August  2016

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President’s Message

SignUp Genius to Volunteer at 2016 NEAFCS! 

Student Recruitment

JOE Board Report

Nominating Committee Report

President's Charity 2016

Annual Session 2019 Pilot Model

NEAFCS Annual Conference Will Be Here Soon!

Parliamentary Pointers - Debate/Discussion

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NEAFCS 2016 Annual Session Sept 12-15
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Omaha, NE

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President's Message
Debby Mathews (AL), NEAFCS President

Debby Mathews

Dear NEAFCS members:

In the last month I have gained valuable insight into how other Extension associations function to produce annual conferences through attendance at the ANREP/NACDEP Conference and NACAA -AMPIC. I participated in the two conferences as a Joint Council of Extension Professionals Marketing Team member. In that role I promoted both JCEP Conferences- Leadership, and PILD. At NACAA, the highlight of the week is tour day. The Rice Tour was my choice, and due to that tour I now have a deepened appreciation of the rice I see in grocery stores. After learning about the milling process alone, I can’t believe how cheap rice is!

With my JCEP travels over I will now turn my complete attention to working with our ENTIRE board to prepare for our Annual Session. In addition to the board, our affiliate officers and our national committee members are focused on the myriad details to address for Annual Session. As of August 1 we had 651 registered and over 50% of those had chosen in-depth tours. That is probably a record since we normally average around 30% participation.

Two things I encourage you to do at Annual Session are to contribute to the president’s charity, and to attend the president’s reception. My president’s charity is the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southwest Montana. Their history and connection with Extension FCS is fascinating and ongoing. My thanks to Tara Andrews and Sheila Friedrich for helping me make this choice. Look for the little red barn in the registration area to contribute to this fund that will help the Boys and Girls Club refurbish a barn for agriculture education.

The other activity I encourage is to enjoy the president’s reception hosted by my dear friends from Alabama. Rest assured that these accomplished hostesses will have plenty of food to delight your taste buds and hold you through the awards program!

One very exciting activity I will complete before Annual Session is holding the drawing for the free AS registration for those entered in the Engaged Gear icon search contest. For July Ginny Hinton, Vickie Hinton and Lindsey Yeager were the first three to respond. Each member in the drawing will have his or her name entered once. Let the final monthly search for the engaged gear icon begin! Please respond to me at [email protected] to enter the contest. I will conduct the drawing at my office and video it for posting on our closed group face book page. Look for that by August 31.



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SignUp Genius Is Ready for You to Volunteer at 2016 NEAFCS!
Marnie Spencer (ID), Arrangements Subcommittee Chair

Marnie SpencerHopefully you’ve already heard about the opportunity to volunteer at NEAFCS in Montana. At the Signup Genius link, https://www.signupgenius.com/tabs/23671DF07A6CDEDC53-2016, you can sign up to help with one or more of the following events:

  • Registration Desk
  • Ticket Takers
  • Silent Auction
  • Tuesday Concurrent Sessions
  • NEAFCS Merchandise Table
  • Thursday Concurrent Sessions

Different tasks require different amounts of time, so look for the one that fits your schedule best. For example, you could sign up to be a moderator at a concurrent session that you want to attend. You could also work at the registration desk at a time when you don’t have other meetings or commitments.

If you need help, contact Marnie Spencer, [email protected], or your regional director. Looking forward to seeing you in Montana!

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Student Recruitment
Brittany Coop (TX), Membership, Leadership, Mentoring, and Life Member Sub-committee

Brittany CoopDid you know that more than half of all Family and Consumer Sciences educators were eligible to retire in 2010 (Family and Consumer Sciences Distance Education Alliance)?  Encouraging young people to join the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences is vital to the continued growth and success of our organization and profession.

