NEAFCS Hall of Fame - Member Recognition

The National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (NEAFCS) Hall of Fame was established in 2019 to recognize an outstanding NEAFCS member/s who has contributed their time, talent and/or treasure to the NEAFCS.  The recognition will be given to NEAFCS members who have demonstrated their commitment, dedication and effective leadership and involvement in NEAFCS at the state, regional and/or national level. 

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Mary Blackburn, 2020


Anna-Mae Kobbe, 2020


Josephine Swanson, 2020


Josephine A. Swanson, PhD., is an NEAFCS LIFE member. Josephine (“Jo”) Swanson was Associate Director of Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) and Assistant Dean of Extension and Outreach for the Cornell University College of Human Ecology from October 1998 until her retirement in June 2009.  Jo began her career in CCE as an Extension Associate in Nutritional Science in 1971, before becoming both an Extension Associate and Senior Extension Associate in Consumer Economics and Housing from 1974 – 1993 where she developed Extension programs and curricula and providing training for extension professionals across New York.  

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Genevieve Harris, 2019

(Genevieve pictured on the left)

Genevieve Harris served as Third Vice President in 1972, President-Elect in 1975, and President in 1976. Genevieve was very involved in the Public Affairs Committee, serving as Chairman in 1978 and 1979, as well as Public Relations Committee Charmian in 1971 and 1972 and Communication Awards Chairman in 1973. In addition, Genevieve served on the ECOP Sub Committee on Agents Association (the forerunner of Joint Council of Extension Professionals) in 1977 and was Chairman of this group in 1980. Genevieve received the NEAFCS Distinguished Service Award in 1961.

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 Nettie Ruth Brown, 2019

(Nettie Ruth pictured on the right)

Nettie Ruth Brown served as First Vice President from 1971-1973 (Program of Work), President-Elect in 1974, and President in 1975. In addition, in 1967 Nettie Ruth was Chairman of the State President’s Group and served as Chairman of the National Nominating Committee in 1972. Nettie received the NEAFCS Distinguished Service Award in 1966. During her Presidency, the Public Affairs Committee was established. 

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Jan Scholl, 2019

Dr. Jan Scholl joined NEAFCS in 1975. Jan Scholl has been tireless in locating the history and promoting the research of the Extension Family and Consumer Sciences profession. Jan was the first editor of the Journal of NEAFCS from 2003 to 2006 (editorial committee for 5 years) and served as Affiliate Vice President and President in 2003. Jan has received seven NEAFCS national first place awards, the PSU Outstanding Extension Specialist award, EFNEP National Champion; and national research fellowships: Grace Frysinger, Cornell History of Home Economics, Centennial Scholar (AAFCS), Mary Nell Greenwood Evaluation Award, ACE Media Award, and the AgNIC and Oberly (American Library Association) awards.

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 Ruth Jackson, 2019

Ruth Jackson joined NEAFCS in 1998 as a new faculty member. In 1998, Ruth started a program called Extension Connection designed to increase knowledge and skills for people in a workforce program at a local Community Center. This program used multiple Extension educational programs from NEAFCS sessions to increase and enhance the basic ability of families to work in their communities, in the work force, and give to society in a productive way. From 2005-2006 she was elected NEAFCS Vice President for Member Resources. Ruth received the NEAFCS Distinguished Service Award in 2008 and the NEAFCS Continued Excellence Award in 2010. In 2017, Ruth was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the United States Department of Agriculture for 38 years of service to EFNEP. 

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