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December 2013

Table of Contents

President's Message

New JCEP Professional of the Year Award

2014 Journal of NEAFCS Manuscripts Due Dec 31, 2013

Details Are Important When Submitting Awards Applications

Professional Development Webinars Committee Update

Annual Session 2014 Highlights

Greetings from Kentucky

Congratulations, Jody!

Meet the Board: Roxie Price

Important Dates

JCEP Professional of the Year Award • Jan 15

Members-only Webinar • Jan 21
Master Family & Consumer Sciences Volunteer Program

Members-only Webinar • Jan 27
Strong Women Healthy Hearts

Members-only Webinar
• Feb 25

100 Years of Extension FCS History

JCEP Conference • Feb 11
Memphis, TN

PILD Conference • Apr 6-9
Alexandria, VA

NEAFCS Annual Session • Sept 15-18
Hyatt Regency, Lexington, KY

National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Science

20423 State Road 7
Suite F6-491
Boca Raton, FL 33498
(561) 477-8100
[email protected]

President's Message
Kathleen Olson (MN)

You know the holiday song, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”? To me, the most wonderful time of the year starts at Thanksgiving and continues through the New Year.  As the holiday season begins, there is much to do.

Getting together with family and friends, baking cookies, attending concerts, watching holiday specials on TV and going shopping sound pretty wonderful to me!  I love the holiday season so much that my husband David and I got married on Dec. 29 - 40 years ago!  Every year since, as we try to fit in an anniversary celebration with all the other holiday activities, we have said to each other, “what were we thinking?”

It is also a busy time of year for NEAFCS.  There are memberships and dues to collect/update, awards to apply for, proposal submissions, Annual Session planning and subcommittee action plans to fine tune.  Webinars are scheduled and more are in the planning stages as a free member benefit.  Watch for the NEAFCS Journal in January to see what scholarly works your peers have to share.

Communication continues to be important with many answers to your questions in the newsletter or on the website. Please help encourage others to read their newsletter for valuable member information.  The first 3 members to email me at [email protected] each month and tell me where the magic symbol is located in the newsletter will be placed in a drawing for a chance to win a free registration to Annual Session in Kentucky.

I hope that some of you are planning to participate in the JCEP Leadership Conference in February in Memphis, TN or the PILD Conference in April in Alexandria, VA – this year in the peak of cherry blossom festival time.  The programs are shaping up and registrations will open soon.  Go to www.jcep.org for more information.

December wraps up another calendar year.  Thank you to all of our great members who have so graciously given their time and leadership to our association, from serving on national subcommittees, an Affiliate officer, or on the National Board.  It’s an amazing feeling as you step outside yourself and do something for someone else or for your association to make it the best it can be.  Maybe 2014 is the year to step up to a leadership role and see why “NEAFCS IS Magic”!

I wish you all a most wonderful and magical season filled with love, laughter, and giving to others.


NEAFCS President, 2013-14

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NEW JCEP Professional of the Year Award
Kathleen Olson, MN, President

The Joint Council of Extension Professionals (JCEP) has developed a new award, “Professional of the Year."  This award was developed to recognize individuals who demonstrate successful interdisciplinary partnerships across program areas with colleagues and stakeholders for consistent programs of excellence for a significant part of their extension career. Impact at the local, regional, state or national level is essential.

One winner per association will be selected annually. The award recipient will receive $1,000 and a plaque at their National Association’s Annual Meeting, and will be required to make a presentation on their programming achievements at their Annual Meeting. They must be an active member of their association and be present at their Annual Meeting to receive the award.

All nominations/applications must be submitted electronically by January 15, 2014 at: www.jcep.com.

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2014 Journal of NEAFCS Manuscripts Due Dec 31, 2013
Susan Cosgrove, MS, Vice President for Member Resources

Please submit your journal articles for the 2014 JNEAFCS edition to Jessica Hill at [email protected] by December 31, 2013. There is no overall theme for the articles. See complete Submission Guidelines at http://www.neafcs.org/journal-submission-guidelines.

Writing for JNEAFCS showcases the efforts and impacts you are making in your communities and states. This is our refereed journal on Extension Family and Consumer Sciences research and program evaluation. The content includes members’ research, applied research and program impacts and award winners’ reports.

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Details Are Important When Submitting Award Applications
Dianne Gertson, TX, Awards Sub-committee

Once you have decided to submit an award, the first step is reading the award application guidelines closely – both the general award guidelines and award specific guidelines.   Choose binders or folders that show your application clearly and will fit in flat rate type boxes.  Label all materials and package your award packet securely.  Your award packet and a signed copy of the online application should be sent to your Affiliate awards chairperson.

The online application should be the cover of your application package.  It should be easily viewed without opening the cover of your binder or folder.  If a binder is used, it should be a view binder.   If a folder is being used, the online application should be seen through the clear view cover.

Choose binders or folders that will fit in a U.S. Postal Service flat rate box.  This expedites mailing award packages to judges for review.    All materials for an award should fit in 1 binder or folder.  Choose folders with prongs or swing clips that will securely hold all materials.  Sliding bar report covers do not work well for awards with supplemental pages or piecesMake sure all materials are secured inside the binder or folder.  This is especially true for CDs or DVDs or any small size items.  A secure place, such as a page protector with the top taped shut may keep these items from getting lost or misplaced.  Label each item included in your award package with your name, Affiliate (state) and award category.  Read the guidelines on the number of supporting pieces that may be included with your award.  A support piece is not equivalent to one page.  A support piece may be multiple pages, for example a brochure or pamphlet that has been developed.

