Amy Ressler Survey Responses Needed

Your fellow member needs your help! Amy Ressler (TX) writes:
Hi, Friends! My name is Amy Ressler. I am working on a doctorate degree in Leadership Studies from Our Lady of the Lake University (San Antonio/Houston, Texas). I have worked for Extension for over 28 years (I know, it’s kind of late to be working on another degree... but I felt a calling). Throughout my tenure, I’ve met some really amazing people from across the country in Extension with true hearts for service. I started to wonder if there is a connection between Servant Leadership Style and Job Satisfaction for people who work for Extension. That’s why I am doing this research!
It will take about 15 - 20 minutes to complete this survey. Other than a few of the demographic questions that require short text responses, most of the questions are multiple choice asking either how much you agree with a statement or how well a word describes how you perceive aspects of your job. As you will learn next in the “informed consent” section, this survey is completely anonymous; no responses will be tied to any individual respondent.
I want you to answer the questions as honestly as possible with your gut reactions, rather than how you think you "should" answer. As mentioned, there is no way anyone one will know how any one individual answered any of the questions.
Ultimately, I hope taking this survey will inspire you to consider your ideal leadership style; to learn more about servant leadership; and to consider how leadership contributes to your job satisfaction; in both how you lead and how you are led.
Thank you for your time in taking this survey! I really appreciate it!
From my servant heart to yours,
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