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February 2019

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President's Message 

It’s a Great Time to Start Saving to Attend the 2019 NEAFCS Annual Session!

PILD Scholarships

NEAFCS Leadership Opportunity

Call for Reviewers and Mentors for Journal of NEAFCS

Soaring Toward Sustainable Development—IFHE World Congress 2020

Bountiful Impact Statements Arrive Thanks to Affiliates

NEAFCS Winter Board Meeting Highlights

Communicating with Diverse Audiences: What we say and do matters

New Promotional Resource for NEAFCS Membership

March is Living Well Month

Southern Region Highlights

Why Attend Annual Session 2019?

85th Anniversary – Memories from a Member


Important Dates

NEAFCS 2019 Awards System
Deadline is March 15, 2019

NEAFCS Webinar: Birds, Bugs, and the Benefits of Collaboration in Supporting Children’s Sense of Wonder through Nature
April 10, 2019

PILD Conference
April 14-17, 2019
Arlington, VA

Nat'l Urban Extension Conference
May 20-23, 2019
Seattle, WA

NEAFCS 2019 Annual Session
Sept. 30 - Oct. 3, 2019
Hershey, PA

NEAFCS 2020 Annual Session
September 14-17, 2020
Snowbird Resort, UT



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[email protected]

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President's Message - President's 2019 Charity
Karen Munden (VA), President 

It is my honor to announce the Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Harrisburg Area, Pennsylvania has been selected as the 2019 President’s Charity. The organization will be completing three new construction homes in Allison Hill this year. This endeavor is a unique partnership with the Tri-County Housing Development Corporation in an attempt to return homeownership opportunities to the neighborhood in Harrisburg.  Habitat for Humanity will also begin work on a large-scale rehabilitation of a long abandoned property in the Borough of Steelton. This project requires the building to be completely gutted and will result in two single family homes when completed.  Plans are also under way for a new construction project in Steelton before the end of 2019 thanks to a land donation.

Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Harrisburg Area continues to repair homes throughout the County through their critical home repair and veterans repair programs. Those projects focus on making homes safe and accessible for homeowners who may be in need of repairs but are unable to afford contractors or other services.  In addition to Habitat for Humanity’s construction efforts, the organization continues to conduct community outreach work through a Neighborhood Revitalization initiative.  The objective of this event is to connect the collective power of neighborhood residents and groups to identify areas of improvement and become change agents.

Please consider contributing to Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Harrisburg Area, this is such a worthy cause.  Monies raised by our Association will be used to support new home construction, rehabilitation, and repair projects throughout the Greater Harrisburg area. Your donation will be used for the following items:

  • $25 buys a box of nails that will be used to construct a safe, sturdy house
  • $50 buys a bucket of paint to transform bare walls
  • $100 buys a bathroom sink, vanity, and faucet
  • $250 buys a front door, and the promise of security in a new home

You can make your donation by check or cash during Annual Session in Hershey, PA, September 30th.

You can also make your donation by mail before September 20th by sending a check to NEAFCS at 325 John Knox, Road, Suite L103, Tallahassee, FL 32303. The check should be made out to “NEAFCS” and in the memo line, please write “Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Harrisburg Area”.

Let’s make this banner year in our donations as we celebrate our 85th Year Anniversary.

Please remember to look for the Hershey Kiss in this newsletter for your chance to be entered into the drawing for a FREE Annual Session Registration. Email me the location at [email protected] and please put “Kiss” in the subject line.  Good Luck! Congratulations to January’s winners Karla Belzer, Katie Cullum, Lisa Fishman, and Rita Ussatis. 

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It’s a Great Time to Start Saving to Attend the 2019 NEAFCS Annual Session!
Joan Koonce (GA), Treasurer

As I prepare to start Virtual Volunteer Income Tax Assistance across the state of Georgia, I am reminded that tax time is a great time to start or increase savings. Each year, we encourage taxpayers to save a portion of their tax refund.

