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March 2023

Important Dates

Webinar: Why Monday is the Day All Health Breaks Loose!
March 22, 2023 @ 2pm ET

2023 JNEAFCS Article Deadline
April 1, 2023

Committee Meeting - Membership & Life Members
April 4, 2023 @ 3pm ET

Webinar: Using Storybooks to Teach Adults and Children about Alzheimer’s Dementia
May 10, 2023 @ 3pm ET

NEAFCS Endowment Project Proposal Grant
Deadline: May 15, 2023

NEAFCS Spring Life Member Get-Together (Zoom Event)
June 1, 2023 @ 3pm ET

Webinar: Book Clubs as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategy
June 6, 2023 @ 3pm ET

2023 Annual Session
September 11-14, 2023 - Providence, Rhode Island

2024 Annual Session
September 16-19, 2024 - Tucson, Arizona

2025 Annual Session
October 20-23, 2025 - Grand Rapids, Michigan


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President's Message
Julie Garden-Robinson (ND), NEAFCS President

Please click the image above or visit https://youtu.be/hslElRphu-U to watch this month’s President’s Message.

Bright Ideas and Suggestion Box/Prize Drawing:  https://forms.gle/Q7NrEFxPHsri2ikg7
Take Steps to Reduce Food Waste: https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/news/columns/prairie-fare/prairie-fare-take-steps-to-reduce-food-waste
Now You’re Cookin’: https://www.ndsu.edu/agriculture/extension/extension-topics/food-and-nutrition/food-preparation/cooking-basics/now-youre-cookin
How to Compost:
Healthwise for Women: Colon Cancer: https://www.ndsu.edu/agriculture/extension/publications/healthwise-women-colon-cancer  
Healthwise for Guys: Colon Cancer: https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/publications/health-fitness/healthwise-for-guys-colon-cancer

What YOU Need to Know NOW in NEAFCS!
National Office Staff

This feature of the newsletter highlights current reminders of member benefits, programs, and approaching deadlines to keep you in the know.  

  • April 1, 2023 - Journal of NEAFCS Article Submissions Due
  • May 15, 2023 - Endowment Project Grant Proposals Due
  • June 1, 2023 – Spring Life Member Get-Together via Zoom

Where is that Again?

Have you missed a live webinar by NEAFCS? Have no fear! They are all archived and available to the membership! Here is a quick step-by-step: Visit neafcs.org, click on the professional development tab, and go down to the third link entitled “webinar archives,” you’ll be prompted to log in, and the website will automatically direct you to all the archived webinars! 


Highlights from Mid-Winter Board Meeting
Lisa Peterson (IL), Secretary 

The Executive Board met virtually on January 24 and 25, 2023. Throughout the two-day session, some highlights include:

  • ­Planning for Annual Session in Providence, Rhode Island, in September 2023
  • Committee Roles, Responsibilities, and Recognition
  • Financials 

  Read More

Benefits of Presenting a Webinar
Marcia Parcell (IN), VP Professional Development

As I ponder the benefits of presenting a webinar, I remembered twenty years ago. At that time, I was obtaining a Master of Education degree from Indiana Wesleyan University. I kept hearing the message that education was going to change.  Read More

Leading the Way
Gina Lucas (MO), VP Member Resources

The NEAFCS Leadership Experience will always have a special place in my heart. So, when I encourage others to apply as the Applications are open, I understand that I may be biased. The NEAFCS Leadership Experience offers a plethora of opportunities to plug in. Read More

March is Living Well Month
Christine Zellers (NJ), Public Affairs Advocacy Committee Chair

March is Living Well Month, and the Public Affairs Advocacy Committee hopes you will take advantage of the wonderful resources available from NEAFCS. To support Living Well Month, materials are located on the association’s website under the Public Affairs tab, making sharing the work FCS does easy.  Read More

Lights, Camera, Action! JCEP Extension Leadership Conference Recap
Cindy Thompson (IA) and Keishon Thomas (GA), Central and Southern Region Directors 

On February 7 and 8, members from the various Extension professional development organizations across the country met in Kansas City, Missouri, to Engage, Inspire, and Achieve around leadership topics. Hands down, our NEAFCS members had the best time! At the JCEP Extension Leadership Conference, time is set aside for each association to gather to network, plan, and learn. In true Cooperative Extension fashion, NEAFCS used this time to conduct several activities. Read More

Windows and Mirrors
Laura M. Stanton (OH), Diversity Committee

Regarding diversity, I often refer to a 1988 article by Emily Style called Curriculum as Window and Mirror. Style explains the important role windows and mirrors play in diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in the article. What are windows and mirrors? Style suggests that windows serve as an opportunity to see new and different points of view. Read More

Members at Work Reviewing
Marcia Parcell (IN), VP Professional Development

February & March are busy months for the Professional Development Committee.  

  • Management company staff reviewed the proposals to ensure NEAFCS members were part of the submission process.  
  • The proposals were forwarded to the committee Co-Chairs. The Co-Chairs prepared proposals to be sent out to members to review. 

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History of Living Well Month: 2003-2023 
Christine Kneip (WI), Historian

NEAFCS President Jean Clarkson-Frisbie wrote board members in July of 1999, she was initiating a committee to look at marketing the association, starting with focus groups. From the focus group to a contracted study by Elizabeth Gregory at Texas Cooperative Extension, The Texas A&M University System, Living Well, a PSA Campaign was born to promote Extension education in Family and Consumer Sciences. Read More

Apply for the Leadership Experience Today! 
Carrie Elsen (MO) and Kristin Miller (MO), Mentoring and Leadership Committee

By joining the NEAFCS Leadership Experience as a mentor or a mentee, you are investing in the future of our profession and the success of your organization.  The Leadership Experience seeks leaders who desire to share their knowledge and passion for NEAFCS, FCS, and the Extension land grant mission. Read More

What does tax time mean for the NEAFCS Endowment? What could it mean?
Barb Wollan (IA), Endowment Committee   

Giving. It’s one of three core options we have for our resources: we can USE them (spend); we can SAVE them; or we can SHARE them (give). Unlike the other two, giving is optional. A person can be financially sound without giving. Read More

Southern Region Highlights: Annual Board Report from the Georgia Affiliate  
Susan Moore (GA), Affiliate President

I have enjoyed serving as President Elect and President of GEAFCS over the past year.  I have focused on making our members aware of the benefits of participating in and being a member of GEAFCS/NEAFCS. The sky is the limit!  Read More

Scholarships through NEAFCS
Gina Lucas (MO), VP Member Resources  

You asked – We delivered!

Scholarships have long been one of NEAFCS’s many fantastic member benefits.  NEAFCS scholarships enable its members to attend:


  • Joint Council of Extension Professionals (JCEP) Extension Leadership Conferences (ELC)
  • JCEP Public Issues Leadership Development (PILD) Conferences
  • NEAFCS Annual Session

Read More


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Additional News & Opportunities for NEAFCS Members 


Future issues of the NEAFCS Network will include recognition of members who have passed. If you would like to report the death of a NEAFCS member, please click here.