October 2016

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President’s Message

Plan Now for the Public Issues Leadership Development (PILD) Conference!

Eastern Region Annual Session Highlights

Southern Region Annual Session Highlights

Western Region Updates

Annual Business Meeting 2016 Highlights

Professional Development Update

2016 Awards Wrap-Up

Grow and Bloom with NEAFCS!

President’s Charity Continues

Migrant Farm Workers

Call for JNEAFCS Articles!

Parliamentary Pointers Resource on Website

Meet Your President-Elect

Important Dates

Members-only Webinar
November 2

Starting Over After Foreclosure

Impact Statement Data Due and PILD Scholarship Application Due • Feb 1

Concurrent Session Proposals Due • Feb 15

2017 NEAFCS National Awards Deadline • March 15

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NEAFCS 2017 Annual Session Oct 15-19
Omaha, NE

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President's Message
Theresa Mayhew (NY), NEAFCS President

Theresa MayhewBig Sky Resort was such a gorgeous backdrop for Annual Session 2016. Kudos to co-liaisons Tara Andrews and Sheila Friedrich, their planning committee and the entire Montana affiliate for a wonderful conference and exceptional hospitality. I can still hear the MSU marching band ringing in my ears! Congrats to all our award winners. Thanks to our sponsors, exhibitors, concurrent/Showcase of Excellence presenters and to everyone that attended. You all contributed to the success of our time together. Many thanks to The Association Source for all their behind-the-scenes work that made everything seem seamless.

I’m looking forward to working with this year’s board as we strive to strengthen our organization and plant the seeds for a bountiful, rich harvest in Omaha next October. Please take the time to read this newsletter as we share our progress on these pursuits and other important reports and updates. The hidden icon contest continues -- if you find the ear of corn that’s buried in this and subsequent issues, email me at [email protected]. I’ll share the contest specifics (grand prize is a free registration to next year’s Annual Session) in a future issue. Additionally, we are sponsoring a Name the NEAFCS e-News Contest! This lucky winner will receive a free 2017 membership. Here is the link to submit your entry: https://neafcs.memberclicks.net/index.php?option=com_mc&view=mc&mcid=form_226428. The deadline for submissions is December 15.

It’s truly an honor to serve as your President. I hope to see many of you at the JCEP Leadership Conference in Orlando next February and the PILD Conference in DC next April. I can’t wait to hear about the tremendous difference you are making in your communities. Continued success for all that you do in your communities and for NEAFCS!



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Plan Now for the Public Issues Leadership Development (PILD) Conference!
Glenda Hyde (OR), Vice President for Public Affairs

Glenda HYdePILD planning is well under way! It will be April 2-5, 2017 at the Crystal City Hyatt Regency in Alexandria, VA. Enjoy cherry blossoms and monuments while you visit Washington, DC! The RFP for Oral Presentations is on the JCEP webpage, www.jcep.org. Presentations should focus on the theme, “Relationships, Relevance, Results,” and should highlight productive models of Extension advocacy and/or how Extension programs successfully address relevant and emerging public issues. Deadline is November 1st.

Some 2016 presentations were:

“Camping at the Capitol” and “County Level Advocacy for $$$ to Support Extension Programs” both highlighted how Extension agents can feature signature programs and involve community leaders in identifying community needs, for more impact, local support and funding. Deborah McGiffin (NC)

Dr. Cindy Reeves described successful funding she received for Extension programs in Hawaii. We learned the importance of building professional relationships with funders, knowing your program and finding the programs of greatest local interest/need. With the information she provided, I tweaked it for my county, and used it within a week of PILD! Carla Hadley (AR)

“Innovation through Leader Development across the Life Span” was presented by Eric Kaufman.  As leaders, we are pushed and pulled in different directions.  It is important to understand our stages of leadership as it relates to our stages in life. As an Extension Professional, it is imperative that I understand not only how I have grown as a leader but recognize how to provide environments for others to grow as well.  Leigh Anne Aaron (GA)

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Eastern Region Annual Session Highlights
Diane Whitten (NY), Eastern Region Director

Diane WhittenIt was an honor to be nominated for and installed in the position of Eastern Region Director at our annual meeting in Big Sky, Montana. For the next two years, I will represent Eastern Region affiliates at meetings of the national Board of Directors, communicate with affiliate presidents regarding important information from the BOD and about NEAFCS opportunities, and be available for questions.