If attending annual session is one of your goals, tax time saving can help you achieve it. If you receive a refund, save a portion to help cover the cost. If you need encouragement, there are incentives. For example, through SaveYourRefund, adults who save at tax time can enter promotions to win cash prizes.  They can win one of 100 prizes of $100 and one of two grand prizes of $10,000.  Check out the website for details.

To reach your goal, continue to save a small amount each pay period. If you think there is nothing left over for savings, monitor your current spending. Pay attention to inexpensive purchases such as that daily cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop, eating lunch and/or dinner out several times a week, etc. These costs can add up quickly. Even if you do not get a refund, if you make a conscious effort to monitor spending and save a little, you will be closer to reaching your goal. Time passes quickly and annual session will be here before you know it, so do not delay, start saving today.

I hope to see you at annual session in Hershey, PA. If we save enough, maybe we can splurge on some chocolate while there!

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PILD Scholarships
Julie Garden-Robinson (ND), Vice President for Public Affairs & PILD Planning Team Member

The $300 scholarship recipients for the 2018 Public Issues Leadership Development (PILD) Conference have been confirmed. The conference will be April 8 to 11, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, VA. Scholarship recipients will provide a reflection on their experience, and these will be shared in upcoming newsletters.  NEAFCS affiliate members will be meeting during the PILD conference, we will share ideas throughout the U.S. We look forward to interacting with NEAFCS members during PILD!

The PILD conference is sponsored by the Joint Council of Extension Professionals (JCEP). Go to www.jcep.org for up-to-date conference information. You also can find the link on the NEAFCS Public Affairs Home Page. Early Bird Registration is due by March 9. 

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NEAFCS Leadership Opportunity
Lora Lee Howard (KY), Immediate Past-President

Are you looking for a new leadership opportunity to challenge yourself?  This year NEAFCS is looking for leaders to fill several officer positions. Annual Session 2019 in Hershey, Pennsylvania will be your chance to begin this new journey with NEAFCS.

This year we are looking for qualified individuals for these positions: President-Elect, Vice President for Awards and Recognition, Vice President for Public Affairs, Treasurer, Central Regional Director and Southern Regional Director.

All of these officer positions are two-year terms, except President-Elect which is three years.  The Regional Director positions will be elected at their respective Regional Meeting.  The other positions will be elected at the Annual Business Meeting.

If you have questions about any of these positions, please review the job responsibilities in policies that can be found in the Policies and Procedures Manual here.  A copy of the candidate form can be found here.  You are welcome to contact a national nominating committee member or myself if you have questions.  Nominating Committee members are Linda Law-Saunders- NY, Joanne Kinsey-NJ, Kathy Dothage-MO, Peggy Ehlers-IN, Glenda Hyde-OR, Gisele Jefferson-CO, Molly Alexi-NC, Cristin Sprenger-VA.  I look forward to receiving your credentials by May 1st.  My email is [email protected].

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Call for Reviewers and Mentors for Journal of NEAFCS
Dana Wright (WV), Journal of NEAFCS Co-editor
Ashley Dixon (AZ), Journal of NEAFCS Co-Editor

The NEAFCS Journal Subcommittee has two exciting opportunities.  Firstly, we are seeking NEAFCS members who are interested and willing to serve as reviewers for 2019 article submissions to the Journal of NEAFCS. Serving as a reviewer is an excellent opportunity to aid our profession by evaluating articles that highlight program implementations, best practices, and research implemented throughout communities across the United States. 

Additionally, we are seeking individuals to serve as mentors to other colleagues who have submitted articles to our journal that are not accepted for publication. This is a new opportunity to be of service and offer direction for those that may have less experience writing peer-reviewed articles. Ideally, candidates who are interested in being mentors should have at least three years’ experience in the creation, development and successful acceptance of manuscripts to the Journal of NEAFCS, or other journals that hold a reputation of scholarship. Most importantly, candidates must be committed to contribute an extensive amount of time to provide guidance, harness skill development and compile constructive feedback to those less experienced colleagues striving to become successful authors.

