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November 2022

Important Dates

Month of December 2022

2023 NEAFCS Impact Statement Portal 
Closes February 1, 2023

2023 NEAFCS Awards Program Application Portal
Opens December 1, 2022
Closes March 15, 2023

2023 NEAFCS Session Call for Proposals (CFP)
Opens December 1, 2022
Closes January 31, 2023

2023 NEAFCS Membership Renewals
Due 12/31/2022

2023 JNEAFCS Article Deadline
April 1, 2023

NEAFCS Endowment Project Proposal Grant
Deadline: May 15, 2023

2023 Annual Session
September 11-14, 2023 - Providence, Rhode Island

2024 Annual Session
September 16-19, 2024 - Tucson, Arizona

2025 Annual Session
October 20-23, 2025 - Grand Rapids, Michigan

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August 2021 Madison County (FL)
December 2021 - Texas AgriLife Extension Represents on National Family and Consumer Sciences Board

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President's Message
Julie Garden-Robinson (ND), NEAFCS President

Please click the image above or visit https://youtu.be/Xpq9La_myIY to watch this month’s President’s Message.

Bright Ideas and Suggestion Box/Prize Drawing:  https://forms.gle/Q7NrEFxPHsri2ikg7
Scandinavian Foodways Extension Handout
Thanks to the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County and the Hjemkomst Center  
History of the Viking Ship

What YOU Need to Know NOW in NEAFCS!
National Office Staff

This feature of the newsletter highlights current reminders of member benefits, programs, and approaching deadlines to keep you in the know.  

  • NEAFCS Impact Statement Portal - Now Open, Closes February 1, 2023
  • November 15, 2022 - 2023 NEAFCS Awards Program Manual and At-A-Glance Document available
  • December 1, 2022 - NEAFCS Awards Program application opens
  • December 1, 2022 NEAFCS Annual Session Call for Proposals (CFP) Opens
  • December 31 - NEAFCS Membership Renewals are due at the National Office

Don't Forget to Renew Your Membership!
Glenn Sturm (VA), Treasurer 

While everyone is getting ready for the holidays right around the corner, we wanted to send you a quick reminder to be sure you renew your membership!

In addition to sending your dues to your affiliate treasurer (or the designated person to send association dues to in your state), do not forget to complete the online renewal. Read More

Leadership as an Experience
Gina Lucas (MO), VP Member Resources 

A professional association has three primary purposes, to further:

1. The industry
2. The interests of those engaged in the profession
3. Public interest in the industry

This is what we do at NEAFCS! It is our work to further the industry, the understanding of family and consumer sciences, and our interests as family and consumer sciences professionals. Read More

Working to Meet Our Members' Professional Development Needs
Marcia Parcell (IN), VP Professional Development

Does one type and kind of professional development meet the needs of all NEAFCS members? Currently, the committees and subcommittees are working to address multiple types of professional development. The program committee has presented conference tracks for board approval for the 2023 Conference. The Program Executive Committee has also looked at revising the rubric for reviewing proposals, but they decided that the full committee needs to provide input. Watch your memberclicks for the announcement of the professional development subcommittee meeting.  Read More

Making an Impact through Impact Statements
Jennifer Bridge (KY), VP Public Affairs

As your Vice President of Public Affairs, one of my primary roles relates to impact statements and sharing the successes of our members with elected officials and decision-makers. Together, with volunteer writers and education committee members, we create the annual NEAFCS Impact Statements using the information submitted by you, our members!   

We need your help! Some of you do an outstanding job relaying the vital work you do on the affiliate level. We need all members to participate to accurately highlight the life-changing programs and information you do in your state!  Read More

The Power and Impact of Gratitude
Theresa Mayhew (NY), Life Member and Endowment Fund Committee Chair

Those of you who know me know how much I love words. I’m always searching for the right word to use at the right time. When I think of NEAFCS’s Endowment Fund, the first word that comes to my mind is gratitude. It’s a straightforward word but can pack a lot of meaning and power. It’s especially fitting to talk about gratitude as we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Read More

NEAFCS Endowment Grant Summary: Working Regionally
Julie Garden-Robinson (ND), President

My NEAFCS colleagues and I were pleased to receive one of the first NEAFCS Endowment grants. We appreciate their trust in us to contribute to the organization with the funding provided. Our team completed the grant objectives this fall, so we are now ready to share the various materials we have created.

Our project, “Exploring Regional Extension Teamwork and Best Practices,” resulted in three handouts and three modules featuring voiceovers by three NEAFCS members who are part of the North Central Food Safety Extension Network (NCFSEN). These materials are based on the activities of the 12-state NCFSEN and are designed to help others implement projects across borders, whether county or state-based. We have presented our materials at two conferences (NEAFCS and the Urban Extension Conference) to date. Read More

NEAFCS Raleigh Reflection: Concurrent Sessions Address Many Tracks of Professional Development
Marcia Parcell (IN), VP Professional Development

The Annual Session in Raleigh, NC provided over 100 sessions to Take Flight Reach New Heights through professional development sessions, which were broken into 11 track topics. In other words, I hope you took advantage of exploring new heights by investigating tracks that are a priority for your professional development. These sessions included eleven award-winning concurrent sessions that were designated with gold ribbons. The award-winning concurrent sessions were spread throughout Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so I hope that you visited at least one award-winning concurrent session.  Read More

Region Highlights: Eastern Region
Jesse Ketterman, Jr. (MD), Eastern Region Director

Greetings from the Eastern Region! This is one of the more beautiful times in our region as the leaves on the trees radiant in different colors. Small towns host fall festivals featuring apple butter. It reminds me of the important work many of our educators do with food safety and preservation. Read More

Region Highlights: Southern Region Fast FACS
Keishon Thomas (GA), Southern Region Director

The Southern Region is off and running with great programs that impact lives and the communities in which we serve. It was a pleasure meeting many of you at the Annual Conference in Raleigh. Here are a few highlights of the extraordinary work being done. #SouthernStrong. Read More

JCEP Extension Leadership Conference – Is Your Calendar Marked?
Cindy Thompson (IA), Central Region Director and JCEP/ELC Planning Team Member

JCEP, ELC, LMNOP! Alphabet soup, right? JCEP stands for Joint Council of Extension Professionals, and it is made of members of each of the professional organizations across the Extension system. So yes!

Myth or Fact: The Extension Leadership Conference is that only affiliate presidents or presidents-elects can attend. Read More

American Heart Association defines and advises on nutrition security in new policy report

A trip to the grocery store can be stressful if a limited budget means you must opt for less nutritious choices. The American Heart Association believes in the right to healthy food for all people to live their best lives, yet it’s estimated that one in 10 American households experience food insecurity. Read More


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Future issues of the NEAFCS Network will include recognition of members who have passed. If you would like to report the death of a NEAFCS member, please click here. 

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Sue Stivers (KY) - Life Member
Retired Adair County Family & Consumer Sciences Extension Agent in 2000 & University of Kentucky Hall of Fame Inductee