I was happy to see and meet members at our Eastern Regional meeting in Big Sky from Delaware, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and, of course, New York (my affiliate). We can also be proud of the fact that our current NEAFCS President, Terri Mayhew from NY, is from the Eastern Region.

I feel that attending annual meetings is one of the best benefits of being an NEAFCS member. I always return from them inspired with new program ideas and proud to be part of a national organization that is doing great work to improve the lives of residents in our home counties. If you’ve never been to an annual meeting, please consider joining us next year in Omaha, Nebraska, October 16-19, 2017. Non-members, including students, can even go where they just may be inspired to join NEAFCS.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me in the future. It’s my pleasure to be of service as Eastern Region director.

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Southern Region Annual Session Highlights
Karen Munden (VA), Southern Region Director

Karen MundenI enjoyed seeing everyone during the Annual Session in Big Sky, Montana.  Twelve Southern Region State Affiliates were represented during the Session, which included 395 individuals. KUDOS to the Southern Region!  And a Special Thank You goes out to everyone who volunteered with their State Affiliate and NEAFCS throughout the year.

Nine Southern Region States participated in the Wagon Tailgate Parade.  Alabama had two wagons giving the Southern Region a total of 10 wagons in the parade.  Congratulations to the Texas State Affiliate for being crowned the winner of the wagon parade. Great Job to everyone who participated!

I am very happy to announce the following individuals were elected to their new positions on the National Board: Lora Lee Howard, President-Elect, Kentucky; Jovita J. Lewis, Secretary, Alabama; Karen DeZarn, Vice President Professional Development, Texas; and Edda Z. Cotto-Rivera, Vice President Member Resources, Georgia.

I learned several facts about inheritance and property distribution, while also learning about various flower species during the pre-conference workshop conducted by Dr. Marsha Goetting entitled Wildflower Reflections, Families, Property and Estate Planning. The workshop was very engaging and encouraged individuals to reflect on their families’ property and what will happen to the property once the individuals are no longer there.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to hear both Dr. Waded Cruzado, President of Montana State University and Karen McNenny.  Both ladies highlighted the positive impact Cooperative Extension has in the community.  The concurrent sessions were very informative and engaging as well.

This Annual Session concluded my first year as the Southern Region Director and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to serve and meet so many wonderful people across the country.

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Western Region Updates
Julie Cascio (AK), Western Region Director

Julie CascioThe Western Region gives many thanks to the Montana Affiliate for hosting the 2016 Annual Session. Co-liaisons, Tara Andrews and Sheila Friedrich, worked diligently with numerous Montana Extension agents to offer a bustling welcome event, complete with a tailgate "parade" and snowflakes. Cowgirl "rodeo" and "branding" added to the experience. Facilitating professional development concurrent sessions, in-depth sessions, the leadership event and more showed Montana Extension's ability. 

At the 2016 Western Region Meeting, members of 11 affiliates were represented. It was wonderful to have first timers, life members, and administrators attending as well as guests. At the meeting, 27 individuals or teams received regional awards. The NEAFCS board has been fortunate to have several Western Region representatives this year:  Joey Peutz, Idaho, Regional Director; Julie Cascio, Alaska, Secretary; Margie Memmot, Utah, Vice President of Member Resources; Patty Merk, Arizona, Vice President of Professional Development; and Glenda Hyde, Oregon, Vice President of Public Affairs. 

A subject discussed during the meeting was possible changes for future Annual Sessions. Information collected from the members will be given to the Ad Hoc Committee.

As the newly- elected NEAFCS Western Region Director, I look forward to connecting more closely with the 13 Western affiliates!

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Annual Business Meeting 2016 Highlights
Debby Mathews (AL), Immediate Past President

Debby MathewsKylie Ludwig (KS) was recognized as the winner of the hidden engaged gears icon contest. Her prize was a free AS2016 registration. An average of fifteen responses came in within eight hours of the release of the newsletter each month-many of those within the first hour.