Remember to consult the online Awards Manual and follow the general guidelines, found on page 3, as well as the specific guidelines for your award category.  Send your completed awards packet with the signed copy of the online award application and all supporting pieces labeled to your Affiliate Vice President for Awards and Recognition by your Affiliate deadline.

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Professional Development Webinars Committee Update
Leif Albertson, AK, Webinar Subcommittee Chair

Greetings from the Professional Development Webinar Subcommittee!  We’ve received a great deal of positive feedback from NEAFCS members regarding our series of webinars.  If you were able to attend any of our recent topics such as Parents as Teachers, Youth Targeted Food Marketing, or Rainwater Harvesting for Homeowners, you’ve seen our distance delivery system in action.  NEAFCS webinars are a great way to connect with colleagues from around the country, learn from their expertise and gain resources we can pass along to our clients.

If you haven’t attended one of our webinars, I would encourage you get on board.  In an era of shrinking budgets, there is no easier, cheaper way to connect directly with your NEAFCS peers and gain insights on relevant topics. The webinar subcommittee is taking a December hiatus, but webinars will resume January 21, 2014 with the Master Family and Consumer Sciences Volunteer Program, presented by Dr. Michael Vogel and Beverly C. Samuel.  Watch your email for details.

Finally, I want to remind everyone that teaching a webinar is a great way to reach out to colleagues, share expertise and connect with those who have similar interest.  The process is easy and a great way to leverage technology to reach a wide and receptive national audience.  To present your own webinar, follow this link to view the online application process http://www.neafcs.org/webinar-proposal

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Annual Session 2014 Highlights
Sonja Koukel, PhD, NM, VP for Professional Development

Sonja KoukelPlanning and preparations for the 2014 Annual Session being held in Lexington, KY continues. I’m happy to report that contracts for the Keynote Speaker and the preconference presenters are in place. Kudos to the KY Affiliate team, led by co-liaisons Kathy Byrnes and Sally Mineer, for all their hard work and dedication.

Here is what we have planned thus far:

Key Note Speaker: Jon Gordon, International Best Selling Author and Speaker. What a great way to kick off the conference! Jon Gordon’s book, The Energy Bus, provides 10 rules to fuel your life, work and team with positive energy. Join us on Monday, September 15, and be motivated by this passionate and positive leader.

Dr. Elizabeth Andress, Foods and Nutrition and Extension Food Safety Specialist. The NEAFCS members requested a pre-conference workshop focused on home food preservation and we listened! Individuals who teach and/or practice home food preservation are familiar with Dr. Andress from the So Easy to Preserve publication. The preconference workshop, Current Science and Practice in Home Food Preservation, will provide a brief review of the history of home food preservation research and practice in the U.S.  It will demonstrate scientific principles underlying the various home food preservation methods, and it will explore the current status of research and recommended methods by the USDA and land grant university system. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from our very own Extension expert.

Visit the NEAFCS website often to stay updated with all the Annual Session progress. Make plans to join us in beautiful Lexington, KY, September 15-18, 2014. See you there!

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Greetings from Kentucky!
Sally Mineer and Kathy Byrnes, KY, 2014 Annual Session Co-Liaisons

Our Kentucky agents are meeting this week for our state conference and working on our plans for your NEAFCS conference in 2014.  We are excited to have you join us in the heart of our state-Lexington, KY, September 15-18.  Look in future e-news articles for more detailed plans for events we are planning for Kentucky that will be extra special.  In the meantime, we wish each of you a restful, blessed holiday season.

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Congratulations Jody!
Kathleen Olson, MN, National President

Congratulations to our Executive Director, Jody Rosen Atkins who has just been notified that she has been chosen to receive the University of Georgia’s Family and Consumer Sciences Emily Quinn Pou Professional Achievement Award.  The award is given to a FACS graduate who has attained substantial achievements and is in the midpoint of her career.  The award will be presented to Jody at their Annual Awards Banquet on February 22 at the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education in Athens, GA.

Our association has made some great strides since we have become associated with Jody’s company, The Association Source.  Jody has helped our association become more professional and instilled essential business practices and increased the use of technology into our organization.  We wholeheartedly endorsed her to receive this prestigious award, and are very proud of her.  Thank you Jody for the many ways you have assisted us the past 3 years!

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Meet the Board
Roxie Price, GA, VP for Awards

Hey Y’all! I am so excited to be serving on your board for the next two years.  A little about me…I come from the country, the deep woods of south Georgia, where we still take the nearest neighbors cakes and cookies on special occasions and value family above all.  My husband is also an Agent for the University of Georgia in the area of Agriculture.  We both enjoy going to the Appalachian mountains and floating down the Flint River in South Georgia. 

I studied Psychology and have a Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. My passion has always been service to those in need.  I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to do just that.  I have been with the University of Georgia Extension since 2001. I started off as a program assistant for the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program, which gave me a few years to really grasp the concept of Extension. I’ve been hooked every since!

The end of the year is approaching and I know we all have so many reasons to be thankful for the past year’s accomplishments. Now is the time to receive that pat on the back and a nice certificate to go with it. Make sure you know your state’s deadline for award applications. I really encourage everyone to apply for at least one award this year.

I hope to see many of you in Kentucky at the Annual Session.  I wish everyone safe and Happy Holidays!

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