State Sales Tables

State Sales Tables are available for the purpose of states raising funds for special projects or to raise funds for a future Annual Session. It is not meant for states to contract with a commercial business who receives a portion of the profits.  States should receive 100% of the profits. Click here to download a State Sales Table Application. Click on the Read More button below to find out more details about State Sales Tables.

  • For the purposes of space planning and in fairness to all exhibitors at the NEAFCS Annual Session & Exhibits, the uniform definition of one (1) State Sales Table is clearly defined to include a single standard 6-foot long table, with tablecloth and skirting, and two (2) chairs.  No other furnishings may be used to supplement the single sales table as purchased (including but not limited to additional tables, free-standing displays, wall- mounted displays, etc.). Additional sales table display space (whether additional tables, free-standing displays, wall-mounted displays, etc.) may be purchased at the standard sales table price per space.  Regardless of configuration, State Sales Table fees must be paid in advance.
  • When an Affiliate is found to be in violation of this policy, appropriate fees will be invoiced to the Affiliate in increments of the standard sales table price as defined above, and are payable immediately.
  • If an Affiliate who has purchased a State Sales Table(s) wishes to insert a promotional flyer in the conference bags, they may do so upon paying the bag insert fee of $75.00.
  • Availability is dependent on space each year.

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