Treasurer Nancy Stehulak and President Mathews announced that our endowment is now fully funded thanks to the helpful input from the finance committee. Nancy said that the investment committee would be working on investment strategy for our endowment and that it would take a year or more to reach the point where these funds can begin to draw interest and be used. This is an important milestone for us.

VP Awards and Recognition, Dianne Gertson, shared that the online judging of awards made it possible for more people from more states to judge awards submissions. Having greater diversity in judges has strengthened the awards program.

Please look for more details in the minutes in the members only area of neafcs.org

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Professional Development HIghlights
Karen DeZarn (TX), Vice President for Professional Development

Karen DeZarnThe Professional Development Committee is made up of two subcommittees. The Program Development Subcommittee helps review Concurrent Session and Showcase of Excellence proposals and selects presentations for Annual Session. The co-chairs are Jami Dellifield, [email protected] and  Pat Brinkman [email protected]. The Webinar Subcommittee solicits, reviews and markets webinar proposals. The chair is Amy Elizer, [email protected]. If one of these subcommittees is of interest to you or if you have suggestions email your VP for Professional Development, Karen DeZarn at [email protected] . We need your input to provide members with Annual Sessions and webinars that meet their needs and expectations.

I hope everyone that attended the Annual Session in Montana filled out their online evaluation.  For those that haven’t completed it yet the link is:
and the Password:  NEAFCS2016 .

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2016 Awards Wrap Up
Dianne Gertson (TX), Vice President for Awards & Recognition

Dianne GertsonA GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all who contributed to a great Awards and Recognition Program - Award Applicants, Awards Judges, Affiliate Awards Vice Presidents, Silent Auction Donors, Silent Auction Buyers,  Awards and Recognition Subcommittee Members,  Awards and Recognition Subcommittee Chairs – Brenda Miller, Tonya Johnson, Barb Hennard and Rachel Hubbard.

Awards activities at Big Sky included a concurrent session – Creating Award Winning Submissions,   the Award Winner Display and the Silent Auction.  The 2016 NEAFCS Awards year concluded on Thursday evening with our Awards Ceremony followed by Regional After Parties.  NEAFCS members were recognized in 31 award categories and 2016 Winner List will be posted on the NEAFCS website.

Stay tuned for 2017 NEAFCS Awards Information.  Remember to sign up to be an energetic member of one of the Awards and Recognition subcommittees.

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Bloom and Grow with NEAFCS
Edda Cotto-Rivera (GA), Vice President for Member Resources

Edda Cotto-RiveraWhat a great annual session we had in Big Sky, Montana! I certainly discovered a beautiful part of our nation and its friendly people, connected with old and new colleagues through conversations, exceptional presentations and just plain camaraderie, and engaged in the work of our organization by participating in committee work. The membership, leadership, mentoring, and life members’ subcommittee welcomed an enthusiastic group of first timers, using a “Grow and Bloom with NEAFCS” motto. It was evident that they had a great time, learning about the annual session program and schedule, and discussing the most exciting thing that ever happened at work or the most unusual work–related question they have ever answered. I have no doubt that all the examples could fill hundreds of pages of a book.

All the committees came together during the week to discuss ways to engage member resource leaders from all the affiliates in discovering ways to identify new members and the importance of reaching out to students. The journal editorial subcommittee is actively looking for scholarly submissions and reviewers. The exhibits sub-committee is already planning next year’s exhibitions by evaluating ways to increase the amount of exhibitors and the quality of the information we receive while the diversity sub-committee engaged an early audience with a presentation full of resources for meaningful programming. If you only attend the annual session without joining a committee, you are missing an important part of your membership! We invite you to come, join, bloom, grow and feel rewarded!

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President's Charity Continues
Debby Mathews (AL), Immediate Past President

Good news! You have another chance to give to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southwest Montana. You can give online via www.neafcs.org on the home page using your favorite credit card. Amounts suggested are $10, $25 or more.
You may also give via check made payable to NEAFCS with BGCSWM on the notation line. Checks may be mailed to Jody Atkins; 140 Island Way, Suite 316; Clearwater Beach, FL 33767. Let’s make sure our Montana FCS friends know how much we value their work with the Boys and Girls Clubs. The deadline for contributions is December 15. Every contribution helps!