If you are interested in serving NEAFCS as either a reviewer or mentor, or want to learn more about either opportunity, please send your name, contact information, professional area of expertise, a brief overview of your experience (for the mentorship opportunity) and the specific role you are interested in serving to journal co-editor Ashley Dixon at [email protected]. Please reference NEAFCS Journal in the subject line of all email correspondence. The deadline for acknowledgement of interest and commitment is April 1, 2019. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Soaring Toward Sustainable Development—IFHE World Congress 2020 - August 2-8, 2020
Luann Boyer (CO), NEAFCS Life Member & IFHE-US and 2020 World Congress Treasurer 

Mark your calendars for the International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE) World Congress 2020, to be held in Atlanta, Georgia!  This Congress occurs every four years, and has not been in the US since 1988!  Consider all the ways that you foster a global perspective as you prepare children, youth, families and communities for sustainable futures.  This is your opportunity to network with professional peers from around the world and share your professional expertise through both oral and poster presentations.  Call for Abstracts for both research and best practices opens June 1, 2019.  For more information, see the IFHE World Congress 2020 website.  Contact Bev Card or Janine Duncan, Congress Co-Chairs, if you have any questions.

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Bountiful Impact Statements Arrive Thanks to Affiliates
Julie Garden-Robinson (ND), Vice President for Public Affairs

Hats off to all the affiliates who submitted impact statements!  We surpassed the number of impact statements received in 2018.  Thank you for responding to our requests for submissions.

As the impact statement editors begin the next steps, I would like to acknowledge them for assembling the content to fill 10 impact sheets. The editors include Julie Buck, Karen Ensle, Shauna Henley, Sonya McDaniel, Mary Liz Wright, Rebecca Stackhouse, Brittany Martin, Daniel Remley, Julie Cascio, Lila Karki and Glenda Hyde. This is a detailed job, and I thank them for their thoughtful work.

The Impact Statement handouts will be ready for widespread sharing in time for the Public Issues Leadership Development conference in April. Please use these statements within your states, because they show the broad work we do in FCS throughout the U.S. We always share them with members at our state affiliate meetings.  Thank you again! 

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NEAFCS Winter Board Meeting Highlights
Jessica Trussell (MO), Secretary

President Munden welcomed members of the NEAFCS Executive Board to her hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia for its 2019 Winter Board Meeting on January 9-11, 2019. The three day meeting was filled with officer reports, evaluating the new management company, discussing member benefits, discussion on PILD and JCEP, preparing for the upcoming Annual Session, and making thoughtful decisions that would insure the future of NEAFCS as a premiere professional development organization.

As a teambuilding event, the board members were randomly assigned into teams then participated in an Escape Room.  It was certainly an enlightening event and I think it is safe to say that ALL of the board members learned a little more about each other in that hour.  There was a ton of laughter, a little bit of frustration, and maybe just a smidge of competitiveness came out.  One team was successful and one team was not, but I will not name any names. #MyTeamWon

Time was also set aside for board members to work together on different projects, the vice presidents worked on improving their committees and creating a committee evaluation and regional directors worked on creating an orientation for members.

As a new board member, I truly did not know what to expect from the Winter Board Meeting.  The value of spending time with fellow board members in person is immeasurable.  Although we meet monthly, there is something about sharing She-crab Soup, participating in a gift exchange, and traveling around the city that makes an impact.  It was sincerely a great opportunity to connect with each other and build long-lasting friendships. 


