email does not mean that your abstract has been accepted for presentation, only that it has been received by the Galaxy IV conference.

Proposals must be submitted by 11:59 PM (EST) Eastern Standard Time, Thursday January 10, 2013.

A Few Notes on Abstract Submission

  1. You will be asked if your oral presentation was not accepted, would you present it as a poster.  This could give you a second chance to present. Everyone is limited to one oral presentation per lead presenter.  You can be a secondary author on multiple presentations.
  2. You can have up to one poster presentation during each of three poster sessions.
  3. All abstracts will be reviewed and ranked by the primary association.
  4. Due to the nature of the Galaxy IV conference, there will be numerous abstracts submitted by members of each association.  Presentations will, in part, be scheduled based upon the percentage of abstracts received by “primary association”, as indicated during the abstract submission process.   For example if 10% of the submitted abstracts were from a given association, then 10 % of the oral presentation time slots will be given by members of that association, given the abstracts met the meeting theme and are ranked as appropriate during review.  It is important that each association encourage their members to submit abstracts to ensure presentation.

If you have any questions, or comments, please contact the Galaxy IV Educational Program Committee at [email protected])

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