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Migrant Farm Workers
Diana Romano (OK), Diversity Sub-committee Chair

Diana RomanoMost Family and Consumer Sciences Professionals have heard the term migrant farm worker, but do we really know what it means or who they are? Here are a few facts about migrant farm workers:

  • Most migrant farm workers are Mexican males in their early 30s.
  • Many come by themselves to work and send money back to their families.
  • Some bring their families along and often have small children living with them.
  • Many of them share a house with other families.
  • Approximately 52% are unauthorized to live or work in the US.
  • Every year around 2 million migrants come to work in farms to plant, harvest and pack fruit and vegetables.
  • Many arrive with farming experience from working in or owning farms in their own countries.
  • They have a strong work ethic, often working extra hours without demanding more pay.
  • About 61% of US farm workers’ income fall below the poverty level.
  • Many have a median income of less than $7500 a year.
  • Their countries’ problems (i.e. violence, civil unrest, economic crisis, narcoterrorism, lack of jobs, land reform) push them to immigrate to look for a better life.
  • The US was built on the work and sacrifices of many migrant workers. In the past, the US promoted the influx of farm workers to help create today’s massive agricultural production.

Eduardo Gonzales stated, “The faces of immigrants have changed, but their pioneering spirit, courage, determination, ability to thrive, and dreams of securing a better future for their children remain the same.”

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Call for JNEAFCS Articles
Meagan Brothers (IN), JNEAFCS Sub-Committee Marketing Officer

The Journal of the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences is accepting article submissions for the 2017 publication! Whether you are new to Extension or have been creating impact for years in your community, there is something you can share about the great work you do on a daily basis. Submitting an article to the Journal of National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences not only expands the capacity for creating greater impact across the nation, but also allows you to show pride in the work you are doing. Published articles look great on a curriculum vitae and on promotion documents.

Submissions can be in one of three categories: Research (discusses research procedures and outcomes, whether basic or applied, quantitative or qualitative, which are essential to successful Extension programs), Best Practices (may not always incorporate a research component, but should focus on lessons learned through practical applications), or Implications for Extension (features trends and other emerging issues of benefit to Family and Consumer Sciences professionals).

We hope you will consider submitting your story and encourage others in your state to contribute to the journal. If you are new to journal writing, that is ok. The group of peer reviewers provide feedback to you so that you can learn more about the process and improve your writing style.

More information about deadlines will be coming soon. See complete submissions guidelines at http://www.neafcs.org/journal-submission-guidelines. Don’t miss the opportunity to submit an article to the JNEAFCS!

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Parliamentary Pointers on Website
Debby Mathews (AL), Immediate Past President

Janice Strand, the Parliamentarian for Annual Session 2015 at The Greenbrier, wrote a series of helpful articles on parliamentary procedure for eNEAFCS last year. Because this resource meets the needs of all members we have moved her articles to our website under the Member Resources tab. Here is one tidbit we can all use.

Previously the presider, after stating the motion, was advised to state, “Are you ready for the question?”   The 11th Edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised suggests the statement, “Is there any debate?”  (page 386) This is more commonly understood.

Look for many more pointers from Janice on our website. It’s another great member resource!

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Meet Your President-Elect
Lora Lee Frazier Howard (KY), President-Elect

Lora Lee HowardI have been working for 35 years as the Family and Consumer Science Agent in Clay County.  My programming emphasis has consisted of budgeting, nutrition, parenting, and food preservation.  One of my favorite programs that our office coordinates together is the Photography Camp that we offer in the summer for budding photographers.

I have been married to Marshall Howard for 31 years and we have two daughters - Megan (24) and Kelsey (20).  Megan is a paralegal and married to Tyler Whitt.  They have our only grandchild Catherine (2).  Kelsey is a Junior at Eastern KY University and studying Criminal Justice.  We have a five-month-old Great Pyrenees pup to round out our family.

The association has offered me many opportunities to grow as an extension professional and as an individual. It will provide you those same opportunities as well.  Just say,” yes” when asked to help or serve or,  better yet sign up for a committee today.  We offer leadership and presentation opportunities as well as recognition for excellence in programming.

I believe in our association and the impact Family and Consumer Science Extension professionals can have on the families we serve by working together.

You may contact me at any time via email [email protected] or telephone 606-598-2789.

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