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April 2017

Table of Contents

President’s Message

Members Taking Action

NEAFCS IMPACT 2017 Reports Debut At The PILD Conference And On Capitol Hill

2017 Welcome Event – Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium

Meet the Board

Important Dates

JCEP Creative Excellence Award Deadline • May 1, 2017

Society for Nutrition Education & Behavior • July 20-24, 2017
Washington, DC

Hilton Omaha Hotel Deadline • September 12, 2017

NEAFCS 2017 Annual Session Oct 15-19
Omaha, NE

NEAFCS 2018 Annual Session Sept 24-27
San Antonio, TX

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NEAFCS Has Moved!

NEAFCS acquired a new management company, Partners in Association Management. Please forward all future requests to their office. Contact information can be found below.


National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Science

325 John Knox Rd. Suite L103
Tallahassee, FL 32303
(850) 205-5638
[email protected]



President's Message
Theresa Mayhew (NY), PresidentTerri Mayhew

The theme of this year’s April 2 - 5 Public Issues Leadership Development (PILD) Conference was “Relationships, Relevance, Results.” Those words can easily apply to the work that NEAFCS members do just as well. This year’s conference was spectacular -- replete with dynamic plenary speakers, thought-provoking concurrent sessions, engaging hands-on workshops, informative NIFA presentations, compelling networking opportunities - culminating with state delegation visits to the Hill.

I’d like to offer my personal thanks to Vice President Public Affairs Glenda Hyde and NEAFCS member Mandi Seaton (TX) who both served on this year’s PILD planning committee. They labored tirelessly to make Sunday’s Washington Twilight Tour look seamless! Glenda also worked behind the scenes to streamline and update the RFP concurrent session process and coordinate the compilation of this year’s excellent impact statements. Congrats to Glenda and all the content editors for a job very well done! Next year, Mandi will chair the tour committee and carry on the fine work NEAFCS provides to this Joint Council of Extension Professionals (JCEP) event.

Take away messages from this year’s conference were fast and furious – find new ways to tell your story, sit a spell to build relationships, craft your 30-second elevator pitch and perfect your three-minute stump speech. You never know when you will have the chance to go for the “ask.” Speaking of telling one's story, Glenda, Mandi and I met with Caroline Crocoll, Director of the Division of Family & Consumer Sciences at USDA NIFA and it was an informative, engaging and delightful two hours. We also stopped by to visit one of our Partner members, the American Cleaning Institute, and spent an hour talking with Nancy Bock and meeting ACI's new President and CEO Melissa Hockstad. Again, time very well spent in sharing new ventures and discussing new possibilities. More on this later!

Information on JCEP's Creative Excellence Award was recently sent to all members. Please take a few moments to read the submission qualifications. I know that there are hundreds upon hundreds of members doing exceptional work on existing and emerging issues across the country. This is an excellent opportunity to have your work validated, recognized and appreciated by your colleagues and peers.

The new name for our NEAFCS e-News will be revealed next month. In the meantime, have fun searching for the hidden ear of corn icon. Last month's winners were Lisa Fishman (ME), Jennifer Lobb (OH), and Mary Scbade (MO). Their names will be entered in to the drawing for a free registration to our Annual Session in Omaha! Congrats to them and to the first three to let me know where the ear of corn is hidden in this issue! Happy reading!



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Members Taking Action!
Edda Z. Cotto-Rivera (GA), Vice President Member ResourcesEdda Cotto-Rivera

I am very excited about coming to Omaha, Nebraska for our 2017 Annual session. Are you feeling the same way? I know that our members are great planners and like to start the travel plans as early as possible! Pre-workshops have been announced and you can start making your hotel reservations. Our member resources committee has some ideas in mind to help you be more involved in our organization during the Annual Session. We have already put together the prospectus for exhibitors. This year’s exhibit hall is superb and promises to offer both exhibitors and members a great interaction opportunity. Do you know a company or an organization that could come and share their products or educational materials with us? Please send us your ideas or contacts. We love referrals and you might get compensated! We are also in the process of planning the first timers and life members’ events. Volunteers are welcome!  Your ideas and assistance will be valuable and appreciated. If you want to become a mentor for a newer FCS professional from another state, we would like to hear from you. We want to foster lifelong collaborations that could potentially benefit our members and the communities they serve. Send me an email to confirm your interests. Take action and don’t miss the opportunity to serve!

Breaking News!!!!! The e-Journal committee has extended the deadline to receive your articles until May 1, 2017. Don’t miss this opportunity to share your work!

