NEAFCS Mentor/Mentee Roles & Expectations


Mentor Experience Goals:
  • Learning to lead yourself as a Family Consumer Science (FCS) Professional (self-discovery, identifying strengths, communication styles, etc.)
  • Leading others as a Family Consumer Science Professional (team building, leadership styles and strategies)
  • Learning to lead within Extension (collaborations, program teams, subject matter areas)
  • Learning to lead within NEAFCS (the organization, governance, paths to leadership roles)



A Mentee is a member of NEAFCS who desires to grow as an individual, as an FCS professional and as a leader within NEAFCS and Extension.


A Mentor is a leader within NEAFCS who desires to share their knowledge and passion for NEAFCS, FCS and the Extension land grant mission.


Mentee Should:

Membership Be a member of NEAFCS
Desire to Grow - Desire to surpass current levels of performance
Active in Cohort - Actively participate in cohort trainings
Active with Mentor - Be an active partner in the mentor-mentee relationship
Goal Setting - Work with mentor to establish mutually agreed-upon goals
Build Connection - Work with mentor to establish method of monthly communication
Ask Questions - Be willing to contact and ask questions of mentor as needed
Conflict Resolution - Bring issues forward so mentor and mentee can resolve together
Annual Session - Attend the 2021 NEAFCS Annual Session if possible, but attendance is not mandatory

Mentor Should:

Membership - Be a member of NEAFCS for a minimum of 5 years
Experience - Have leadership experience at the National and/or Affiliate level
Desire to Mentor - Desire to help develop future NEAFCS leaders
Mentor Training - Attend a mandatory mentor training
Initiate Contact - Initiate contact with your mentee and lead the first discovery call
Goal Setting - Work with the mentee to establish mutually agreed-upon goals
Communication - Communicate with your mentee at least once a month
Encourage - Encourage & support mentee as they grow in confidence & knowledge
Conflict Resolution - Resolve issues or recommend reassignment as needed
Annual Session - Attend the 2021 NEAFCS Annual Session to meet mentee

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