Mailing List Rental

Mailing list of active members may be rented to selected entities such as exhibitors, businesses, associations and other organizations providing educational information within the following parameters:

  1. The purchaser of this list may not use NEAFCS or indicate in any way that the NEAFCS endorses any service or product.
  2. The mailing list will be used for a specified number of mailings with the cost for the list determined by the number of times used. Cost for each use is $300.00.
  3. Exhibitors and sponsors will be given a reduced rate of $200.00 for a one-time use.
  4. All requests must include the intended use of the mailing list and these requests must be submitted in writing to the National Office. Once a rental is approved, the list will be sent in an electronic format.
  5. The list will not be sold to anyone just sending advertisements but only for educational purposes.
  6. Home addresses of active members will not be sold.