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NEAFCS IMPACT 2017 Reports Debut At The Public Issues Leadership Development Conference (PILD) And On Capitol Hill
Glenda Hyde (OR), Vice President Public AffairsGlenda Hyde

Impact statements shine a spotlight on our efforts and demonstrate the value of Extension FCS programming. The NEAFCS IMPACT 2017 reports were distributed in Capitol Hill appointments set by Extension Administrators and Educators with their respective elected officials this month. The meetings, where information and impacts about Extension programs was provided to Senators and Representatives, were the culminating activity of the PILD Conference. Additionally, our reports were shared with NIFA FCS Program Leaders, ECOP representatives and the JCEP Board. NEAFCS is the only Extension affiliate that generates impact statements with program highlights from across the country.

The quality of our impact statements were elevated this year and represented 252 data submissions from 39 different states. Thank you, submitters, for your efforts!

NEAFCS IMPACT 2017 reports, posted on the NEAFCS web page under the Public Affairs tab, are available for members to share with legislators and stakeholders in their state, region, or local service area. Members should coordinate any distribution to elected officials with their supervisor.

A big thank you to our subject area content editors for selecting and organizing content and recommending quotes to me. Here is our 2017 team: Childhood Obesity Prevention: Karen Ensle (NJ); Community Health and Wellness: Denita Young (TX); Diabetes Prevention and Management: Becky Smith (WV); Food and Nutrition: Julie Garden-Robinson (ND) and Julie Buck (ID); Food Safety: Shauna Henley (MD); Financial Management: Jennifer Stefancik, (IN); Healthy Homes and the Environment: Sonya McDaniel (OK); Improving Children’s Lives: Mary Liz Wright, (IL); Protecting our Resources – Family Life: Lisa Gonzalez (MD)

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2017 Welcome Event – Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium
Sue Pearman (NE), NEAFCS member

Be ready to join us Monday evening, October 16th , for the 2017 Welcome Event at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium. Journey through America’s largest Indoor rainforest where you can see, touch, smell, hear and become part of the natural rainforest environment as you walk through rainforest habitats from Asia, Africa and South America. Try out a rope bridge or stay on firm terrain, and spot Blue Monkeys, pygmy hippos, macaws, Baird’s tapirs, and many more species native to their area. Then pick-up a plate of Nebraska beef, grilled to perfection by members of Nebraska’s Ag section, along with side dishes and desserts Nebraskan’s love, and watch the rain forest through 90 feet of floor to ceiling windows while enjoying your meal in the Durham TreeTops Restaurant.

Find the path to the Berniece Grewcock Butterfly and Insect Pavilion, where waterfalls, and an Amazon lily pool provide the backdrop for beautiful butterflies, moths and hummingbirds. A short distance away is the Scott Aquarium where you can view a variety of aquatic displays from Polar Regions, temperate oceans, coral reefs and the Amazon.  Be sure to catch the favorite exhibit of zoo visitors, the Antarctic penguins. You can watch their antics through a 60 foot long, 25 foot high window extending both above and below water.

Ear of CornAlso open for our Welcome Event is the new Giraffe Herd Rooms, where you can view the world’s largest animal, the giraffe, and a few of their friends. On the way to the bus, make time to check out the Zoo’s gift shop for fun and educational gifts and souvenirs.  

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Meet the Board
Dianne Gertson (TX), Vice President Awards and Recognition

HOWDY! I am so excited to be serving as a member of the NEAFCS Board.  A little about me…I come from a small community in Texas about 50 miles from Houston.  The community of Lissie has 53 houses.  I know, I counted them.  I live not very far from where I grew up. My dad is my next door neighbor. 

I have been with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension since 2007.  I started in my home county of Wharton and transferred to Fort Bend County in 2012.  Prior to joining Extension, I worked for the State Health Department and area hospitals as a Registered Dietitian.  My FCS programs focus on nutrition and health education, food safety and food preparation. As a member of the Texas Affiliate, I have served as District Treasurer, Associate District Director and District Director. I have also served on the TEAFCS Board as 1st Vice President (Awards), President-elect, President, and Past President.  Thanks to one of my Texas colleagues, I joined the Awards and Recognition Training Subcommittee and here I am, serving as your Vice President for Awards and Recognition.   As your VP for Awards and Recognition, I am thrilled to be able to recognize our members for the quality programming occurring around our country.

Away from work, I enjoy being outdoors, spending time with family and friends, and baking.

NEAFCS offer opportunities for us, as members, to grow both professionally and personally.  I encourage our membership to join committees, look for leadership opportunities, and APPLY for AWARDS!!

I hope to see many of you in Nebraska at the Annual Session!