It can be tempting to look around the room at conferences and assume most young people are not interested i
n Family and Consumer Sciences. However, we know that students are registering for Family and Consumer Sciences courses at the secondary and collegiate level at ever-increasing rates. They may not realize that our organization is an incredible way to network with FCS professionals and develop professionally.Why Join
With that in mind, the Membership, Leadership, Mentoring, and Life Member Sub-committee has undertaken a student recruitment initiative this year. Come visit our booth at Annual Session to pick up student recruitment materials (postcard-size brochures) and give us your ideas on how to effectively recruit students.  We encourage all state affiliates to send at least one representative to Booth #11 to obtain materials for distribution to potential student members. We will also have a pdf version of the postcard available on the NEAFCS web site.

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JOE Board Report
Luann Boyer (CO), NEAFCS Representative to JOE

Luann BoyerFor those attending NEAFCS Annual Session in Montana, you can learn more about The Journal of Extension at a Concurrent Session called “What’s Up With JOE”.  Learn why The Journal of Extension is the “go-to” resource for all Extension Professionals from new employees to retired life members.  Cody Stone, Montana Extension Assistant Director, will join me in presenting this session.

JOE Editor Debbie Allen has posted some new information for JOE Submission Guidelines on the Journal of Extension website (www.joe.org).  Debbie became the JOE Editor in January of this year and part of her role is mentoring Extension professionals for writing peer-reviewed articles.  To help writers, Debbie has developed the Journal of Extension Manuscript Submission Checklist.  When writers use the checklist, it is designed to help manuscripts move through the review process and head for publication in a more timely manner.   The checklist link is www.joe.org/docs/JOE_Manuscript_Submission_Checklist.pdf 

Any questions about The Journal of Extension or National Job Bank, please contact me at 970-768-0322 of [email protected].   I look forward to visiting with you next month in Montana.

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Nominating Committee Report
Peggy Ehlers (IN), Past President & National Nominating Committee Chair

Peggy EhlersThe NEAFCS National Nominating Committee is pleased to present the following slate of officers for NEAFCS National Board Offices. The committee worked hard to contact these candidates and provide the encouragement and information needed to secure their applications. We believe you will find them all highly qualified.

  • President - Elect Lora Lee Howard, Kentucky
  • Secretary – Jovita J. Lewis, Alabama
  • Vice President of Professional Development – Karen DeZarn, Texas
  • Vice President of Member Resources – Edda Z. Cotto-Rivera, Georgia
  • Eastern Region Director - Diane Whitten, New York
  • Western Region Director – Julie Cascio, Alaska

The candidates will be introduced and given three minutes to respond to a question. During the annual business meeting the election of officers will take place; regional directors elections will take place during the regional meetings.

If you are a voting delegate for your affiliate, it is your responsibility to read through these position statements. Encourage others in your affiliate to do the same, and decide as an affiliate which candidates you support for office. Candidate applications will be available for review at the Candidate Display at Annual Session.

Candidates responses to the questions, "Why would you like to be a candidate for this office?" and "If you were elected, what would be your top priority/goal for your term?" can be found at http://www.neafcs.org/2016-board-candidates.

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President's Charity 2016
Debby Mathews (AL), NEAFCS President

Please join me in contributing to the Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Montana. Last year they served 2,288 through their programs which include agricultural education! 


Here is a brief history of the Boys and Girls Club by the club’s board of directors.

The Boys & Girls Club of Southwest Montana is currently in its 21st year of operation. The club’s roots in Gallatin County go back to 1906, when a group of women from the local land grant Agricultural College provided an Extension Program consisting of the following: gardening, nutrition, outdoor science, woodworking, fishing, sewing, for girls at the former Salesville, now Gallatin Gateway. In 1995, the Extension agents led our leadership in a strategic planning process that resulted in a five year plan and our partnership with the Boys & Girls Club. Our youth have remained very active in planning and fundraising for buildings including barns we have restored at rented properties. Now we have the opportunity to purchase a barn of our own and restore it for a living classroom and to honor pioneer families who came before us.

