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August 2023

Important Dates

2023 Annual Session
September 11-14, 2023 - Providence, Rhode Island
Advanced Registration Ends September 1, 2023

2024 Annual Session
September 16-19, 2024 - Tucson, Arizona

2025 Annual Session
October 20-23, 2025 - Grand Rapids, Michigan

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President's Message
Julie Garden-Robinson (ND), NEAFCS President

Please click the image above or visit https://youtu.be/LCiF_DoE2sg to watch this month’s President’s Message.

What YOU Need to Know NOW in NEAFCS!
National Office Staff

This feature of the newsletter highlights current reminders of member benefits, programs, and approaching deadlines to keep you in the know.  

Welcome to Providence and the Region!
Maria Pippidis (DE), Annual Conference Affiliate Tri-Liaison  

Only one month away from our Annual Session! The Tri-Liaisons and representatives from all the affiliates in the region can’t wait to have you aboard and “sea” you. Read More

Have you reviewed the 2023 Board Candidate Position Statements?
Susan Routh (OK), Immediate Past President 

As we prepare for the Annual Meeting, Affiliate Voting Delegates should take a moment and review the 2023 Candidate Statements listed on the NEAFCS website. Additionally, Affiliate Voting Delegates are encouraged to visit with affiliate members about your affiliate’s choices for officers.  Read More 

Direct link to the 2023 Board Candidate Position Statements

What are Your Professional Development Goals?
Marcia Parcell (IN), VP Professional Development

As board members, we were asked to provide advice about preparing for Annual Session.  I have also been asked to provide information about the schedule for certain days of the conference.  Therefore, I know some members have their professional development goals, content area, or passion in mind as they plan for Annual Session.   Read More

We Need Your Input!
Jennifer Bridge (KY), VP Public Affairs

During the past few months, the public affairs component of NEAFCS has introduced new avenues to reach others with the impact NEAFCS and FCS have on families and our communities.  To gather input into the upcoming year, the committee chairs and I created a survey to see how affiliates and members used the information and gather ideas on how we can improve and expand in the future.  Read More

Celebrating Each Other in Providence!
Samantha Kennedy (FL), VP Awards and Recognition

I, for one, am very excited about the upcoming annual session in Providence, RI. Providence is definitely one of those “bucket list” cities for me, and I am so grateful that my profession has allowed me to experience it. Read More

How to Invest in the Future of NEAFCS
Dianne Gertson (TX), Endowment Committee Member

In our newsletter, you’ve been reading about the NEAFCS Endowment for the last several months.  We’d love it if you decided to contribute to the Endowment as an investment in our future. How do I contribute?  www.neafcs.org.  Click on About NEAFCS -> then Endowment -> and Donate Now.  Read More

NEAFCS Ambassadors Are at the Helm
Susan Glassman (IL), Ambassador Committee Member 

Greetings to our members. We are so excited about the 2023 Annual Session of NEAFCS.  To help the annual session run efficiently, look for our Ambassadors.  Ambassadors are volunteers who applied and were selected and trained to help you explore oceans of opportunities during our time together in Rhode Island.  They are embarking on a journey to keep everyone on course.  Read More

NEAFCS Annual Session Through the Years
Christine Kniep (WI), NEAFCS Historian   

NEAFCS Annual Sessions have crisscrossed the county over our 89 year history. Most frequently held in Chicago, Illinois, we’ve also visited Honolulu, Washington DC, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Portland; many places in between, and this year returning to Providence, Rhode Island.  Our meetings have been held in hotel complexes, convention centers, and resort facilities.   Read More 

Invitation to Attend the 2023 NEAFCS Educational Awards Fund Business Meeting & Annual Business Meeting
Susan Routh (OK), Immediate Past President 

As a member of the NEAFCS, you are invited to attend the Educational Awards Fund Business Meeting and Annual Business Meeting taking place on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, from 2:15 p.m. - 4:15 p.m. These meetings will be held in Providence, Rhode Island, in conjunction with the 2023 Annual Session. Members should have received a separate email with this information earlier this month. This notice met the 30-day provision as stated in the NEAFCS Bylaws.  Read More

Leaders that Lead
Darlene Minniefield (AL), Mentoring & Leadership Committee Member & Mentor  

Leadership is the ability of an individual or a group of people to influence and guide followers or members of an organization, society, or team. When I think of my Leadership Experience, I think of the leadership of our team, Gina Lucas, Halie Corbitt, Joy West, Lisa Peterson, Kyleigh Brown, Roxie Price, Carrie Elsen, and so many others; the list is too long for me to name them all.  Read More

Be Prepared When Disaster Strikes
Kristin Bogdonas (IL), Endowment Grant Recipient  

The impacts of a disaster on a community can be devastating. With the incidences of natural disasters rising, it’s advised that every citizen prepare themselves for the unavoidable. The more people prepare, the faster a community can recover after a disaster.  Read More

Advice for Annual Session From the Executive Board
Lisa Peterson (IL), Secretary 

As you prepare for the 2023 NEAFCS Annual Session and wonder what to wear, what to bring, and which sessions to attend, check out some quick advice on what to pack and how to prepare for annual session from your NEAFCS National Executive Board: Read More


Eastern Region Highlights  
Jesse Ketterman (MD), Eastern Region Director 

Greetings from the Eastern Region. The conference planning team has been busy preparing for the annual session in Rhode Island—many thanks to Elizabeth, Shauna, Gina, and Maria for their hard work leading the team. Jacque and the other Hospitality & Decorating committee members are busy creating a warm and welcoming environment.  Read More

Spread the Word! It’s Time to Start Gathering Donations for the Silent Auction!!
Roseanne Scammahorn (MS) and Melissa Rupp (OH), Awards Sponsorship and Support Committee Co-Chairs 

The silent auction at the Annual Session is so much more than excellent retail therapy! It is a chance to pay it forward, share your state culture and enjoy fun new items from around the nation. The silent auction is a key fund raiser for the Awards and Recognition Committee that distributes awards and benefits to those that achieve our organizations highest honors. If you’ve won an award, you have received the blessings of the silent auction! Read More

Additional News & Opportunities for NEAFCS Members 


Future issues of the NEAFCS Network will include recognition of members who have passed. If you would like to report the death of a NEAFCS member, please click here.