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Communicating with Diverse Audiences: What we say and do matters
Glenn Sturm (VA), Diversity Subcommittee

As community educators, it is important that we are conscious of how we communicate to diverse audiences and understand that different groups of people may interpret the things we do and say differently. For instance, if you were to make the “peace sign” backwards, did you know that is virtually the same gesture as extending your middle finger to people from the UK? Did you know that if you were to make a gesture, attempt to shake hands, or hand something with your left hand to people from certain developing nations, that may be construed as an insult? While we may not be able to address every communication concern, it is on us as professionals to do the best we can. In addition to making the time to look into the cultural norms, practices, and communications for the audiences we interact with, we should be conscious of “people-centric” language. People can often feel marginalized or dehumanized when their condition or trait becomes the major label defining them. For instance, instead of saying a “disabled person” say a “person with a disability.” Instead of “alcoholic” or “diabetic”, say “person with alcoholism” or “person with diabetes.” Also, do your best to use positive language; “person living in recovery” instead of “ex-addict,” “had a setback,” instead of “relapsed”. The more we make a concerted effort for positive and inclusive communication, the better we can productively interact with diverse audiences!

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New Promotional Resource for NEAFCS Membership
Cindy Schlenker Davies (NM), Vice President for Member Resources

As I write this month’s update I am hearing about the sub-zero temperatures so many of you are dealing with! Sure hope you are all staying safe and warm and look forward to hearing your stories about surviving the artic vortex.

We have a new promotional resource to share with you this month. Sometimes it is hard to explain what NEAFCS is or how it would benefit a state FCS agent or specialists.  Perhaps there are members in your state affiliate who need some encouraging to be a part of NEAFCS. Maybe you are a member and yet not sure what NEAFCS can do for you.  NEAFCS has a new one-page flyer that shares memberships perks and the value on investment for members.

The front side of the flyer explains how NEAFCS is a resource for Extension professionals through leadership, growth, resources, recognition and promotion. On the reverse, there is an outline of the value of your investment through networking, giving back, discounts, growth, recognition, and staying informed.  Also included on the member resource flyer are where to learn more and how to join NEAFCS.

This is your flyer to use and share! Click here to access this new flyer.

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March is Living Well Month
Julie Garden-Robinson (ND), Vice President for Public Affairs

March is Living Well Month, and we have many resources available for your use.  The materials, which are ready for your adaptation, include proclamations, news release templates, bookmarks, and other pieces. They are available under the “Public Affairs” tab on the NEAFCS website.

I have some questions for you to consider.

  • Have you “liked” and “followed” NEAFCS on Facebook?  We will be sharing “Living Well” social media pieces on social media.
  • Have you checked out the promotional materials on the NEAFCS web page to help promote and support local and state initiatives in nutrition, healthy lifestyles, food safety, financial management, parenting and environmental health. In the past couple years, we have added some new pieces to the campaign.
  • Do you have Living Well success stories or additional resources you would like to share with other members? Please email me and we will help disseminate them to organizational members.

The Living Well campaign was initiated in 2001. It was established to maintain name recognition for the Extension FCS Programs and to raise public awareness of Extension FCS services in local communities, statewide and nationally. Thanks for all your efforts in helping people live well!

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Southern Region Highlights
Dianne Gertson (TX), Southern Region Director  

Georgia – submitted by Rachel Hubbard

  • Encouraged participation in GEAFCS and NEAFCS Annual Meetings.  Georgia had an increase in state affiliate meeting participants and a record number attending the NEAFCS meeting with 43 attending the meeting in San Antonio.
  • FACS Day at the Capitol provided the opportunity for our Dean of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences as well as Associate Dean of Extension to represent us on the floor of the Senate.  GEAFCS gave cellphone cardholders to legislators in the House and Senate to market our association.

Oklahoma – submitted by Radonna Sawatzsky

  • Oklahoma Extension is going through some changes and budget issues.  Oklahoma’s main GOAL the next 12 months is to stay positive, do our jobs and make a difference.  WE know we will lose some positions and that we will have to make some changes, but we will try to do it with grace and positive attitudes.  We believe in our mission and we believe we do make a difference in lives.
  • Oklahoma appreciates the positive feedback and the help with scholarships for meetings and keeping informed about issues and situations.

Arkansas – submitted by Dianna Bowen

  • Arkansas had an increase in award applications which was due to the “Write Way to Win and NEAFCS Award” professional development session last year provided by NEAFCS-AR  Awards and Professional Development Committee

Arkansas plans to celebrate 85 years of NEAFCS by organizing a NEAFCS-AR 85th Anniversary Committee that would be in charge of planning the 85th anniversary celebration.