Please give to the president’s charity by contributing cash or a check at the Annual Session registration area at Big Sky. From our donations of little red wagons, to assistance with the “Ag ed” barn project, let’s leave SW Montana’s children evidence of our commitment to excellence in child and family development.

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NEAFCS Annual Conference Will Be Here Soon!
Kelly Moore (MT), President-Elect, NEAFCS Montana Affiliate

Kelly MooreSeptember and the NEAFCS Annual Conference will soon be here!

As you spend time contemplating which of the eighteen in-depth sessions you will choose to attend, be assured that each carefully chosen program has been designed to provide diverse learning opportunities that will greatly enhance your FCS Extension programming.  On-site choices like, “Outdoor Cooking Montana Style” and “Hiking For Wellness in the Big Sky State”, provide  outstanding opportunities to sample and explore the nutritional  merits of local foods, or explore beautiful surroundings while discussing the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through active movement.  The off-site sessions offer still more insight and ideas to increase our knowledge, enhance our Extension lives, and improve the health and well-being of our communities. “Howl and Growl” provides an up close view of Yellowstone grizzlies and wolves. From “The Research is In the Dough”to “Quilting in the Country” and “Spurring the Creative

Economy”/ a workshop about sustainability and recycling, there is something for everyone!

2016 Annual Conference agenda available at: www.neafcs.org/2016-annual-session 

This is a great opportunity to enrich our lives, both professionally and personally!  Montana will change you!  See you there!

Tara Andrews/ Sheila Friedrich are the Annual Session Co-liaisons.

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Annual Session 2019 Pilot Model
Debby Mathews (AL), NEAFCS President

Debby MathewsBased on input and recommendations from the Ad Hoc 2019 Annual Session committee headed up by Eastern Region Director Daryl Minch, the President’s Council asked The Association Source to go ahead and solicit bids from East Coast hub cities including Baltimore, Annapolis, and Philadelphia. Once we have that information, we will go ahead with a pilot model for Annual Session 2019 asking affiliates in the Eastern Region for volunteers to help plan in-depths sessions, coordinate the hospitality “table”, and plan the Leadership Event once the site has been determined. Two items of import:  the Leadership Event does not have to be a full-fledged meal and the Annual Session 2019 planning committee will not have major fund-raising responsibilities.

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Parliamentary Pointers - Debate/Discussion
Janice Strand (NM), Professional Registered Parliamentarian

Debate (also called discussion) is a basic right of any member of an organization; this right is an important part of the decisions made by the membership.  Debate follows the making of a motion; without a motion, discussion does not focus on specifics.  Without focus, the comments can digress and get way off the main subject; this is hard for the presider/chair to control.

In groups that number more than about twelve members, it is recommended that members indicate that they wish to speak by a raise of hand or by standing and addressing the chair.  When called on, they speak.  If this procedure is not followed, members often interrupt a speaker.  For effective deliberation, all members must listen to the speaker!

Previously the presider, after stating the motion, was advised to state, “Are you ready for the question?”   The 11th Edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised suggests the statement, “Is there any debate?”  (page 386) This is more commonly understood.

The maker of the motion has the privilege of speaking first and giving the rationale for the motion.  “In debate, the maker of a motion, while he can vote against it, is not allowed to speak against his own motion.  He need not speak at all, but if he does he is obliged to take a favorable position.”

It is important that the member’s remarks relate to the issue of the motion…Robert’s Rules states “…the member’s remarks must be germane to the question before the assembly.” (page 392)  The presider has the authority to intervene if the remarks do not have a bearing on the immediately pending question.

Members should not attack another member’s ideas…. “..a member can condemn the nature or likely consequences of the proposed measure in strong terms, but he must avoid personalities, and under no circumstances can he attack or question the motives of another member.”   (page 392)

Members may not speak against a motion that they have introduced.  “In debate, the maker of a motion, while he can vote against it, is not allowed to speak against his own motion.” (page 393).

Information on agenda can be reviewed in Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised, 11th Edition,  (RONR) pp. 353-375.  

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