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Why Attend Annual Session in 2019?
Theresa Mayhew (NY), Tri-liaison, 2019 NEAFCS Annual Session

Here’s what I say to that!

OPPORTUNITY – It’s a wonderful opportunity to network with members from across the country and listen, learn, and laugh over the course of four jam-packed days.  

RECOGNITION – It’s a platform we use to recognize award winners, excellence in programming and research both by individuals and teams, and/or pre-conference, concurrent session or poster session presenters.

EXPLORATION – It’s a chance to explore the sweetest place on Earth. Milton Hershey’s bold experiment has persevered and grown exponentially down through the years. Learn how one man’s vision resulted in a community that is not only interconnected economically but socially and culturally, too.

HERITAGE – Immerse yourself in the surrounding countryside. Gettysburg, Harrisburg, Lancaster, York, Valley Forge and Philadelphia. The state of Pennsylvania is paramount to many milestones in our country’s genesis, development and expansion.

REVEL – In nature’s bounty. In addition to apples, cider, wine and pumpkins, you’ll want to tickle your taste buds with some shoofly pie, scrapple, funnel cake, pepper pot soup, hard pretzels, apple butter, Lebanon bologna, Tastykakes and Stromboli.

UP YOUR GAME – Take advantage of the expertise, resources, products and materials that our partner members and exhibitors will bring to your programming tool box. Not only can they enrich what you do, they can make it sparkle!

CELEBRATE – Get ready to party and celebrate our 85th year as a premiere professional development organization.  Learn about our early beginnings, take part in a scavenger hunt, and help us think ahead to what we can do when we turn 100 in 2034!

CHOCOLATE – It’s not just for dessert or Valentine’s Day! In Hershey, chocolate is celebrated year-round. Delight in some chocolate tea or relax with a chocolate martini. Dine on cocoa-infused pulled pork or slow-roasted chocolate brisket. You can even design your own Hershey chocolate bar during the Welcome Event! Come see why folks will say everything’s coming up chocolate! 

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85th Anniversary - Memories from a Member
Patricia Powley (PA), 85th Anniversary Celebration Committee member

It is such an honor to be a part of the 85th Celebration Committee. I have been dedicated to NEAFCS ever since I joined in 1970 in my first year with Penn State University Cooperative Extension. As a Life Member now for 16 years following 34 years as a member, I still continue to be involved, attending 47 of 49 national conferences. 

I learned so much during those years that were beneficial to my career. With that in mind, I am writing this article to encourage others to stay involved in any way possible so that you all can benefit as I have in some way. I am going to give you a personal perspective with interesting interactives and memories. 

  • My first meeting was in Milwaukee, WI where getting there was my first airplane ride by myself. I enjoyed the meeting and was part of the Pennsylvania delegation that presented a $1400 check to the Association to be used as special awards for para-professionals.
  • A new emblem and creed was presented to us in 1971 for approval to be first displayed at the meeting in 1972 in Denver, CO. The meeting in Denver will never be forgotten. It was also my honeymoon and attendance at the conference! 
  • Over 1300 members attended the conference at Grossinger’s in New York in 1973. I will always remember the gowns and gloves the members wore during the awards program. It was truly a fashion show!
  • In 1985, my mother attended the meeting in San Diego with me where I was elected National Treasurer. Being on the board was such a wonderful way to learn more details about the organization and work with others to improve where possible. 

I cannot report on every meeting attended so I encourage you to go to the Historical site for NEAFCS and read all of the interesting information.  I do want you to know that involvement in the Association can be so rewarding as you take advantage of the opportunities for self-enrichment that also benefit the organization looking ahead to the 100th Anniversary Celebration.

As a member of the planning committee for the 2019 conference and 85th Anniversary Celebration in Hershey, PA (located in my home county), I am pleased to welcome you. Do everything you can to celebrate with us!!